Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Contempt Is The New Bitterness

Been busy over the weekend, was working, and creating Kodak moments, see pic for proof...

oh, and I also was preparing for a show on Wednesday night at The Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco... The first attempt I've made at doing some of my own original material onstage in about 15 years...

Awhile back I got a call from Dan Strachota, the former music editor at the SF Weekly whose now booking shows at some new hipster hotspot off Van Ness on Fell St. He wanted to feature some bands that were playing around when he first moved to town circa 1990 and I got hoodwinked into not only hosting, but playing a tune or two myself...

uh, I Musta said yes I guess... cuz the next thing ya know, it's listed in the paper and it's on...

Since I no longer have an ensemble of top notch troubadours like my old band the Bedlam Rovers at my beck and call, at least I have the mighty J Neo...

He's taken me under his wing for a couple quick rehersals and beers, and thanx to some spare copies of old out of print CDs I was on, I was even able to salvage the lyrics and chords from some old tunes I wrote as a pubescent rapscallion...

here's the gig details if you're in the neighborhood and would like to check it out the showbiz hoopla, and our cheezy Martin-Lewis lounge lizard routines we have in store for folks...

Wednesday, November 9, 2005 - 8:00 PM

Remember the bad ol' daze when Bush was President and his White House cronies like Colin Powell & Dick Cheney thought it was a great idea to invade Iraq?

The economy was in the toilet, with unemployment and gas prices "higher" than you were...

Republican creeps were on the ropes facing numerous charges of illegal backroom shenanigans?

The steadily sucking MTV and radio were chock full of pre-fab boy bands and increasingly crappy corporate mainstream music ?

But, creative underground local bands provided some of the only solace in the sea of cultural complacency?

Well it's 80's Deja Vu all over again here in the Aughties...

& We Celebrate The Return of The Past With...


Come down and see some of the bands that helped get this town through the late 80s & early 90's. These are the musicians that shucked & jived through sets at now defunct venues like the I-Beam, On Broadway, SF Music Works, Lipps Underground, Chatterbox, CW Saloon, Klub Komotion and infamous Albion Backroom...

Wednesday, Nov. 9 - KALX Co-Presents :

Rickshaw Stop's inaugural episode of CLASS REUNION NIGHT

a very special showcase of some beloved Bay Area bands that basically went bye bye...

Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell St
8 p.m.

"Class Reunion" is a monthly series of shows highlighting the
awesome talents of Bay Area artists from the late '80s
and early '90s. For this first show, we've got the
remaining members of Ed's Redeeming Qualities, plus
the current musical incarnations featuring of ex-Catheads, Spot 1019, Wannabe Texans, and Tarnation.

Plus, our hosts will be showing rare videos, telling tall tales and playing a few oldies from their own bands, X-Tal and Bedlam Rovers.

tix at door are just $7 , but adv tix are avail for $8

... all ages welcome apparently, so feel free to bring da kids...

what's in store?

well according to Neo:

Dani Leone and Carrie Bradley will revisit their catalog of great Ed's Redeeming Qualities songs. If you don't know ERQ, you may know Dani as the Bay Guardian's Cheap Eats person and Carrie Bradley for her exquisite violin contributions to everyone from the Breeders to Jonathan Richman (and the Content Providers too). But Ed's is where they first endeared themselves to our fair city with their sweetly warped tunes, and any chance to catch them doing it again is not to be missed.

She Mob: A longtime favorite band of mine who started up in the 90s, but whose roots go back much farther. This show is also a CD release party for their new shiny disc, Not In My World. Sue, Suki, Alan, Lisa and friends have returned from the wilderness with their most twisted, experimental sounds yet, heavily influenced by the Oakland noise-improv scene but still with their impeccable tunefulness and wit intact. "Expired Cough Syrup (Don't Drink It)" is currently in heavy rotation on Ear Candle Radio.

Hobbit NYC: I don't know these guys too well, but they feature ex-members of Spot 1019 with ex members of The Wannabe Texans like the East Bay's reigning recording engineer and guitar hero Wally Sound, and with a pedigree such as this, they must be marvelous, so I look forward to seeing them.

We have KUSF/Noc Noc DJ Stereo Steve (who has lent his instrumental talents to the Content Providers and the Experimental Bunnies) spinning the finest in sounds from the era.

And we have yours truly hosting the show with founding Bedlam Rover and local instigator of fun Li'l Mike. We plan to alternate our yakking with a few musical numbers of our own between sets.

It's all happening at the Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell St. on Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 8 PM. Be there!

------------- in other news ------------------

creditThe L.A Times tells of a church whose pastor made a comment about President Bush from the pulpit and now finds the IRS on his case...and threatening the tax exempt status of the church...

L.A Observed reports that Beverly Hills is soon to to lose it's most classic Hot Dog stand... say it ain't so ?

Hummers />

In another entry they tell of the So-Cal car dealer in Westlake Village who has over 300 unsold gas guzzling SUV's & Hummers hidden near his lot behind a Hyatt.

The L.A Gossip galore includes the nugget that Mark Romanek & Marty Scorcese's agent John Lesher is leaving his agency and taking a job at Paramount, the studio that also just dumped 1.2 million for a script called "Cockblockers".
Here dig my tune of the similar name...

This is a raw ugly lil' track I concocted with some comrades that highlights the social isolation, depravity, drugs and alcohol abuse of a wild weekend with some stolen electricity in a Pomona Ca boarding house circa 1994.

Lil Mike & Inland Hemporers -

---- uh what else...let's see...

in other areas of the blogosphere...

Rory O'Connor writes about the moral case against western corporate complicity in human rights abuses. He cites Google's deal with the Chinese to keep "subversive" news off it's news page, and Yahoo's collaboration with Chinese authorities that got a dissident jailed for the contents of his email earlier this year.

Editor & Publisher's report on newspaper circulation shows the paper I love to hate, the notoriously weak west coast waste of newsprint known as the SF Chronicle lost over 16% of it's readers in the last 6 months...hmmm, can't imagine why...

Congress is
ignoring real problems and it seems, their email too...

The volume of email and postal communications received by Congress has skyrocketed from 23 million to 109 million in the House and 30 million to 91 million in the Senate since 1995, according to a
new study from The Congressional Management Foundation

here's some useful

Links to The Most Useful Web Sites for Reporters.

oh hey,
if yer a frequent vistor to my humble site, and ya like the stuff I dig up... I recommend ya check out Newsdesk.org and their regular newsletter called "News You Might Have Missed"... it's a great weekly compendium of stories that creep by in the media stream, interesting stuff that often with little or no follow-up in the mainstream press. Check out some of the recent tales they alerted me too ...

U.S. passports to receive electronic identification chips"
Washington Post, October 26, 2005

Starting in 2006, passports will have radio-frequency ID chips
that critics say can be intercepted and used to track people.

"Battle-hardened Indian villagers take on Coke"
Reuters, October 28, 2005

A shuttered Coca-Cola plant that protesters say polluted the
water supply remains a flashpoint for conflict in India.

"West Virginia residents oppose DuPont permits"
Sunday Gazette-Mail (WV), October 25, 2005

West Virginians protested DuPont\'s state-sanctioned dumping of a
toxic chemical in a landfill that leaches into the Ohio River.

Newsdesk.org and News You Might Have Missed are commercial-free, and
available at no charge. They welcome you tax-deductible contributions:


now some more sonics for y'all...

Willie Nelson - discusses bio-diesel on the Dakota Blue Podcast

Six Six Nine - Stone Dead Lee Roth ( one last one from me, a deep, dark and danked out dawn improvisational verbal sneak attack, live from Millbrae w/ help from the mighty and mobile 669 and a whole lotta evil nefarious nocturnal nuisances & mysterious motivations )

Here's an MP3 of a song by my old band that I'll be doing on Wednesday night, sans the vexing violin it appears now since our gal Wig , has wigged herself out of this mess...

The Bedlam Rovers - Wishing Well

that's from the circa 1990 Subterranean Records release "Devouring Our Roots", a benefit CD-LP-K7 for Food Not Bombs...

here's one from the aforementioned Ms. Wigginton, who was heard on the last track, from her current band that keeps her busy enough, The Bermuda Triangle Service

Bermuda Triangle Service - Motel 5

Spot 1019 rare radio archive of 1/2 hour 1987 live set in Austin- ( 20 meg download !)

and here's some introductory mp3'z from one of the fine bands playing the show I'm helping host on Wednesday Night...She Mob. Most of these are from their new CD...

She Mob -
Botox Party

She Mob -
Expired Cough Syrup ( Don't Drink IT)

She Mob -
Contempt Is The New Bitterness

She Mob -
Why Did I Become A Teacher ?

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