Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bone Cootes & West Coast Weekend Chill

Bone Cootes & West Coast Weekend Chill

We're chilling here on the west coast, and the winter weather seems real for once...

They say we got a cold front...

well I ain't frontin... but old man winter sho nuff is...

It ain't exactly like Buffalo or rochester where i grew up... but them Bones be Chilling

I had to drag all my succulents indoors by midnite so they wouldn't freeze & die as we go below 30...

The snowman seems alive and speaking of chilling Bones...I now reach for a bottle and a blanket and some Bone Cootes

Bone Cootes’s Picture

Last night I had some drinks with this fella, and his producer/engineer/bassist, the brilliant analogian legend and keeper of the ribbon microphone flame Kevin Ink.

Typically they are self effacing, relatively humble cats , but their works speak volumes...

Especially since ya can crank their works up...

handy indeed...

San Francisco based singer/guitarist Bone Cootes has released two full length self released albums. His first effort was the bluesy bangin' & twangin' Son of Dave, followed a few years later by the moody and evocative Mock Piehole.

Bone generally records in an analog mode & Kevin Ink has been known to provide the knob twiddling & sonics that make the experience seem extra special.

Lyrically Bone mines the whiskey soaked gutters of the dark side of rock & roll/caberet life. Creating a sonic circus-like atmosphere, Cootes spurts out blasts of bluesy bluster that teeter somewhere between psychotic and serendipitiously seedy. Cootes has a vocal delivery reminiscent of fellow carnival barkers & alley way travellers like Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band. All of which could indeed be his influences, but then you'd have to throw in Lee Dorsey, Son House and a litany of role models from the wayback machine.

He's a rock n roll luddite, and has never appeared on MySpace and i doubt I'll ever get an email from him either, although it is rumored his wife once bought him an I-pod Shuffle, I 've never actually seen it. He has though appeared on compilations such as San Francisco Song Cycle Vol. 1, and collaborated with a variety of artists including a Swiss production of the music of Bertolt Brecht & Kurt Weill under the direction of noted conductor Urs Leonhardt Steiner.

Most popular as a fixture on Mission District bar jukeboxes, Bone takes his music as a live experience into SF watering holes where he's utilized a cast of rotating Bay Area band members like pub rocker & keyboardist Austin DeLone (Commander Cody,Nick Lowe), and previously noted knob twiddler Kevin Ink (Kelley Stoltz, Mofro). As a composer, Cootes has occasionally collaborated with fellow San Francisco based songwriters like Pete Simonelli of the Enablers, Chuck Prophet, and Klipshutz.

Check him out...

here's some MP3'z

From Son of Dave CD

Bone Cootes -
Paging Mr. Babylon

Bone Cootes - Clown Fight

From Mock Piehole:

Bone Cootes - No+More+Flowers

Bone Cootes - Cursed

if ya wanna know more... bug me and I'll drop some more tunes off here in the shallow end of the kiddie pool...

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