Thursday, January 11, 2007

Open Secrets of Lily


The late Yvonne De Carlo knew about the Secrets of Love...

and below a unique organization is trying to keep secrets out of Washington DC


With the way over rated switch of party in power in effect congress, it'll of course be interesting to see how much really changes. One way to monitor the changes is via's website. In fact this monitoring is now even more interesting with aid of their new lovable Revolving Door Database. The site helps track which former elected officials & federal regulators are now working for the industries they once oversaw. "There's a back story to every law, regulation and government contract, and's Revolving Door Database helps tell those stories," said the Center's Executive Director, Sheila Krumholz. Thanx to the Center For Responsive Politics for keeping K street on the public's map.

For Ex.

Didja know: that John Ashcroft now does lobbying for E-Bay ?

That ex-Louisian congressman Billy Tauzin accepted over $5,000,000 from pharmaceutical co.'s within a year of leaving the house?

That new Oakland Mayor Ron Dellum's had far bigger paying gigs lately lobbying for AT&T & Rolls Royce?

Anyhow, do y'all miss dear old Lily Munster...

She was amazing wasn't she?

and I betya that Herman packed some serious Munster dawg to keep a babe like her around...

She was the original goth goddess, no doubt about it...

The Who - Pictures of Lily

David Bowie - Pictures of Lily

Yvonne DeCarlo - Secrets of Love

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