Monday, November 28, 2005

Random Revelations

Kinda melancholic day here.... and i ain't moving much w/ sky gray, and my foot in a cast...


just found out that LINK WRAY is dead , apparently gone since Nov 5th in Copenhagenat age 76... hey I know it sucks, and even more...I'm weeks late ...but damn... you can scroll down and hear some tracks from the late, great WrayMan...

Anyhow, I have compiled a random playlist that has no theme, much like my life today... or if there is a theme, i don't know it yet... go figger...

Was having troubles w/ my printer... not just the Canon & his dead Epson & Hewlett Packard buddies in the corner...but my affordable color printing solutions provider...

anyhow... magically I got someone on the 800 number and with the handy three day turnaround... viola ... I assume the missing biz cards are on there holiday way...


*Hey ! As of January 1st, Sirius Radio will also no longer air any FOX News programming. Please let Sirius know how you feel about this change.*

Let us give thanks at


he was the duke of distortion, with his 1958 instrumental 'Rumble' being his best known hit... along the way he influenced a generation of rockers including Neil Young, Little Steven, David Bowie & Pete Townshend who once wrote: "He is the king; if it hadn't been for Link Wray and 'Rumble,' I would have never picked up a guitar,'" in a liner note on one of Wray's albums.

Link Wray - Deuces Wild

His rebel image & sound became a precursor to the later metal & punk scenes, and

Playing with his bros. he established himself as a western swing musician in North Carolina and played in southern towns like Fredericksburg & Roanoke Va. and poked a pencil into his tweeters to create a unique sound. He had hits with not only Rumble, but Rawhide as well .

Link Wray - Rumble

Part Cherokee Indian, Link laid low as the Beatles took over & retreated to playing sets a small bar in Maryland throughout the hard rock and psychedelic era. He eventually resurfaced through Quentin Tarantion soundtracks & I recall a few years back he was still touring, and playing around with guys from the local SF band Dieselhed...

Link Wray - Switchblade

----------------------- other stuff -----------------

a UK group circa 1965 cover John Sebastian's hip NYC village based group the Lovin' Spoonful

The Pack - Do You Believe In Magic ?

new electro trash heroes from NYC ,

Group Sounds - Uncontrollable Urge ( Devo Cover )

The Original Debut AlbumThe Stylistics were a hit early 70's soul group produced in that Philly style by Thom Bell & Linda Creed, here's their hit that Prince later used in the late 90's to rejuvenate his lagging career

Stylistics - Betcha By Golly Wow

Here's the purple one and an original track with lots of old school influence from his latest effort

Prince - Musicology

Going back ten years ago or more, a studio opened up in a garage on Divisidero in SF and recorded lots of good records in a short period of time. Now that I think back, it was sorta like the grunge version of Sun Studios or something... Melvins, Sister Double Happiness, Witnesses, Helios Creed, Clutch, Autopsy, Consolidated, Neurosis etc...

I dropped by from time to time when friends of mine were recording in the sparse to tiered white walled room... to watch a litle knob twiddling, drink the coffee or stand outside for smoke breaks with the likes of Jawbreaker during the making of Bivuoac, along with pals from bands like Bomb or Mike from Steelpole Bathtub. Billy Anderson recorded a lot of stuff, as did Jonathon Burnside.

Later on Fat Mike from NOFX bought the studio and brought in in-house producer Ryan Greene to work with bands like Tilt, No Use For A Name, NOFX, Lagwagon and dozens of other faceless pop punk acts etc. Greene later moved the studio of Divisidero to Bernal Heights, and now has since relocated to Arizona where he has recently started Crush Recording ( contact Greene at

The main producer of record I recall during SF's late 80's early 90's Razor's Edge era there was Jonathan Burnside, who recorded porn soundtracks during the slow hours, and has since moved to Australia. Here's an .mp3 interview from earlier this year in which I discovered he'd also been behind the Sleepy Jackson record from last year or so...

Jonathan Burnside - Interview w/ Australian Radio

discussing his studio work with Nirvana, The Melvins, Sleepy Jackson, Dwarves, Fu Manchu, etc. Daniel is pictured below in the foreground with Danny Pearson & Gary Floyd.

Die Gary Floyd Band

Australian faux country rawkers get the 1983 style remix treatment from BassClef

the sleepy jackson Sleepy Jackson - Good Dancers (remix)

The Melvins w/ Mike Zeigler - Smells Like Teen Spirit

A power trio influence on the Melvins, from Tejas, where they do it big... these 3 guys did it bigger than most, here's a mid 70's classic

ZZ Top Tube Snake Boogie

Here's one that has some U.K tekno-fiends remixing a respected reggae band for gawd knows what evil purposes...
Thievery Corporation vs Black Uhuru - Boof n Baff n Biff

here's a track that sprung forth from that DJ behind the Gray Album , juries still out...u tell me...

Dangermouse & Jemini - What U Sittin On w/ Cee-Lo & Alkaholiks

I caught this upcoming hit hip-hopper on a late night tv show the other day, and he wasn't all that innovative, or even related to Carlos, but I'll pass this hit east coast tune onto you to decide

Juelz Santana - There It Go (Whistle Song)

Here's a syrupy pop track one from Carlos Santana from his hit Shaman album


Carlos Santana w/ Michele Branch - Game of Love

since we've got Michelle going on the vocals. how about some other chick voices to fill out the set...

No Doubt the dancefloor gets busy when that L.A.M.B lady gets remixed

Gwen Stefani - Luxurious (remix)

Double Diva Duty as Mariah Carey who seems to be worried that you'll forget about us

Mariah Carey - Don't Forget About Us

Scottish frontman Jim Kerr was just one of Chrissie Hynde's many beau's, perhaps that's why he's worried about making the list

Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me

bonus excerpt = Grandmaster Clash -

Grandmaster Clash - Guns of The Message


Cheney's Poll Numbers Make Bush Look Good

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