Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sudden Death Release

The theme of this post is yet undecided, but hey, well, make it sorta revolve around death...

We'll feature some dead guys, and even maybe some people that should be dead & dead bands...

and uh, more talk about how to go about killing time...

whether that be at the County Courthouse Tommorrow, Or Tonight At The Bars...

First Off ... no matter where you are on Planet X, J or Y

do check out the late Nikki Sudden's final album...The Truth Doesn't Matter , which came out earlier today, on Oct 10th...

the good wholesome midwestern folks at Secretly Canadian records are oozing this baby out , at no small personal expense I'm sure... I've got a track posted down below...

Now , I'm just about to get all regional on yer azzes, there's a buncha news for rawkin Bay Area folks here about hub bub in our hood... even if yer not nearby you could read on & absorb some sights & sounds... (but don't be surprised if all this hubub in the next couple daze just makes you crave Anchor Steam beer, sourdough bread & dungeoness crab, and make ya wanna uproot & head out here to dodge dot-com deadheads, fags with tidy mustaches & pathetic panhandlers all day...)

I can't tell if I'm blessed or cursed when my potential agenda gets read back to me...

Like on Wednesday , will I find time to Slip Away & catch Tom Heyman & Bobby Bare Jr @ The Rickshaw Stop, when I've also got a ticket to catch the muthafrickin' Pogues a few blocks away?

Tom Heyman - Slip Away

Pogues - A Pair Of Brown Eyes

Pogues - Broad Majestic Shannon

It's been at least 17 or 18 years since I saw the Pogues, and I'm a bit afraid to tell ya the truth... ( note: poster I made in '87)

It was so uh, magically momentous actually, I don't want to taint the foggy veils of my whiskey soaked memory ya know?

Speaking of death, it's just amazing to me that Shane's still alive, while Joe Strummer is dead...

I got to open for both those guys when they were touring with the Pogues back in 1987, and it twas indeed a thrill, especially discovering that they had their own onstage bartender...

here's a list of items in their contract rider


    24 bottles of Beer
    1 bottle of gin
    1 bottle of vodka
    1 bottle of dry white wine (Soave or Frascati)
    1 bottle of Martini
    1 bottle of brandy
    1 bottle of champagne
    1 bottle of ginger beer
    2 bottles of Coke
    2 bottles of sparkling water
    2 bottles of still water
    1 bottle of iced tea
    1 bottle of Rock shandy
    2 bottles of non-alcoholic Beck's


    A selection of fish, vegetarian and pasta dishes
    Packets of Marlboros, Marlboro Lights and Benson & Hedges (Carrols in Dublin)

48 large, clean towels

It was sad when Shane left the band...or was kicked out or whatver the hell happenend... and even sadder still they are trying to do it all over again...

but like a family reunion, sure they'll be ugliness, but that's not without it's plusses as well...

I guess it's like that final Rat Pack Tour... the one where everyone knew it was the last one, and ya sorta just gotta go...

I'll drop a C-Note to get in the door and then spend some more dough I don't have & I'm sure I'll have fun no matter what condition anyone is in, and I'll live & laugh like there's no tommorrow...

Heck, the last time I saw Shane play , with his "other" band the Popes, I think I slammed some whisky and puked up a salmon dinner on the middle of the ballroom floor...

Good Times...

Thursday is just as loaded with adventure, if not more, and I don't know how I'm gonna do it all...

First on my packed agenda is getting out of work early enough to see my pal Michael Dean atthe screening of his new film on the life of the late Hubert Selby Jr at the Yerba Buena Center For The Arts. Best known for his literary works made into acclaimed major motion pictures "Requiem For A Dream" and "Last Exit To Brooklyn", Selby's life was anything but a Hollywood glamour ride, rife with agonizing addictions and debilitating disease.

Narrated by Robert Downey Jr, the film goes over his life and has archival footage odf the author, as well as Selby's last interview,(shot with a tube in his nose). In addition to Selby himself we hear from friends, fans & colleagues like Nick Tosches, Lydia Lunch, Henry Rollins, Amiria Baraka and Lou Reed.

Later that night in addition to some pre-determined bar hopping, I will make it up to The Red Devil Lounge for a show that a music industry pal of mine says "Is really kind of a big deal".

The occasion features an amalgamation of madcap musicians who've been members of an array of intersting bands, including the 13th Floor Elevators, Flamin' Groovies, Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Tubes just to name a few.

He's most thrilled that opening the bill is a Texas legend of sorts, who played in the 13th Floor Elevators, and wrote Janis Joplin's hit "Bye Bye Baby". That would be one sorta old hippie looking dude by the name of Powell St. Johnhttp://www.powellstjohn.com/

span >He'll be performing with the members of Roky Erikson's band The Aliens, including Billy Miller on electric autoharp and Duane Aslaksen on
guitar, together with drummer Fuzzy John. Expect some killer
versions of Elevators classics, Can you say "Two Headed Dog".
Whatever you say , don't let it be "You're Gonna Miss Me"...

excerpt of a track from

Powell St. John - Bye Bye Baby ( a tune he wrote made famous by Janis Joplin)

Next are The Magic Christian which is Flamin' Groovie frontman Cyril Jordan's current band featuring drummer about town Prairie Prince ( ex-Tubes and lately the Todd Rundgren fronted version of the Cars) , plus musicologist Alec Palao on bass, and mighty melodic & friendly singer dude Paul Kopf. These old guys are more teenager at heart than most teens I meet these days, and have a MySpace page to prove it

Magic Christian - I Can See For Miles
(Who cover...duh!)

Magic Christian - No Time To Cry

Those in the know, with stamina for the nightlife are gonna dig The Dilettantes, those who might dig it the most are fans of the movie DIG! That's right, tambourine man & scene stealer Joel Gion of the Brian Jonestown Massacre is in this new group along with some of his fellow Amoeba Records employeees.

The Dilettantes - What Were You Thinking?


oh yeah... and on Friday the 13th... My buddy Scott Alcoholocaust is hosting a rager at Annie's Social Club...and another the next day at an Oakland wherehouse...

The Annie's gig is a CD release party for the Grannies, who were the first band to headline the club on opening night, plus a chance to catch Fabulous Disaster and The Hollycocks

Grannies - Wrong Song

There's also a great party happening at an Oakland Wherehouse complex the next day... It's a multi-band extravaganza at Poplar & West Grand...read on for more details on that shindig...

Grant Irish and Alcoholocaust Presents
Bring your own food for the grill !!!!!
Grant Irish's Warehouse 2232 Poplar St. @ West Grand Ave. West Oakland

GRIEVOUS ANGELS (from Los Angeles)
BBQ Starts at 12 noon / Music Starts at 3pm

Y'know it's always tragic to release a record by a dead artist,(trust me...I've been there)...

but when it's a great record as well... that makes it even harder...

number one.. because they will never get to see the joy that music gives their fans...

number two, as a label , because you are taking a deep financial risk...

bcause your artist will never tour or even get to tell a friend that the music is out...

So if you dig, classic, dirty, funky rock n roll ala The NY Dolls, you should already understand. I imagine Nikki Sudden as a sorta lost cousin of Stiv Bators meets Gary US Bonds meets Nick Cave in an alley with Abba & the Fleshtones type of thing going on... but that don't do it justice...

cuz it's music... and that's not words are for describing...

Nikki Sudden

haunted, but hip like hairspray.

If you were ever kinda crazy, uh, secret handshake in the back of the club cool then you'd understand...

This track called "7 miles" is about as cool as anything Dylan has done in 30 years...and prolly beats it hands down. In my blanked out little black book at least...

from his farewell release, and quite possibly his finest in 20 odd years, out now on Secretly Canadian

Nikki Sudden - Seven Miles

Also releasing a disc on the same daya s the ded dude above, is the very much alive Tommy Guerrero. A former pro skater with the notorious Bones Brigade, Guerrero has mellowed with age and has been producing some sort of easy listening musica for hip hop lovin gen Xers for awhile now.

His live shows are somewhere more along the lines of a lounge jazz thang, but with lotsa drunk dudes with trucker hats and cuter chicks ...

This one here is from his new disc on Quannuum ... a jam with his labelmate, Brazilian bad boy Curumin.

Tommy Guerrero & Curumin - Salve

>Tommy Guerrero

Quannum Projects

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