Thursday, April 14, 2005

The weird, the stupid, the sensational and the untrue

"The weird, the stupid, the coarse, the sensational and the untrue are becoming
our cultural norm, even our ideal" - Carl Bernstein , in a recent a speech by the reporter who broke the Watergate story. Now 61, he is alarmed by the collapse in responsibility and various failures of the modern media.

In a recent speech to journalists he decried an "idiot culture" that
is more concerned with Donald Trump's sex life, than coverage of world
affairs & life changing events.

"the consequences to a society that is misinformed and disinformed by
the grotesque values of this idiot culture are truly perilous."



speaking of idiot culture...

One cannot be anything but excited to hear that it is alive and
well... and I myself am horrifically attracted to it like a roadside
car accident one cannot resist peeking at...if only because everyone
else is too...

fine fascinating examples of idiot culture listed below:

Teen Magazines Blamed for Rise in Girls' Suicide

The pressure to conform to images of female perfection in teenage
magazines is contributing to a rise in the suicide rate among young
women aged 15 to 24...,,2090-1573008,00.html


The Gawker, a website that highlights pretty much the purely idiotic,
reports on NY faux punk rock band the Bravery, demonstrating "hipster
belligerence" par excellance this past weekend. Their cleverly coiffed
bass player was reportedly spotted charging the door at another band's
sold out show in Boston shouting, "We're in the Bravery! You have to
let us in!"

The doorman, apparently declined and being just as brave as the Bravery, well fisticuffs broke out forcing the now wounded would be VIPs into exile a local IHOP instead.

The Bravery, a 21st centuryblend of Good Charlotte, Oasis & Kajagoogoo

Bravery Brawl in Boston

meanwhile, uh, from Europa, I think this is some Norwegian Rasta Arabs rapping about snuffing Prez Bush ...

translated for your pleasure

the vid has a pro-palestinian bent & beat a cameo from Casey Kasem ( he's an Arba y'know!) and it's getting hits

i film

supposedly it was banned in Norway for it's violent unconscionable message


supposedly it was banned in Norway for it's unconscionable message

dig it...


my most played artists this week

1. The Small Faces

2. Joe Tex

3. Ramones

4. Akon

5. The Undertones

6. The Jam

7. Thin Lizzy

8. Bloc Party

9. Sigue Sigue Sputnik

10. Chuck Prophet


Some Random Tracks

as of 22:03:06 PDT, April 14 2005

Audio Scrobbler Plugin ID: DVoodoo

1 Big Black - Heartbeat
2 P.M. Dawn - Art Deco Halos
3 Flipper - Ever
4 The Arcade Fire - Headlights Look Like Diamonds
5 Panthers - Thank Me With Your Hands
6 Ryan Adams - Cold Roses
7 Akon - Lonely (f. Bobby Vinton)
8 The Who with Tina Turner (Tommy OST) - Acid Queen
9 Brian Wilson - Our Prayer (Freeform Reform)
10 The Arcade Fire - Old Flame

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