Sunday, May 25, 2008

Meandering Memorial Mix

I have lotsa pals making music these days, and they often toss me a demo or two

Here's a few folks I know who are cuttng tracks that i'll toss at ya for yer perusal...

First up are some guys who wish to preserve some of their anonymity while they test out a new sound of sorts...

Known as feisty noisemakers in days of yore, marriages, more money and a fancy Mac enabled with Garage Band have mellowed them somewhat and sees them spinning out some preening poppier material...

Elk Eyes - Mona Lisa

Elk EyesSo Long

An elk's eyes are apparently designed to detect movement, even the slightest shifting of grass as a predator approaches... but will you approach?

The band name was handed to them by the fairly well known female artist who did their demo cover art, and so if ya like it, let em know what & why at their new and virgin like unfettered & unfriended myspace page...

It's Memoral Day weekend, and if there was ever a better time to post this next all american war referencing track...Uh, I don't know about it, but it was probably back in 2003 when it was first recorded.

I've had this song sitting around for a few years on a demo disc, but i guess it's your turn ...

especially now that it's available officially why not?

Anyhow, things like dual LP & CD releases take awhile when yer an anarchist luddite punk band, and working on a tiny budget with little overall organizational or financial forces backing you.

However, it was worth the wait, and now finally Shotwell's new Patriot CD/LP is out as I write.

Here's track 11, from the orginal demo I've had for awhile, but am now sharing in hopes y'all won't sleep on the rest of this scrappy album.

Shotwell - Halliburton Yawn

I caught the band at a show in SF the other day and they were playing at the finest level I've seen them at in ten years. The bottom end is well represented and of course with the dual vocal/guitar attack featuring Tony Rojas joining the mighty Jimmy Broustis, things get riled up quick. I like the way the two get yelping away over the top, and it was a great sweaty set.

If you'd like to order the new Shotwell Lp or CD, well I suggest you get on it, as they are limited pressings and only $9 postpaid from Thrillhouse Records...

I believe some copies are available through other sources, but I suggest you go direct. ( p.s there are only 600 some copies of the vinyl so get yours now!)

Here's a track that's included on the new LP/CD but first appeared in aversion heard on The Letters From The Landfill compilation from Left Of The Dial records...

Here it is as heard on that collection originally out circa 2004...

Shotwell - Dust Of The Dawn

So... if yer still interested,

we'll finish this meandering memorial mix with just a couple more Shotwell tracks here...

These last two tracks are from Shotwell's last fairly hard to find release,

The Devil Has It's Day

And for all you cover art aficionados, here's some never before seen, at least online anywhere that i know of, original
color mock ups of a cover for the CD reissue in 2006...
this time entitled "for The Devil Has It's day"

Shotwell - The Devil Has It's Day

Shotwell - Mudpile

Shotwell - Pick Axe


if that ain't enough for ya, here's a preview of Shotwell's debut full length Celery Beef & Iron which emerged about 10 years ago on the Broken Rekids lable, the only record they hae available online for downloads...

that should do ya'll for now I suppose


See Ya Later Folks

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