Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Crude Bush + Sweet Crude Bill + Lil Mike's B-Day ...

You may have heard the president was caught unfiltered & unscripted on a live mic left on at the G8 summit laughing at his own jokes, and anxiously trying to get out of there. At one point he was interrupting Tony Blair's earnest interest about reaching trade agreements to joke about the birthday sweater Bush received from Blair on his 60th B-day. Then the village idiot is heard offering his Monday morning quarterback opinion with his mouth full of buttered bread, irritated about the mid east situation.

“What they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit, and it’s over,”

Bush - "...Stop Doing This Shit"

It's good to know th the leader of the free world acts like an 8 year old in front of his peers... here's a transcript


I gota get going here for an appointment and then head northward in a bit towards SF from LA...

But, If Yer Anywhere near SF this week
I cordially invite ya to stop by this versy special shindig I'm involved with:

Wednesday, July 19

A Rock and Roll Stomp & Benefit
for Junipero Serra Elementary, SF

Sweet Crude Bill & The Lighthouse Nautical Society

with their magnificent, indefatigable allies:
The Jank & Tiny Power

plus maestro of silly-monies
Lil Mike

at The Elbo Room
647 Valencia St.,
San Francisco, CA

Show some support for the kids! Cover is $5-$20!
All band door proceeds will go directly to the school.

While the world spins WILDLY OUT OF CONTROL, and everything sensible is TURNED UPON ITS HEAD, there is a LIGHT that shines through the darkness with a RESILIENCE that no shadow can swallow. This Wednesday, July 19th, THREE MERRY BANDS will join forces to bring this mighty sound to the Elbo Room for the pleasure, excitement, and honor of ALL who hear the call.

They are:

Sweet Crude Bill & The Lighthouse Nautical Society (11pm)
From the smoke and ashes of the last century comes a rock icon for the people - Sweet Crude Bill! Walking tall among the high rises and freeways of the concrete landscape, he comes singing the message of joy and rebirth at the end of the Oil Age.

Traveling with Bill on his journey, a merry band of wayward swashbucklers known as "The Lighthouse Nautical Society. Together they deliver honest American rock music drenched in sweat, sex and alcohol.

Sweet Crude Bill - * (We Got The)Power Station

The Jank (10pm)
The Jank was formed in late 2004 by four individuals with diverse backgrounds and a singular vision: booze up, rock out, grab a nap, repeat. Pick two and join us.

"The only thing more annoying than white people with dreadlocks is a rock band without a sense of humor."
-Sam Donaldson, ABC News Correspondent

The Jank - Losing My Cool

Tiny Power (9pm)
Tiny Power are a fresh co-ed pop act outta W. Oakland that aremore addictive than crack rocks. One guitar, bass, synths, two girl vox, 1 guy vox and drums. It's some tender vitals jedi mind trick indie, alternative, punk, rock n roll. Check them out for yourself. The self titled debut CD is in the works. Stay tuned

Tiny Power - Now That You Are Gone

Come partake of the dignified MADNESS and GLORY that surrounds these musicians!

For the benefit of all, a guest appearance by Her Royal Clowness Miss Zusi the Marvelous Balloonist and her splendid inflatable creations!

Master of Ceremonies: that Lovable Bastard, The DJ with the Ouija, the Host with the Most and Remarkable Jerk of All Trades, SF's one and only Lil' Mike.


Now All You Gotta Do Is Show Up
Drink, Chill & Give A Lil' Back For The Kids

so stop by & lay down some bread for the youngsters coming up in one of San Francisco's most DRASTICALLY UNDERFUNDED public schools.

Take in some dancing, drinking, balloon animals, hijinx, prize giveaways, and sweet, sweet rock and roll in the company of the free and the brave on this very special summer evening in the Mission.

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