Saturday, November 26, 2005

Walkin' Blues

Owww ! Damn, Hey... I just broke my foot...

...while slipping and getting out of a Hot Tub !

X Rays prove it !

...hows that for fat stupid unnecessary bloated American Thanksgiving Weekend frivolity...

now I can barely walk... have crutches and am missing work, right before my rent is due !

more on this later in the week I suppose when it all sets in...


right now seems like a good time to eat a painkiller,, watch old blues documentaries and get lost on the net

Osama Bin O'Reilly I...

Fox New's Bill O'Reilly recently issued a fatwa against San Francisco

...and has suggested on air that Al Qaeda blow up our landmark firefighter's memorial Coit Tower.

Here are some photos of O'Reilly making an appearance in San Francisco, I found em at Insane

other insane US news:

Black Friday Consumer Frenzy Results In Arrests, Injuries @ Wal-Marts

Bio-Diesel imports cause controversy

Abramoff Investigation Picks Up

Alabama beating of gay man not considered a hate crime

Justice Dept. plays down internal findings on disenfranchisement via GA voter ID plan

Photo: AP73 yr Old Pat Morita of 'Karate Kid' & Happy Days Dies


President Bush addresses the nation from aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1 with the banner in the background.

here's some music for ya:

In honor of my lack of mobility, the late Mississippi Hill country singer lays it down in the Fat Possum style...

R.L Burnside - Walkin' Blues

R.L died in early September, here's one from his big seller album, "Ass Pocket of Whiskey"

R.L Burnside - Shake 'Em On Down

from his "Wish I Was Heaven, Sitting Down" LP

R.L Burnside - Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues

here's Blondie's big hit redone by my ol' pals in S.F's Waycross

Waycross - Hanging On The Telephone

from 1964 , here's a young Arhoolie Records artist named Alice Stuart and a B-side not on her debut album :
Alice Stuart - All the Good Times

Alice Stuart - Follow Me Honey, I'll Turn Your Money Green(1964)

here's the contrast of time , with a redone version from her "Can't Find No Heaven" CD in 2002
Alice Stuart - Can't Find No Heaven

Alice Stuart - Follow Me Honey , I'll Turn Your Money Green ( 2002 )

kudos to mister Frank S. Hurrat for emailing notification that this track is actually a Furry Lewis composistion, which he cross referenced from another cover of it on an old Pentangle LP. Furry was born in the 1890's & was a one legged liquored up boozy bluesman legend of Memphis until his death in 1981. He was a musician and a colorful character, whose life provides a fountain of stories, including his links to medicine shows, Memphis Minnie, W.C Handy and even a bit part in a 1975 Burt Reynold's / Jerry Reed flick called W.W & The Dixie Dance Kings.

Furry Lewis - Why Don't You Come Home Blues
Another Ironic tie-in abounds, in that Waycross, who are linked above, feature singer Caroleen Beatty who covers a Pentangle tune oon her new "solo" album, backed by Mushroom.

bonus beats
The Golden Age

Mexico City Bees
The Golden Age - Dirty Bird

The Golden Age - My Work Is Done

a couple tracks from a Sydney Australian based band who've released their debut "Mexico City Bees" and been compared to both Pavement & The Cars


that'll have to do for now...

check back later for perhaps a more coherent report...
my takeout order of gumbo has arrived...

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Frank S. Hurrat said...

On their SWEET CHILD lp, Pentangle recorded a song called "Turn Your Money Green" that they credited to Furry Lewis. It is very possible that Alice Stuart was familiar with this song.