Saturday, March 15, 2008

St Paddy's Daze 2008

As I write a noisy St. Patrick's day parade is swinging down the block outside. I can hear the bagpipes, drums & drunks, and see numerous green clad folks strolling, and in some cases stumbling by.

In honor of this occasion, here's a video of my band from some twenty years ago at a large St. Patrick's Day show we played here in town...

Here's a fuzzy wuzzy ol' school celtic punky rave up written by moi & pals in a musty old Turko-Persian carpet factory on the outskirts of town in 1987.

Bedlam Rovers - Rise Above

and here's a St. Patty's Day track featuring Joe Strummer when he was in the Pogues, a combo of greats we were able to open up for on our third show ever at the Fillmore in Dec 1987...

Pogues w/ Joe Strummer - I Fought The Law


I've got social engagements galore lined up today, amongst them eating some $17 chuck of Italian cheese I bought last night, or maybe I should take up an invite to a Bar B-Q, where down the street my pal Greg Dale has a gig tonight with his band Sorrow Town Choir at Thee Parkside

Greg's heathen blend of raw rootsy mid tempo tunes takes it’s cues from the garage rock greats & stadium seasoned sinners alike. If you don’t mind hearing a lil’ whiskey burned Skynyrd riff & a Nick Cave influence or two blended into your indie dirges, this could be a fine show to sit & sip in the shadows & enjoy tonight if yer in SF.

Also appearing at this sordid soiree at Thee Parkside is Mark Curry’s group based outta the Sacto area called Hell’s House Band. Curry, a tall grizzled tatooed biker/model lookin’ dude, spent a few years on Virgin being pimped alongside labelmates like Janet Jackson & Lenny Kravitz, yet was found less on radio playlists, and more likely hanging out in bars at dawn with his drinkin' pals in punk bands like NOFX.

Also on the bill Kemosabe & an acoustic set from Scott Quay of October Allied

I’ve thrown in a few mp3z below for you to familiarize yourself the situation…

Sorrow Town Choir - My Momma Don’t Keep No Pictures Of Me
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iTunes Music Store

Mark Curry's Hell House Band -
Cut 'Em Up (Feat. El Hefe)

Dozen Lies Mark Curry’s Hell’s House Band (Feat. El Hefe)
“Come On Out” (mp3)
from “Dozen Lies”
(Hard Soul Records)

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that's just a head's up if yer trolling the web looking for trouble...

I'm kinda busy and gotta go...

So I won't have time to review all the new releases I've been listening to this week...

So stay tuned for later next week when I'll delve into the merits or morass of recently released titles like Dolly Parton's Backwoods Barbie, The Black Crowe's Warpaint, Janet Jackson's Discipline, Michael Jackson's Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition, and Erykah Badu's New America Part One ( 4th World War )...

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