Tuesday, October 25, 2005

@ White House Powell "cleaned all the dog poop off the carpet"

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although Washington has no law against beastiality, the death of a man has lead to charges, (for trespasssing ?)

Finally, the some other Washington demon roosters are coming home with bad bird flu...

Blatant Bush supporters & party loyalists are having a hard time drinking the stale Kool-Aid... and with indictments and rumors of more trouble for leading Republican figures flying around... folks are literally chewing off their arms to get away from the scene of the crime. Take former State Department chief of staff, retired Col. Lawrence Wilkerson's op-ed piece in the L.A Times printed Tuesday Oct 25th...

He actually claims Colin's duties to Bush included
"At least once a week, it seemed, Powell trooped over to the Oval Office and cleaned all the dog poop off the carpet."

Wilkerson is of course referring not to steaming brown turds...but to the exercise known as the "D.C" shuffle, or "Damage Control"...

He says of Powell's contribution to the country:
"He held a youthful, inexperienced president's hand. He told him everything would be all right because he, the secretary of State, would fix it."

Ya know it's bad when after 4 years of service to the Commander in Chief, a recently high ranking official calls the results of the whole sordid episode
"the ruinous foreign policy of George W. Bush."
. He first made waves with a speech
he gave a recently in which he said
"We have courted disaster in Iraq, in North Korea, in Iran,"
amongst other criticisms .

Even Bush mouthpiece Scott McLlellan is showing signs of falsehood fatigue, hinting that his credibility shouldn't be judged, as he and The White House weren't lying to reporters about the Plame case all along, but instead that he'd merely relayed "assurances that I had received on that."

It's sorta sad to see the wagons circling, and now the once loyal soldiers of the arrogant Dick & Karl's ill advised "war on terror" show realize this whole mess ain't going to look so great on their resumes, so they now act like they hated it all along...

David Frum, a staunch ultra-Republican and former White House speechwriter, is actively campaigning against confirmation of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court along with many other conservatives who see her as an insult to their movement. Bruce Bartlett, who worked for W's father, is putting out a book entitled "Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy."

Brent Scowcroft, a man who served proudly and loyally under W's father has come out fiercely critical of the current administration's foreign policy in the October 25th issue of the New Yorker. The 80 year old is quoted as telling writer Jeffrey Goldberg .
"You encourage democracy over time, with assistance, and aid, the traditional way. Not how the neocons do it."

Scowcroft goes on to explain that American foreign policy should reflect the fact that there are far more Arabs than Israelis in the world. He tells of his last dinner with former protege' Condi Rice who failed to heed to his warnings on complex mid-east issues.
Rice finally irritably lectured Scowcroft, "The world is a messy place, and someone has to clean it up."

"She says we're going to democratize Iraq, and I said, 'Condi, you're not going to democratize Iraq,' and she said, 'You know, you're just stuck in the old days,' and she comes back to this thing that we've tolerated an autocratic Middle East for fifty years and so on and so forth," he said. Then a barely perceptible note of satisfaction entered his voice, and he said, "But we've had fifty years of peace."

Former H.W Bush chief of staff John Sununu even opines in
"We always made sure the President was hearing all the possibilities," and "That's one of the differences between the first Bush Administration and this Bush Administration."

William Kristol, the conservative publisher of the Weekly Standard, was on the Daily Show last night and seemingly ate humble pie, while personally calling for Mier's to withdraw her Supreme Court nomination with dignity.

Looks like Scooter & Rove's asses may be doomed as early as Thursday, with indictment notification "letters" already sent.
The Fitzgerald indictments will be sealed indictments and likely "filed" on Wednesday.

Rumors are a foot that insider's have even asked for McCain to step into Cheney's tainted vice presidential chair if needed for "health reasons"....

It's starting to feel a lil' like the siege of Bagdhad in the Beltway folks... and that's probably a good thing...

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