Friday, October 28, 2005

Federally Funky Friday !

First, I guess we gotta congratulate the south side's White Sox for finally bringing home a title after 88 years of bad luck ...

Blues Brothers - Sweet Home Chicago

now on with the rest of our sad lil' show

Yo, you hear 'em sirens

I know you hear 'em
Don't get scared
It ain't five-o (naw)
That's the funk yo (yeah)
Don't act like you didn't know (hun)
It's just the way it goes (yeah)

Looks like the Federal Funk is indeed thick... even if the "Fitz-Mas" indictments provide little satisfaction for bloodthirtsy beltway bystanders to seethe about... there's plenty more troubling circumstances in the media slipstream and various spin zones...

While our boy W regroups in the wake of the Miers nomination withdrawl, note that despite his botched SCOTUS pick, various Republican figure indictments and investigations, and faltering Iraq situation which has lead to 2,000+ US deaths and over 7,000 critical duty ending G.I injuries, seems lil' Bush's energy industry buddies have nothing to complain about...

Today I turned on the tube hoping for indictment news and instead saw the financial news guys raving about Exxon-Mobil's massive $9.9 billion third quarter profit take, "the largest in U.S. corporate history", not mention previously announced 9 billion haul at Royal Dutch Shell , and competitor Conoco-Phillips profits soaring 89 percent.

This as we move towards sucking Alaska dry on their behalf, and Bush has literally no conservation measures afoot or even plans to seek alternative energy uses. An article New York Times today explores not new energy sources, but how The White House has hoped to kill the messenger and repeatedly gone out of its way to ignore the warning signs that the world is running out of excess oil capacity.

Perhaps it's time to consider this a truly criminal ignorance, as those in the know deny the facts, as we head rapidly toward global climate change, and push into ""peak oil", a.k.a use beyond our production capacity.

Meanwhile, a major Republican fundraiser for Bush in Ohio was indicted by a federal grand jury in what is reminescent of the illegal money laundering charges made at Tom Delay...

Is this a great country... or what?


here grab some tunes... and we'll see ya next time...

Jawbreaker - Indictment ( Live in Ft. Worth 1994 )

The sincere sounds of Shwarzenbach of emo icon trio Jawbreaker ripping out a topical titled tune at The Mad Hatter from a pre-Geffen era live show... p.s drummer Adam Pfhaler is seeking Jawbreaker video footage for a possible documentary project, so if ya got some, get in touch and if it's something he's looking for, then send it on this way, and I'll get it to him for ya...

David Bowie & Trent Reznor - I'm Afraid of Americans

both of these guys might add a disclaimer subtitle "...but, I love their money". Bowie, became the first rock star to turn his future royalties into a private Wall St. Bond investment product so he could reap his anticipated $60 million trickle down in an upfront lump sum.

Eric Clapton - Before You Accuse Me

just another quasi-topical title for filler I s'pose, but hey maybe you like watered down white boy blues from the chinless Cream-y wunderkind who was once declared "god" by some confused hippies on drugs in the 60's...

Black Eyed Peas - The Boogie That Be

The indominable Will.I.Am keeps it funky with his money gobbling "let's get retarded" crew who've been working for corporate sponsors like MSN & Honda as well as on the road this year tearing it up for big stadium dollar with everyone from Dave Matthews to Gwen Stefani...

Zero 7 - In The Waiting Line

This track is available on The Garden State movie soundtrack, and is just one of several soothing electro-soul sides from the Simple Things CD by this British duo comprised of Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker.

Jawbreaker -
Pretty Persuasion

Ah, shit who can resist more Jawbreaker? Here circa springtime 1992 they demolish an REM cover much to a Gilman Street crowd's chagrin. They also put a scrappy studio version of this song out on a 7" with an even worse B-side of a Joan Jett cover if I recall correctly. Note: Jawbreaker tracks courtesy of

now get lost y'all or maybe check out some stuff from the archives...

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Jaayson Neiuwkirk said...

Yeah only in the USA. I was reading what had to say about Exxon and other oil companies and this person had some interesting thoughts about going against the oil companies like everyone goes against tobacco.