Tuesday, April 05, 2005

MDC 25 years of dead cops

MDC 25 years of dead cops

last week I got to see some old
friends that are
sorta like real punk rock show biz legends ...at least in my book...

it was rank

it was illin'

i was chillin'

They are survivors of a world gone mad, bad and completely whacked...and just because this blog software can't handle some of my tags or something...doesn't mean you won't get the tall tale...

the title of their new 'career' retrospective sez it all

"Now More Than Ever"

I speak of the band
Millions of Dead Cops, or Multi Death Corporations or whatever...

last thursday they played a "club"

squeezed in somewhere between two car dealerships...

clustered on a well worn parquet dancefloor beneath a warped & dusty mirrored ceiling in

some ancient Military disco gone AWOL on the former Naval base town of Alameda...
The last time they'd played this burg was at least 15-18

years earlier, at some joint called the Twilight Zone...seems not much

has changed in Alameda... Rod Serling's ghost was definitely nearby

the kids still run around in circles, even if some of the

kids are pushing 40, and weighing a few hundred pounds heavier since their

needle jabbing days...

a once cute girl with a black eye and a mohawk cruised the

merch tables... and drunken people started yelling for "John Wayne was a Nazi" almost as

soon as the band set up their gear...

Not so fast you impatient punkers...

the guys are gonna wanna pummel you with another 20 or so "new songs" & back
catalog chestnuts before you get to the Rhino records endorsed


So to warm it up, they duted off the cobwebs & opened with the song that started off their first LP, and

as it's lead riff blasted the room, I realized it is still relevant, in fact "NOW MORE THAN EVER"...

"Business Is On Parade

! Corporate Scam Charade !"

with images of Prezidunt W & Warren Buffet

& Wal Mart headlines all dancing in my head , the mutant congregation swarmed

enthusiastically around the band like a hive of stunned killer bees.
Mikey Offender was playing bass low slung , dirty dreadlocks swinging. His first appearance with the band in the SF Bay Area in about two decades. Dave was
down the middle of the

floor, battling feedback and the fans for vocal dominance of the room with it's

substandard punk PA & crowd that looked straight of a 1983 Penelope Spheeris

"Decline" outtake reel...

Meanwhile OG guitarist Ron Posner played

back in the corner away from the fray, keeping a stray eye on drummer Al Shvitz.

Recently releassed from San Quentin, Al seemed distracted, mentally frayed and just physically hanging in there, if not outright dopesick.

Mid set Al's 19 year old son Brian,

now a roadie for the family business, was called upon to move the band's van

when it was discovered leaking gas in the parking lot...

Thankfully they

were selling at least 5 or 6 t-shirts an hour to pay for another repair job

before the band gets to CBGB's in May. That's if CBGB's is still there when they get there. NY's aging punk hideaway is also reportedly on as shaky legs as the bands that play it.

MDC's Drummer Al is apparently tied with Mick Mars, Richard Pryor & Hunter S. Thompson in a desperate run
for the wasting away gracelessly due to a rock n roll lifestyle

I've witnessed upclose the rumours & realities of this
band up close, and I'll always love em. The stray children, drug busts, and
often nefarious means through which they had to survive.

When I first moved to SF, I used to load gear,
put up flyers and mainly just live vicariously
through their antics going on
around me. It was a thrill to help out one of the bands that first helped me
discover punkrock, and how far I'd come from skating around to their
albums on my boombox 3000 miles away, and how small & amazing the world seemed when I was actally living with them a couple years later.

Now here it is decades have come and gone , and
the band is commemorating it's 25th year of existence.

My pal called on his cellphone
when I was in the parking lot of last night's show, and seemed amused when I
told him what band I was seeing...

"MDC... holy shit, weren't those guys ...

I had

to laugh...

MDC were actually one of the few
bands, punk or otherwise, that

actually spoke up on behalf of gays... Hell they
came out here with fellow

Texan freak Gary Floyd of The Dicks.


beyond well documented that they were
out, and out of their skulls too. Dave

even ran a moving service for a minute
called the Homo Truck Driving Men...

and was even the beer slop & sex
trash cleaning janitor for

the gay disco The End Up ...

addition to being on the nutty

forefront of screaming about cops, politicians
& nazis...those boys

battled tons of skinheads around the globe, survived
shootings, the secret

service & many strip searches, drugs, prisons and are

considered homo-punk icons even though they aren't so much gay as they

fucking nuts... and man they are getting old.

They also never really

did take themselves too seriously, either about money or politics,

Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Bad religion or those other three


MDC was always in it for laughs as much as anything

else. They
have a Chicken Squawk song for Christ sakes. Ever seen Hank

Rollins, Ray
Today or Dave Smalley rile the crowd to do the fucking

Chicken Dance?

They were crazed, often with no concept for

what's cool... They had
more in common with Allen Ginsberg than Danzig and

did an album with a song
about Tofu Spaghetti. It was followed up later with

tunes abot Tofutti &
even a cover of the doo wop hit Love Potion #

9, and then later, an album
with their dog's butt on the cover.


they had a manager, maybe he
woulda said "stick with the skulls & shit

guys... dog's butts do not shift

Dave would play dress up,

appearing as Elvis just to piss
off the retarded die hard punkers in

his audience. In fact if they had stayed
"hard" or whatver like C.O.C or

D.R.I , they probably would have been a big
metal type punk band like Bad

Religion or Circle Jerks.

But they kept
changing their name to shit

like "Millions of Dead Chickens" and would hire some
longhair hippie

guitarist who could play Cream covers.

I used to hang
with Dave while

he got dressed in drag, and he'd invite weird chicks and dudes
over to pee

on him in the bathtub.

One of my favorite shows they ever
did was

right after John Waters favorite leading lady died. It was a packed show

the Kennel Club ( i.e now the Justice League) and it was advertised as

MDC ( Mourn Divine Correctly). Dave did the whole show in thick

blonde bouffant wig & a big slutty dress that made him look

strikingly like

Hell, these guys were unstoppable. Even their

bad reputations
& crappy music couldn't hold back their frequent flyer

miles, all the way to



had cool fans too, like Michelle
Shocked who put them as her backing band

for the unlisted bonus track on her big
breakthrough album.

Ironically her label got a pile of returns from people
who were upset

that some "Heavy Metal" group was mistakenly tacked onto their
fave folky

chanteuse's new cassette.

Even currently ego'd out Lint/Tim

Rancid was even their humble roadie for awhile after Op Ivy broke up before
Rancid hit MTV.


There's a million stories,

but I think I have thrown enuf to constitute a blog


fave MDC t-shirts:

Gay Anarchist Skin Head

another said something like:

Racism, Sexism &

plus all the usual versions

of various sloganeering

I immediately put a

size=2>"No War! No KKK! No Fascist USA
on my gal's

Honda and picked up the 31 track greatest hits

then I bought

the shirt that said

Vieja Escuela - or for
those of you basic mono

linguists... it means:

"Old School "

are in the Bay Area

this weekend on Sat @ Parkside, Sunday @ Burnt Ramen in
Richmond , and

Monday @ Cherry Bar SF


think they are
hitting Long Beach or something down in
LA & El Cajon next


anyhow, if ya dig the punk rock.. then
download em


New MDC MP3 - a lets kill all cops

Old MDC MP3 -
Bye Bye Ronnie

( at the
record release party for the above song off the
Millions of

Christians LP in 1987 I was harrassed on the roof of
Rathouse on

@ 16th by Secret Service agents... I videotaped
confrontation, tape

was confiscated along with Dave's handguns &
drums... The Pope

remained in his bulletproof mobile...)

Dying... but MDC hangs

More New MDC MP3'z -

"Going Nowhere Faster Than You a tune about

their crazy drugging daze

MDC - Ballad of GW Ballad of G.W


wow.. yer persistent...here's another bonus
download for



who once refered to MDC as "the original cop
killers" of course made a bit of dough
doing his own Cop

Killer shtick, and later did episodes playing a cop on "Law &

Order"...here's his double take on

Black Flag's Police

To download the Ice T track
you will see a header on
the "rapidshare.de" site that says something like

"Ad-financed 1-Click
Webhosting + Webspace" and a browse/upload


3. Scroll down to the
bottom to "Choose download type" and

select "FREE"

4. Another page will
appear. Scroll down to the bottom.

You will see a
message saying "Download
ticket reserved" and it will ask

you to wait
approximately 30-45

5. Wait for download link

to appear. Once it's there, right-hand
on the red download link and

save your file - You're done!

final thoughts:

I'm was about off to go catch Michael Franti, Mos

Def , Goapele and a buncha other acts at the party for Al Gore's new
http://www.takebacktv.com/ INDTV tv
network... when i was interrupted to take my lil bro and his Fox Sports crew out for beers in North Beach ...

I ended up catching the rockabilly stylings of The Bachelors at the Saloon instead...andmore MDC @ The Cherry Bar ( aka CW Saloon) .

...anyhow here's some notes about

music I've been listening to lately

    As of

late I'm an internet enabled
AudioScrobbler Geek...


love the fact that their is some
software keeping track of all the

tuneage that passes through my
speakers on a given night. Considering

that it took me several days of HTML hell battling to put togther
this retarded blog entry... I want to give you a

taste of the soundtrack I've
had on four different computers...

These cuts were heard while I

was starting this blog
Circa 01:19:23 PDT, March 30 2005


Jello Biafra with the
Melvins - The Lighter Side of Global Terrorism
Butthole Surfers - Gary Floyd
3 Nick Cave - There Is A Light
4 The
Neville Brothers - Hey Pocky Way
5 David Bowie - Moonage Daydream

heard 00:59:21 PDT, March 30
6 MitchRyder & The Detroit Wheels

- Little Latin Lupe Lu
King Tubby & Augustus Pablo - King

Tubby's Borderline Dub
8. The Mars
Volta - The Widow
9. Loretta Lynn

- Portland Oregon (duet with Jack
10. The Cannonball Adderley

Quintet - Walk Tall

by the time I started
posting it things were


1 Caetano Veloso - Billie Jean & Eleanor Rigby
01:03:28 AM PDT
2 Bo Diddley - You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover

3 MDC - Going Nowhere Faster Than You
4 The Clash - I'm So Bored
With The Usa
5 Fastbacks - Go All The Way
6 The Small Faces - Watcha
Gonna Do About It
7 Caetano Veloso - tropicália
8 Frank Zappa -Mom
and Dad
9 M.I.A./Diplo - Fire Fire
10 Fastbacks - Gone To The Moon

(45 version)

a couple week s later i was online late at night and realized i never posted the original story

go figger... something about hairy html f-ups but this was my last tracks

Cannon's Jug Stompers - Walk Right In 02:18:31 PDT, April 24 2005
2. M.I.A./Diplo - LL Cool J/Cavemen - Two Bit Rhythm (M.I.A. Mix) 02:15:41 PDT, April 24 2005
3 Tetine - Ai amor, me so horny 02:14:11 PDT, April 24 2005
4 the mohawks - The Champ 02:12:30 PDT, April 24 2005
5 Rosie Thomas - I Play Music 22:11:55 PDT, April 23 2005
6 Mickey & The Soul Generation - give everybody some - part 1 22:08:14 PDT, April 23 2005
7 Mojo Nixon - Girlfriend in a Coma 22:04:14 PDT, April 23 2005
8 King Crimson - Ladies Of The Road 21:59:13 PDT, April 23 2005
9 Faces - Ooh La La 21:52:42 PDT, April 23 2005
10 Elvis Presley - Burning Love

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San Francisco Taxi Driver said...

After reading this I just realized something. The stories I heard regarding MDC were told to me during my 2 year speed binge and apparently I got them mixed up. As I'm recalling now MDC were, as you say, one of the only bands who WEREN'T homophobic. I won't name the other bands in the story I heard but I do remember now that I had the story completely wrong. My apologies because clearly I struck a nerve and that wasn't my intention...