Tuesday, October 03, 2006

God Bless America's Enemy Combatant Rock

Gotta love the hypocrisy oozing out of the sick sphincters of the Republican congressional caucus this week...

Apparently they've known about the pedophiliac page harrassing emails of one of their own for almost a year and did NADA!!!!

Trent Lott was squirming in his seat last night as Jon Stewart of all people got to take the moral highground, gleefully coaching Lott on the need for morality & order in Washington. At one point Stewart asked Lott if he felt Republicans deserved control of both houses of Congress...

Through the uncomfortable laughter, one could almost hear disgraced Rep. Mark Foley typing instant messages to his lawyers in his underwear from a mysterious drunken pedophile sex addict rehab...

Author Larry McMurtry's son James has become a slow but steadily rising star in the American rawk scene as of late. Currently working on a new album in Austin TX for Compadre Records, he has rushed one tune out in particular to answer the Republican Congressional decision to endorse the Bush admin's ill advised decision to reinterpret the Geneva Conventions when it comes to their "enemy combatants" aka "detainees".

Says McMurtry, “I had meant to wait until I was finished overdubbing before putting this song out, but our brave legislators have once again outdone themselves in their acquiescence to the executive by passing the detainee bill.”

“We refer to foreign governments that employ all-powerful executive branches as dictatorships, but we're still supposed to think of our own government as democratic. I'm appalled at the spinelessness of Republican legislators. I guess they still think they'll be invited to the feast. They will be, but only if they continue to watch their mouths.”

James McMurtry - God Bless America ( uncensored version)

The all too truthful tune will be available on his new upcoming CD, and is indeed intended as some stinging social commentary.

Called “the truest, fiercest songwriter of his generation,” by none other than writer Stephen King, McMurtry has been showing his songwriting skills since his debut disc was released in 1989. Having done stints on Sony/Columbia & Sugar Hill, McMurtry and his band, The Heartless Bastards, are now affiliated with indie Compadre Records. They will continue touring the U.S. for the remainder of 2006, and McMurtry also generally comes home for his residency each Weds night in Oct & Nov at The Continental in Austin TX.

Wed Oct 4 '06 8:00PM
Winters, CA
The Palms Playhouse

Thu Oct 5 '06 8:00PM
Petaluma, CA
McNear's Mystic Theatre

Fri Oct 6 '06 8:00PM
San Juan Capistrano, CA
The Coach House

Sat Oct 7 '06 9:30PM
Hollywood, CA
Safari Sam's

Sun Oct 8 '06 8:00PM
Solana Beach, CA
Belly Up Tavern

Tue Oct 10 '06 8:30PM
Tucson, AZ
Club Congress

Wed Oct 11 '06 8:00PM
Phoenix, AZ
The Rhythm Room

Sat Oct 14 '06 9:30PM
Alpine, TX
Railroad Blues

Wednesday's @ midnight
The Continental Club
Austin, TX
Oct 18, 25

Nov 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Visit Mr. Mc Murtry's website

Hey, as long as we are in a rant-a-riffic mood...

why not feature some additional seditious sounds du jour from norte du border...

The Subhumans featured here are not the UK band, but a reformed version of the O.G punks fom Vancouver Canada. They originally started in the late 70's, and were one of Canda's rowdiest bands before Gerry Useless, one of their members was convicted to a 10 year prison sentence as a conspirator in a plot against Litton Industries, a nuclear defense contractor.

Part of the "Vancouver 5", he was not directly involved with a 1982 bombing that injured a police officer and several plant workers, but was tied in to plans to rob a Brinks truck and support further direct actions.

In 2005, with the world as f'kd up as ever, Useless out of prison, the Subhumnas have reformed and released a record this past month via G7 Welcoming Committee Records. The Subhumans new lineup is: Gerry "Useless" Hannah on bass, Jon Card (ex of Personality Crisis (band), SNFU and D.O.A.) on drums, Wimpy Roy ( ex of D.O.A) on vocals and Mike Graham on guitar.


New Dark Age Parade

New Dark Age Parade

Subhumans (Canada)

G7 Welcoming Committee Records

In a jazzier vein, but no less concerned about the state of our times we live in... is Bobby Previte, and his Coalition of The Willing featuring members of some funky jam pros like Galacatic & Sexmob.

Amongst the serious psychedlicized playas you'll hear on this disc include
Stanton Moore , Skerik, and Mr. Charlie Hunter as they lay down some Orwellian white trash jazz funk grooves.

Bobby Previte - Ministry Of Truth

The Coalition Of The Willing

The Coalition Of The Willing

Bobby Previte

Ropeadope Records

Here's one from a different era, but still dates from a confusing decade when our country was swallowed up by a bleeding sore of a war going nowhere except into contractor's pockets, and a Washington political scene rife with backstabbing, and bullshit & bluster. Sound familiar?

Here's an 11 minute jazz piece I found at All About Jazz from the late great Charles Mingus... entitled "Don't Let It Happen Here"... the tune/political poem is from a new collection recorded at one of his workshops from 40 years ago at UCLA's Royce Hall in September 1965, and only recently issued by his wife Sue. Originally this amateur recording document was pressed in a quantity of only 200 for Mingus mailorder label, and the original masters were destroyed. Now finally, the tapes are restored, and a two disc set of the tempermental Mingus leading an educational "workshop" session with his octet is available.

Charles Mingus - Don't Let It Happen Here

Oh and here's a stray UK Subs cover by the Fastbacks that ya might not have noticed earlier last week... get it while I still am giving it up...

Fastbacks - Time & Matter

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