Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Underwater City Boil Up

Nope, this post doesn't refer to the citizens of New Orleans, although it's a worthy guess... I'm just compositing two titles of new CD releases worthy of yer audio inspection...

Underwater City People are a band out of Los Angeles a.k.a UCP who mine the submerged netherworld of pop punk with an ambitiously articulate if slightly raggedy edge.

Belize City Boil Up is a new compilation profiled a bit further down...

first let's lay down the story about UCP...

They are currently on tour, being rerouted by hurricanes and rising gas prices, playing barns and UFO landing strips and taking it all in stride...

The trio finally head back towards home this week with 2 shows in SF, 1 in San Luis Obispo and a homecoming at the infamous Mr. T's Bowl in LA...

They are the real deal and i previously posted a link to a podcast profile of them from Buzzplay which is a worthy introduction. You can of course also check out their flashy
Underwater City People website


and here are some samples of tracks from their
new debut album :
You of All People

Here's the full length track Last Time

and here's some of the others

Shut Down

Down Here

Marlene on the Wall

Stupid Job

Another Bad Decision

© 2005 Underwater City People

p.s as a bonus for the truly over media saturated & under stimulated, here are their tour VLOGS!!!

anyhow, here's some chances to catch em live on the west coast:

Tuesday Oct. 4
Global Battle of The Bands
@ 12 Galaxies
2565 Mission Street , San Francisco, CA 94110
Cross street is 22nd 415-970-9777

Wednesday, Oct 5
at Frog and Peach's
728 HIGUERA ST, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Thursday Oct. 6
at The Knockout
3223 Mission St. between 29th St. and Fair
or where Valencia meets Mission., San Francisco, CA 94110

Free Bingo Games Until 10 pm...w/ Clare followed by live rock n roll & bartender Jason

in the interest of keeping it interesting for my friends from afar...:

how about some music from a new compilation delving into the burning beats from Belize ...

yes that hot sub-tropical lil' country on the carribean coast that used to be known as British Honduras back in the day. Well the cool folks at Chicago's Numero Group label have exhumed some cuts of funky late 60's & 70's disco shenanigans from way south of the border...

Gerald “Lord” Rhaburn - Disco Connection

Gerald "Lord" Rhaburn - Boogaloo A La Chuck

check more stuff like these out on Cult Cargo: Belize City Boil Up a spanking new compliation whose liner notes state :

Because no country in the western hemisphere has managed to maintain such careful obscurity and avoid infamy like Belize, the chances of you ever hearing any of Belize's incredible and diverse musical output are within a few tiny fractions short of zero.

----- meanwhile on the midwestern mp3 front ------

From Chicago, on the avant indie Cold Crush records, the crew known as Mahjongg, reinterpret & represent on the forefront of the white kid noise funk punk minimalist miasma.

from their first release

Mahjongg - Aluminum

and below a track from their newer 2005

Mahjongg - Raydoncong CD

Raydoncong CD

Mahjongg - Hot Lava

last but not least:

try the latest 7 meg wonderama from another contender for title as Chicago's current electro disco kingpins...


that should suffice for now ... see ya later this week

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