Friday, July 21, 2006

International War Criminal etc

I tried to find just a couple minutes to squeeze in some info for this post...

But my work day was long, not particularly arduous, but one in which time for lil' moment for personal reflection was severely limited.

With the politics & murderous chaos around the world reaching a horrendous boiling point, i can't even begin there, and it's all enough to make ya more than sick . So I will not even begin to speculate on any of it...

Been rambling, rolling and not getting much sleep this week... so in a tribute to sleep deprivation, here's a few things rolling off the top of my dome...

So, somehow that Jersey fat ass Kevin Smith talked some flush wth funds Hollywood idiots into throwing even more money his way. The latest end result is the bigger budget, with an even weaker plot, sophmoric sequel to his cute black & white debut flick Clerks. Ten years in the making, this thing ain't exactly Return of The Jedi. But, in the tradition of Jaws & Rocky, the followup is entitled engagingly"Clerks II". This is a movie that I do not recommend y'all be rushing out to see. But I suppose fans of minimum wage toiling, fast food, dead end relationships, and an interest in IRRITATING imitation stoner & slacker behavior will love it. I myself see enough of that sh*t for real up close and personal, and going to a multiplex to indulge in a facsimile of it is way worse than the real deal.

I could give a rat's ass about Dante & junkie Jay & silly ass silent Bob, as the only Slackers with Jersey roots I wanna check out are the ones that Vic Ruggiero & Dave Hillyard hang out with.

Ara Babajian - Drums
Marcus Geard – Bass
David Hillyard – Saxophone
Jayson Nugent - Guitar
Glen Pine – Trombone, Vocals
Vic Ruggiero – Lead Vocals, Organ

The above mentioned fellas comprising one of the prime ska acts of the last decade...

Listen up y'all, as I don't whole heartedly laud acts undeservedly...

But these travellin' troubadours are so soulfully satisfying, with a musical finesse and sweet sense of style that's real & unrivaled in these dark days & trying times...

This summer, The Slackers are promoting a new release that features the ultra fine track "International War Criminal".

It's a tune that pertains to the global game, and could perhaps be appliable to yer favorite "groper in chief"...

It's a track that has also circulated on a Slackers EP from 2004, and the song first appeared on Vic Ruggiero's second solo album, "Alive at the Ladybug House".

This version here had the rhythm tracks recorded live in Holland at their fave club Ernesto's, and was later overdubbed and re-recorded at Version City Studios in New Brunswick NJ with King Django at the controls and is the one featured on the latest Epitaph CD from The Slackers called "Peculiar" .

This is the Slackers CD that could make yer long hot summer a much much more enjoyable experience, and ya''ll should have it laying around at the moment in yer high rotation pile.

The Slackers - International War Criminal

here's some older tracks as well :

Slackers - Watch This

Slackers - Rude & Reckless

Slackers - Axes

Here's their latest related upcoming tour dates with their solo projects etc



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