Thursday, February 01, 2007

Let's Review Shall We

Last night I was on the guest list (with a plus 3 even) for a show by Goldchains sponsored by

While only a few blocks away, I never made it down there...

Perhaps I didn't want to round up a drinking posse, and get sh*tfaced or parade through the nocturnal cess pool where the club is located...

Or maybe I just wasn't feeling very Glammy after all...

Although I do regret it today.... I guess I'll have to pay my respects to Mr. Chains some other time...

Here's a tune he put out awhile back with former collaborator Sue Cie, who's apparently been retired from the act...

Much Respect to the chainmeister...

Goldchains - California Nights

Another character who's no stranger to musical collaboration surfaced on my radar this week...

He's done stints in the studio with Roxy Music, David Byrne, U2 and even Jarvis Cocker...

Apparently he's temporarily put his lecture circuit career on hold while he produces the latest effort from Coldplay...

That being the publicity loving & immortality seeking Brian Eno...

Here's some older collaborative audio efforts from Mr. Eno

let's start with a horrific blend o' top talents including the evil Toto & that overrated studio gnome Daniel Lanois from some thing they did for the Dune soundtrack...

enter at own risk:

Eno, Toto & Lanois - Prophecy Theme

From the My Life in The Bush of Ghosts project...

Brian Eno & David Byrne - Regiment

and even a lil more contemporary thang

Brian Eno & Jarvis Cocker - I Need Something Stronger

It has been announced that Eno pal & former Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker will be playing some UK gigs this month & even Coachella this spring. With stateside release of his latest solo disc scheduled for April 3rd he's added a few dates for Norte Americano club goers who can't get to the isoloated desert duststorm Goldenvoice insists on building each year. The hipster hotspots Cocker plans to hit include New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver .

Jarvis Cocker - Don't Let Him Waste Your Time

Whether you elect to let him waste your time is up to you, but here are the shows we know of:

UK Only Tour Dates:

Feb 16th - Sheffield - Plug
Feb 17th - London - Astoria
Feb 19th - Manchester - Academy
Feb 20th - Glasgow - ABC

Spring US/CAN Dates

Apr 23rd - New York - Webster Hall
Apr 27th - Indio CA - Goldenvoice Coachella Festival
Apr 28th - San Francisco - Fillmore Auditorium
Apr 30th - Seattle - Showbox
May 1st - Vancouver CAN - Commodore Ballroom

His publicist promises a "spellbinding live show!", and what more would you expect from the singer who extols the virtues of Black Magic on his last single...

Jarvis Cocker - Black Magic

here's an older tune from his pre-Eno daze, when he his ego still allowed him to be considered a bandmember ...


I notice that lately many of the tracks I painstakingly post do not show up in search engines, notably the Hype Machine through which a substantial percentage of my traffic often arrives... up to 30%!

So in the interest of making sure y'all caught wind of some the last few posts & tracks I made ( and that did not show up in recent Hype Machine scans), I am reposting certain tracks and linking to the original posts for y'all:

here's stuff from lasterday's essay on
Return of the DJ Volume III
Buchanan & Goodman - The Flying Saucer pt 1
Dickie Goodman - "Mr. Jaws"
Dickie Goodman - "Star Warz"
Z-Trip - Rockstar II

originally posted at
Flying Saucer Mash Up King exhumed from grave to take back his throne
1/31/2007 11:26:00 PM

a few days before we had this song go unlisted & unlistened too on a post devoted to A Conservation Crisis In Africa, and a Tribute Album Trend Gone To Far?

Modest Mouse Bluegrass Tribute - Float On

From Fox in Pursuit, Hippos & Gorillas Slaughtered For Meat, Folks Float On...

1/25/2007 05:38:00 PM

The day after the State of the Union address I did my own recap of sorts featuring No Use for A Name covering Sublime

No Use For A Name - Badfish

Forever Free, A Sublime Tribute Album

Forever Free : Show Me The Badfish

...and if you missed my Sundance preview you mighta overlooked an exclusive track from Bay Area based songsmith Chuck Prophet

originally posted in Sounds of Sundance 1/17/2007 03:34:00 PM

anyhow... that's a few I didn't want anyone to miss those...

Stay tuned to Lil Mike's Last Known Thoughts & Random Revelations for more in the coming months, weeks, days & hours y'all...

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Aha! Thank you for the Dickie Goodman reposts, I only discovered him a while ago. Much appreciated.