Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Do You Believe?

Gotta go folks, the weekends pretty much here...

another few hours here at the slave pit and I'm off to LA for a few daze

X - Los Angeles

the southland is burning of it's the "High Desert" area

imported bark beetles are chewing up the scarppy remaining trees ... and the area is ripe for more forest fires

Smoke Or Fire - California Is Burning

Can't wait to get down there and breathe some fumes y'all !

Was calling tech support yesterday for a DSL issue and ended up talking in a call center to a guy in Mumbai India ( formerly Bombay) whose coworker just lost his family in the recent train bombing...

I Guess It's A Small World After All... but despite the fact the world may be smaller than's also getting more tightly packed.

That train line alone in metro Mumbai carries 6 million people a day. That's in a single DAY !

In my entire metro area of the San Francisco Bay including the cities of Oakland & San Jose, there's still barely 6 million people...and our municipal public transit rail system known as BART carries less than 350,000 people on a typical day.

In the Mumbai area, according to my call center pal, there's close to 100 Million souls ... Official figures are 20%-40% of that... but hey do you really believe the official story on anything these days?

Someone else whose challenging the official story these days is our pal and plastic surgery and C-Span afficionado Cher...

The gal called up C-Span's current political issue orientated morning talk show so many times recently that they invited her on the air.

Her latest cause is to get proper helmet armor for the American troops who are being forced to fight in the dangerous conditions of Iraq.

Here She Is...

Cher & Operation Helmet on C-Span June 14th 2006

here's some tunes from the lady herself, who is a legend, and the only artist to ever score #1 single in all the 5 decades of her storied career... from the 60's , 70's, 80's, 90's, and new millennium...Cher has been there & done that!

Do You Believe ?

It's something that her increasingly limited peers like Paul McCartney, or Tina Turner could not say .

You Go Girl !!!!

Cher - Megamix

Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time

Cher - Dark Lady White Label Mix

Cher - Believe

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