Sunday, November 19, 2006

That Hurts, Stop It

Last saturday night I ended up witnessing a live pay per view telecast coming out of the city of the scars, Sacramento. It was a sad & sickening occasion, something caled the Ultimate Fighting Championships. I was hired to photograph the crowd watching at a local bar, and it was not pretty.

Apparently, despite my ignorance, UFC fascinates a large, kinda scary fanbase of mostly males who like to pay to watch other males wrasslin, punching, kicking and stomping each other. The place where this event was being broadcast was an Irish sports bar on the edge of Golden Gate Park, and they were getting $15 a head just to watch this crap on TV.

here's a look at UFC's web site search demographic pull...

Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting

Oddly enough, despite the obvious homo-erotic ass grapplings on every screen in the joint, most of the weird loner guys in attendance did not know that this was a very gay looking deal. Despite being in San Francisco, there were no "out" queers in the bar that I could tell, although the burly waitresses looked like they could kick anyone's ass there.

I'm just glad I survived...

Speakerblow - Get This party Slammin

Number One Cup - Why Are We Fighting

Audioslave - Like A Stone

Brocas Helm - Into Battle

Claude McLin -

Then the next day I saw another wrasstling of a differnet sort...

a more lo-fi production for sure, but more interesting as well, even if the results looked just as stacked & fixed...

it was the 23 year old UCLA student vs UCLA security video...

A blogger named Bruinpied has discovered an interesting side effect aspect to the case of the Tasered UCLA student...

That's assuming you heard about the student of Iranian descent at UCLA's Powell library last week who refused to show his ID to guards he figured were racial profiling him. If not, do treat yourself to this five-minute long cellphone video of the UCLA student being repeatedly tasered by over zealous campus police.

I find it ridiculous that these glorified rent a cops think they had to "taser" the student at least 5 times in about 5 minutes. Whether or not he's not showing his ID card, or acting loud & obnoxious does not justify this type of institutional abuse of power. In more than half of the blasts administered, the kid was already handcuffed. They could have taken him out of the building in a much less controversial manner if that was really their intention.

The real damning part of the video occurs after the Mostafa Tabatabainejad is removed, and a UCPD officer threatens to taser another student who is complaining about the incident.

Sadly the settlement dough the University will pay out in the upcoming Tabatabainejad lawsuit will just drain the educational coffers of the state, since it occured at a public instituition.


Previously, just after getting tasered, and prior to announcing his upcoming lawsuit. student Mostafa Tabatabainejad, had a Facebook profile up...

Here is a screenshot of Tabatabainejad’s profile at the time of the incident:

ironically or not, do note that the tasered student claimed his favorite quote was

"That Hurts , Stop It! "

He also claimed under interests a talent for taking simple problems and finding the most difficult way to approach them.

His current revised post-lawyer consultation profile now edits the references to drinking his life away ala Leaving Las Vegas and refers to more simple interests...

one of these new interests is

"I Love delicious food..."

His favorite quote has now been replaced by something about being imprisoned from Thoreau...

interesting... how just a few electric shocks can really change a man...

The new man's profile...

Tom Moody - Taser Squad

Zap - We Livin In Lies

MDC - Dead Cops

Dark Side oF The Cop - California

Kingston Trio - Police Brutality

Mike Watt - Dominance & Submission

Good Cop Bad Cop - Never Before

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Yell Fire!

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