Sunday, October 09, 2005


ah, Sunday...

which means time to reflect on the numerous hangover remedies that don't work & other things that irk this above average american:

Karl Rove ( as usual)... not only is he a fat lil bitch, he's a lying whore as well...

Ray Manzarek hopes to open the Doors to corporate America,0,7874912.story


i am hitting the swimming pool for the afternoon after a long hard morning of baby sitting a six & three year old ... then i'm off to work bartending til the wee hours...

here, enjoy some tunes...

first up from a new Anti records release , from Sao Paolo based artist Curumin's debut album 'Achados e Perdidos" , wherein a Brazilian musician incorporates Samba inflected honk & skronk into a spicy groove laden stew.

Curumin - Tudo Bem Malandro

Also available via Anti is the new Bettye Lavette album , which sees her touring in support as well... here's a track from the current release

Bettye Lavette - Down To Zero

In honor of this new release Anti has posted a couple classic tracks from Bettye's back catalog from her role as one of the queen's of the golden age of soul;

Bettye Lavette - You'll Never Change

Bettye Lavette - Let Me Down Easy
you can get those tracks direct and autographed from Bettye herself on a CD called Souvenirs at this PayPal link

that stuff should suffice for y'all until I get some full on posting skills back in the mix this coming week...

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