Friday, November 10, 2006

Your Horoscope: You're Gonna Die

Friday nite is here...and so is another Random Revelations post...

and we start with this news bulletin

R&B star Gerald Levert has suffered a heart attack & died at his home in Ohio...

Son of O' Jays lead singer Eddie Levert, Gerald scored his first R&B hit at age 20 and was known for tossing teddy bears from onstage, he was 40.

In addition to his own solo work, he'd recorded with Levert, LSG, and had a duets album last year. He also co-wrote and co-produced the late Barry White's last No. 1 R&B hit, 1994's "Practice What You Preach", and other artists including Stephanie Mills & The Winans. Ironically most younger folks may only know Levert's voice & face anonymously from the chorus of Chris Rock's spoken-word comedy single, "No Sex (In the Champagne Room)".

Chris Rock w/ Gerald Levert - No Sex In The Champagne Room

R.I.P Levert ( 1966 - 2000) , a guy who had access to health care, and just seems too rich, talented & young to be dead of a health related condition like that...

But according to Chris Rock, Levert's Cancer horoscope read clearly "You're Gonna Die"... it just wasn't of cancer.

here's his 1991 #1 R&B single...and a smattering of others...

Gerald Levert - Baby Hold On To Me

Gerald Levert - Made To Love Ya

From his 2005 Voices duets album

Gerald Levert & Teena Marie - A Rose By Any Other Name

pssst....weekend bonus trax

The fluokids remix of the number 1 single in the US this week...

Justin Timberlake - My Love

here's a remix of the number 18 hit from my favorite felon that is still hanging on the charts

In the UK here's some remixes of their number 1 & 2 picks this week...

Fedde Le Grand - Put Your Hands Up For Detroit

I guess no one told those Brits that the St.Lunatix won the World Series...and my gawd let's not even talk Lions...

so let's move onto the number 2 single...

Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah

Yeah Yeah...keep moving

and so here's one for all the old people still alive who haven't fulfilled their horoscopes

An old new wave classic, at least in my opinion, that was ironically the first song I heard when I flipped on the radio in my rental last weekend in LA.

The Nails - 88 Lines About 44 Women

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi

The Nails

Safe House

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Jon said...

Teena marie!! I've wanted to hear Feels like I'm In Love again for ages!!! (Do you have it?)