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Girls Talk... Boys Blog?

Girls Talk

yep ain't it the truth...

I had to roll with this live version of a Dave Edmunds classic as my lead off track for this post because it reminded me of some local gossip here in the Bay Area. I guess it might even qualify as national dirt because I saw it mentioned on the Fox News scroll, where only things of import are found. It was right in there along with Cartoon Network publicity stunts, and whatever blather Tony Snowjob might be uttering this week about how great Iraq is coming along.

Dave Edmunds - Girls Talk

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But yes it is true... Girl's Talk...especially in those AA type meetings...

Out here in Sin Francisco, you might have heard about a certain social faux pas made by our "handsome boy modeling" mayor. Unlike most weeks when he'd run over his own mother to do a satellite TV interview, it seemed this week he was attempting to hide from the unfortunate glare of media attention...

You don't have to be a genius to know that f*cking the wife of one of your most loyal and trusted aides might prove to be a bad idea.

O Jays - Backstabbers

My favorite comment so far has to be, not the graphic from The Mayor & The, but one I found online at a blog called Drunken Housewife that put it this way...

It's a disheartening day, indeed, in San Francisco. Why are all the smart people cutting hair, driving cabs and housewifing, while the morons are running things?

The folks who run a blog literally known as Gavin Watch are in way over their heads. Normally they speculate, hope for gossip, and look for coded smoke signals, but all this over the top media frenzy stuff is wearing them out. By Friday they'd run out of stamina to even comment...

It's day three of this saga, and already we're sick of it. This whole business is sad and sordid and ugly and depressing, and we're pissed off at Gavin for putting us all through it. We've lost our appetite for scouring the Internet for links to all the angles on this mess.

How can we trust a Mayor who does that to a friend? How can we trust a Mayor who refuses to answer any questions about the affair? Or any questions from the Board of Supervisors? Or any questions from the public unless he can pre-screen them? How can we trust anything this administration says when their Press Secretary blatantly lies on camera and then refuses to apologize?

We all love this City, and it deserves better.

Said the Fog City Journal:
The Gavin Newsom "sex" scandal is not about sex. It's about the credibility of the entire Newsom administration. They have created a bubble of hypersensitivity, denial, and even revenge.

The honorable way out of this shady corner is for Newsom to gracefully depart Eden.

In the post revelation atmosphere The Fog City Journal also reported that when they asked Mrs Tourk about her rumored dalliance with the debonair mayor back in December, Newsom's "campaign strategist" Eric Jaye threatened a libel suit if they published anything on the matter. Thomas also has heard rumors about Newsom to the effect that Mrs Tourk " wasn't the only married woman on his roster".

Incidentally Thomas' The Fog City Journal , raised it's profile yet another notch by being the only media outlet able to provide photos of the lady in question ( see below). Even the local daily paper had to run those instead of their own...

It's unclear how much backlash our mayor will actually face, at least here in town. One certainly has to wonder about the DEEPER character issues this tawdry episode reveals, especially if believes his own & hype that he's destined to pursue higher offices...

Then again, the mayor's immaturity, aristocratic arrogance and path of privilege may have shielded him from the humility and common sense that would have prevented others from even trying such a stupid stunt.

Genya Ravan -What Kind of Man Are You ?

Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy

His elected presiding preeniness is not usually shy, and positively proved that shortly after his election by posing in Harper's Bazaar cavorting on a rug in a modeling spread with his then wife. The actual photo is below... here's the hilarious take on it by a local cartoonist 1st

She was equally "photogenic", layered in collagen and silicone, and career minded. A former lingerie model/prosecutor, she's since left public service & mayoral marriage for another union in NY where she also has an even higher profile gig as a legal analyst for CNN & Court TV.

T Bone Walker - Society Woman

Seemingly much to his chagrin, Gavin stayed behind, and had to do the mundane work of managing a city, or at least being it's spokesmodel. One always got the feeling he would've rather just ran a few good parties with tight guest lists, instead of bickering with asinine B-list ankle biters on the local board of supervisors.

Gavin made his way into society as the son of a judge, and was the former roommate of billionaire playboy Billy Getty. He participated in a bunch of business ventures usually with deep pocketed Getty partners, most involving wine, fine dining, nightclubbing or some combination there of.

When he was appointed by former Mayor Willie Brown to the board of supervisors he was forced to divest his holdings in numerous business ventures due to obvious conflicts of interest that prevented him from speaking on many matters that appeared before the body.

He was the chosen pick of the chosen few, the high society old money crowd that runs San Francisco like a festive Falstaffian fiefdom, and also the new wave of dotcom debutantes & dudes that gather in the Marina and South of Market over cabernet & cocaine on the weekends.

No doubt in Gavin's world, there were so many opportunities, and some fell aside on the heady highway to power and prestige...

The regrets and regressions of normal men must seem small...chances to do so much were squandered. (Olympic Host Committee Parties, Cancelled Ski Trips, Three Martini Lunches...)

One wonders how in a world with so many willing women to nail, why instead you end up banging one of yer employees, whose also yer trusted lieutenent's wife?

that's bad bunker behavior bro...

but, must have seemed convenient at the time...

She took off in a rush for Rehab...

Amy Winehouse - Rehab

Meanwhile back at Carlton B Goodlet place, Gavin had to sit through endless meetings, dinners & luncheons, pathetic photo-ops and more sad stricken mothers of the slain press conferences.

Perhaps his vaunted vision may have just been a blurry hallucination,

He even seemed shaken when some of his Taxicab commission appointees started rebelling and even showing minds of their own.

His veneer started cracking... his smile strained , as if each flashbulb took another piece of whatever was never there, and replaced it quietly with something even less...

The most public blow to his show of true mayoral strength may have been the local football team simply announcing one day they were moving out of town, supposedly without Gavin getting the hints they weren't interested in continuing stadium negotiations.

With that ball drop, not only soured the city's longstanding love affair with it's football team... but it's hopes of hosting an Olympic games anytime within the next couple decades.

Where was the mayor ?

likes 'em young?

Shake The Mayor - Show Yo Teeth

Then, perhaps smelling blood, media shark story's of his private life intensified, including his choices of dates, which included a 19 year old spotted drinking in his company. Other tales of his drinking started circulating, including an awkwardly inebriated appearance at a hospital following the death of a police officer in the line of duty.

Then he appeared annoyed in an on camera interview last month. First at the fact alcohol was involved in a NYE brawl between some Yale students and local high school thugs. Then he was perturbed that lawyers who were possible political rivals, including one who once worked with his ex-wife in the DA's office, were now getting involved. In fact the interview then ended badly as Gavin snapped at the reporter on camera when the question turned onto the subject of the mayor's own drinking ...

Gavin stormed off... telling the reporter that he'd never speak to him again...

It was a real sign things weren't going as smooth as his gelled hair looked, that Newsom was truly feeling persecuted, and circling the mental wagons.

He's not that used to things not going his way afterall...

but he is a master of glad handing and smiling...

Whenever city issues got too caustic or complex, Gavin seemed a master of the tidy press release, and well timed photo op.

His greatest coup, the one that got him his most devoted donors was the simple act of allowing a few days of Gay Marriages to occur under City Hall's dome before the courts shut him down. That maverick move shot him into the national limelight, for better or worse and cemented him as a star of some sort.

It also built psychological momentum that he was some sort of bold thinker, and could wave magic wands and centuries of oppression & poverty might just vanish with that winning smile...

Another unsolved housing project murder spree? He'd pose earnestly with some victim's family members and say reassuring things in front of cameras.

Another budget crisis got ya down? Gavin and his peeps would whip up a blue ribbon panel & a pleasant photo op faster than you could say "cheese"...

However, this year he's been trying to keep a bit of a lower profile.

Tough when frothing camera crews and news media are following every designer detail as your private life comes unraveled for all to see.

Even before the story of his dastardly dalliance made headlines... his grip had been seen slipping.

Wrinkles in the fabricated plasticene plateau started to appear even before his marriage dissolved...

He may have won a mayoral election, but despite a media manipulated manifestation of Camelot II paraded for the was simply not that simple.

He won a bitterly divisive campaign for mayor, and despite millions more spent on Gavin's behalf, as well as pricey gurus & guns like Clinton & Gore brought in to rally unconvinced voters, he actually won by a very very small margin.

One must realize that while he won that tight mayoral race, he also has as many unimpressed non-believers, as he has supposed friends to whom he owes favors.

Hence, the "Gay Marriage" ploy, which worked one important miracle... (and it wasn't getting gays married, you'll recall that's still not happening legally here), it was all about getting Gavin out of debt.

He hit the fundraising trail hard after ordaining himself the marrying mayor and after telling Peter he could marry Paul ... after they made out publically, they could then make their checks out right over here.

Yet, despite getting thousands of new donors to his cause, most of those who donated were from out of town and even out of state, while here in SF certain political tides simply did not always go his way.

Despite a huge popularity poll margin, his magic did not seem to rub off on others he endorsed in local district elections and desperately needed to win. He has since gone against the will of local voters, who in November defeated all his slate's endorsed candidates & expressed decisively that he appear each month for one Q&A in City Hall with the supervisors.

It hardly seemed that big of a deal, to meet monthly with the board of supervisors, a board he once was a member of, but his handlers sensing blood in the water, refused calling it "political theater". They instead proposed that the mayor meet with citizens on some neutral ground he could better control, say at prearranged neighborhood meetings set far from City Hall's chamber.

With so few friends on the board of supervisors, it was almost comical as the Supes themselves attempted to restrain themselves from chiding him to much via the media this week. They almost unilaterally said it was indeed sad, perhaps condemned his lack of ethics, and maybe for good measure expressed pity for the man, and hoped he would do some personal soul searching.

It certainly couldn't hurt the guy to think a bit...

Gavin seems ultimately alone, surrounded by his loyalist goons, like my fave, the mayoral chief of communications, a jowly sports fan guy whose idea of communicating is anonymous sniping at Mayoral critics on blogs, and then lying about it.


The guy is such a phony & a bully that the President of the board of Supes just introduced a new policy called Public Information Officer Conduct Standards to address the egregious conduct of this guy. He's Newsom's own lil' Scott McClellan, or Tony Snow. Check out his preppy thug body language when he purposefully blocks the local ABC affiliate cameras, and waves his fat fingers in the reporters face.

Maybe Gavin really needs to get some new advisers... his yes men are making him think he's got it going on...

When his get up & go shoulda got up, looked in the mirror and puked a long time ago...

I was never a big fan, but used to at least give these guys the benefit of the doubt, but their asinine antics have really left them in clouds of their own b.s stink... and they seem to like the smell of their own farts...

Most observors see Gavin at least has uh, some trust issues at the heart of his image problem...

Gay For Johnny Depp - Fucking Isn't Cheating

He definitely needs a new campaign manager...

To become mayor , he had a lot of help the first time around, including that of Alex Tourk.

Aside from the devastating personal betrayal of his boss and his own wife, for Tourk the real pain is knowing that all sorts of insiders have known about this matter behind his back for years.

His wife, the chick that let the cat out of the bag, Ruby Rippey one has to wonder about what the hell she was thinking...

not only before & during her selfish & shameless lil' tryst, but why in the hell open a Pandora's Box like that?

Jason & The Scorcher's - Ruby, Don't Take your Love To Town

Thelonious Monk w/ John Coltrane - Ruby, My Dear

Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby

Trying to cram 12 steps into the busy social schedule of an upwardly mobile child rearing mom and radio host like herself must be tough... but one has to wonder why step 9 had to be done ..say exactly at the jarring juncture it occurred.

I'm no expert on paths of recovery, regret and all that 12 step jazz, but I believe one is supposed to weigh the consequences of what revealing yer deep dark secrets might entail to your loved ones before one does...

Hope everything is going along as planned there in the Tourk household this month and that lil junior Tourk is perhaps emotionally unscathed...
and not the laughing stock of his daycare...

Madness - Shame & Scandal

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