Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cuban Coldplayaz Etc

Like I mentioned in my last's been a bit chillier than usual out here on the left coast...

So wehen I was walking by Recycled Records up on Haight St and spotted the "Rhythms Del Mundo" disc in the window as I waited for a bus, I knew it might hold some Havana-esque heat & hope...

Turns out it features members of The Buena Vista Social Club and other Latin musical specialists getting down on modern rawk hits with members of bands like Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys & U2...

I had never heard of it, or Demetrio Muniz who did the arrangements, but why it isn't on the shelf at every frickin' Starbucks is a mysytery to me...

Not only does it offer some palatable spicy sonic tapas, it even includes the late Ibrahim Ferrer's last vocal recording done in Madrid of the Casablanca classic "As Time Goes By"

Then the booklet is chock full of info on global warming / climate change from folks like Al Gore etc, and even the inner disc tray is some sort of bio degradable corn fiber paperboard... Plus you know the P.C gods have shined on a project the all mighty Sting is included.

So it seems like a perfect match for the greedy yet guilt-free gravitas of corporate cafe culture...why do I not see it it in my local latte' line?

Well, thanks to Al Gore inventing the internet at least ya can check it out here eh?

Here's a video of The Arctic Monkeys tune Dancing Shoes mashed into a more mambo friendly mix and then below that, an mp3 of the track I'd pick as most likely to succeed in rotation at a friendly Frappucino shoppe near you...

From The
Rhythms Del Mundo Cuba CD

Cold Play - Clocks ( Cuban Mix)

If I had a solid case of Hannukah fever I might've gotten around to mentioning this when i first came across it...

However I veer away from the religious like Anorexics from All You Can Eat Buffets, Superman from Kryptonite, Gazelles from Lions ...

but this still is pretty interesting and since I saved it in my drafts folder... and I am a little shy of inspiration this we go

Irving Fields Bagels & Bongos - Cha Cha No. 29.3.1416 -Mexican Institute of Sound Mix

See Irving himself give ya the low down on how it came about in this quicktime movie

STEREOPHONIC | Irving Fields

other Reboot Stereophonic Releases

Mocean Worker - Under The Matzos Tree

Lifted From Reboot Stereophonic, click here for more Mocean Worker


since I ain't been too prolific a poster over the first 10 or so days of the new year...

here's a few random weekend sonic fillers in a mini mix of sorts for y'all, (get em now, as some of these tracks are due to expire soon as i clean the ol' server space for the neu year around here...)

Of Montreal - Rapture Rapes The Muses

from Of Montreal's Satanic Panic In The Attic 2004 CD

Mendoza Line - Mysterious In Black

from Mendoza Line's Full Of Light And Full Of Fire (2005) CD

Air - Napalm Love

from Air's upcoming release available: Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Pocket Symphony (2007) Click & Pre-Order Now!

Amadou & Miriam w/ Manu Chao - Senegal Fast Food

Click for more Amadou & Miriam

T- K.A.$.H w/ The Coup - What The Po Po's Hate

Other tracks by T-K.A.$.H.
on his CD "Turf War Syndrome"

available via Guerrilla Funk Recordings

Barry Adamson - Who Killed Big Bird

from Stranger On The Sofa (2006) CD

Turtle Island String Quartet - Rachel's Dream

click for more Turtle Island String Quartet

Detroit Cobras - I Wanna Holler
I Wanna Holler Baby
Click For More : Detroit Cobras

Flipper - Life

click for more Flipper

Slackers - Int'l War Criminal

Slackers International War Criminal
International War Criminal EP

click for more Slackers

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