Saturday, November 18, 2006

Foggy Notions & Loony Weekend Whatnot

Greetings from "Loony" San Francisco, the place whose foggy notions apparently scare the adult diapers off uptight azzh*le America.

Yeah we are hiding in the fog, and y'all better be afraid... be very afraid...

Fags, freaks & bug eyed Nancy gonna sneak up & whip ya ...

Akira Yamaoka - Terror In The Depths of The Fog

Radiohead - Fog

Here is some more Bay centric Loony Tunes, or at least Luniz tunes...

Daddy Rich feat Looney Loc - This Is California

Luniz - I Got 5 On It

Luniz - I Got 5 On It Remix ( Dru Down, Shock G , E-40 )

and a couple more Loony tunes of no particular regional affiliation what so ever for ya as well

Lobsterdust Mix of Bloc Party vs Luniz - I Got 5 Helicopters

Al Cooper & His Savoy Sultans - Looney

Slime - Loony

Come on folks out there in "the flyover" parts of the country... what's not to love?

We know ya all are just jealous ya can't afford to pay a million bucks plus for a rotting old house with no parking overlooking an all night free range vegan soy foie gras & hash brownie cafe.

The city that's so expensive & hip that none of the cab drivers even live here anymore, or evebn speak English and have never heard of anywhere you are going, but are cranking "the prayer hour" on their radios so loud you can't hear your Blackberry playing the mash up remix of yer new ringtone...

I head home enjoying a view of our bridges, with their perpetually in motion paint jobs, and soon to be corporate sponsors...

Apparently we need our most famous landmark to be sponsored, either cause we can't afford to maintain the bridge with a $6 dollar toll...or the "trustees" at the Bridge Districty offices are so morally bankrupt, they want more perks, out of town jaunts to other scenic bridges and perhaps throw in some luxury boxes as well.

I guess something needs a logo around here & our local chicken sh*t sports teams just can't cut it anymore. It's become a town the jocks fear to tread and are so desperate to get out and away from, they are ditching quicker than their fans and free agents.

Apparently our cooties & freakish arrogant non-athelete worshipping behavior has them thinking they would rather live down the road in new suburban digs where only MC Hammer, All You Can Eat Indian Buffets, Fry's Electronics & bombed out Pay Pal offices are, than face the realization they just suck...

All my neighbors are non season ticket holding unshaven anarchist drag queens and pagan ritual santeria practicing ex-sex offenders who don't wear fur, but who'd marry their politically correct same sex partners if they believed in marriage. We'd care if we didn't already have full domestic partnerships with mandatory medical marijuana smoking cards, keeping us giggling through a social calendar of endless fudge packin' performance art shows, whiny protests, free std exams & glory hole filled bondage clubs .

Who wouldn't want to hang out with our million plus stinky homeless people, all drunk on fine Napa wines and getting fat on free sourdough bread and raining purple piss all day on people emerging from the underground trains for glorious shopping trips to our endless supply of trendy boutiques...

The "mainstream media" continues to exploit the post election fears of a country afraid of itself, the latest example, a Newsweek piece attempting to define local non entity Nancy Pelosi, our city and it's perplexing politics for an apparently aghast national audience. Headlined : Pelosi and San Francisco's Loony Left, A City Ripe For Satire, it's featured in the current issue. Among the quotes is the always appropriate John Burton, an ex-Congessman who offers a description of Pelosi that will no doubt endear her to the heartland

"She's no kook. She's an Italian-Catholic grandmother who goes to church every f-----g Sunday."

Then we get the image of the poor mayor whose pompadoured hair is going gray, and seems embarrassed by the city's left leaning streak, lately for banning JR ROTC.

Asked about the school board decision, Newsom buried his face in his hands. "Here we go again," Newsom responded, obviously exasperated. "This is exactly the kind of thing that is fun for people outside the city to cover, but it does generate a terrible message."

Soundtrack offerings of the day, based on the musical works from our #1 band of the 80's... that being the Santana refugees who formed Journey. (It's appropriate to note that the musical groups splish splashing these Journey tribute versions out, ain't from around here.)

Rise Against - (Untitled Bonus Track) aka Anyway You Want It

The Hitmaker - Don't Stop Believin'

Moving on...for no real reason at all

Here's a little Interpol for ya...

Interpol - Stella Was A diver, And She Was Always Down

A few years ago, those NYC boys with the Joy Division fixation seemed to be on the verge of a commercial breakthrough, but sorta least from my left coast radar...

Same goes for Omaha's third wave of new wave warriors, the Faint,

I actually got excited enough & went out and bought that new wavey goth-tastic red Dance Macabre album, risking a snicker from the holier than thou dude behind the counter at Aquarius... and then heard little more from em over the last 5 years...

Although.. that may be changing. I just saw they'll be in SF early in December. It's some sorta invite only showcase sponsored by the death merchants at Camel cigarettes... I guess it's good to know death personally because on Thursday one of the grim reaper's pals handed me tickets...

Hey ... I took em... and a pack of menthol lights... ya never know ... maybe I'll need em...

The Faint - Drop Kick The Punks

Prior to hanging out at death's Beasthouse with a buncha stray graffitti artists, I caught Del The Funky Homosapien on Thursday... Which was a Bay Centric sorta event...

The track below is from Lyrics Born and features that afforementioned Homosapien of a Funky nature. Originally released on his "Same $%*+, Different Day" album, the track has now been ressurected with fresh vocal contributions as a guitar saturated bonus cut on the new Lyrics Born live disc just-released Overnite Encore: Lyrics born Live! out now on Quannum.

Lyrics Born - I'm Just Raw w/ Del The Funky Homosapien & Pigeon John (Reopened & Remixed Version)

Another bonus cut is Lyrics Born with that son of a PIMP, Mistah Fab rippin it up about their blessings & travails in the game of LIFE. This mix was produced by Trackademics

Lyrics Born & Mistah FAB L-I-F-E

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