Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sad Saga of Client 9

Last week I gave y'all Some Not So Golden Random Rarities For My Peeps, which featured rare mp3 tracks from an assortment of groups including Mike Ness, Primus, The Lewd... and even a track by my old band Mom, a side project sorta thang featuring members of both Bomb & The Bedlam Rovers.

This week is shaping up to be even more juicy though, as Elliott Spitzer and his prostitution sting troubles rock the whole Hudson River corridor, from his tony upper east side digs, to Albany where his minions await word on whether he's resigning.

Marvin Hamlisch - Hooker's Hooker (From the soundtrack to The Sting)

The gleeful tone that the reporters use in detailing the story in both the Bloomberg News & Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal is barely restrained. Reportedly cheers rang out on Wall St's trading floor when the "Love Gov" story broke. Never have seemingly so many relished the foibles of one man...

It was Ho No! across Manhattan as NY's Capt Crusader got caught with his pants down...

How fitting that one one of the only Democrats with balls, is actually done in by those very same balls.

Eurythmics - SexCrime ( 1984)

For every person on a perp walk he previously conducted, a lil dancing jig of joy must have occurred.

Makes ya wonder how did this stupid Princeton/Harvard Law Client 9 guy spend the better part of a decade as NY state's top government lawyer, and now top official?



Uh, hadn't he heard of this technique previously?

Payments to an interstate prostitution ring uncovered through standard "Suspicious Activity Reports" and bank transaction reporting?


Didn't he bust & break up call girl rings, and lock up folks on prostitution charges

Didn't he pride himself on his anti racketeering skills & somewhat familiarize himself with various shady money-laundering techniques?

The answer is ... uh, yes, and yes, he was indeed extreme in his vindictive righteousness... which is why few tears are being shed for him today.

Spitzer of all people, should have known, not only better, but that he had enemies who would have a field day with this kind of news. While he becomes the first high ranking Democrat since Bill Clinton to even manage to have a sex scandal, it's his wife, and his daughters that must sit alongside on the shame & scandal train...

Clint Eastwood & General Sai - Shame & Scandal

Flipper - Sex Bomb

It's also not simply a sex scandal...

Spitzer's real problems here are less about hypocrisy & morality, but more about criminal acts & minutiae including transfers of cash for illegal purposes, and even just the act of knowingly transporting a hooker across state lines, making this all a very sticky federal matter.

It all basically boils down to, does he have big enough balls to not step away, and leave his fate in limbo?

Eddie Bo - Let's Limbo

Read The affadavit detailing all the activities or just those of Client 9 here...

More Client 9 Tunes of the Hour:

Client - Telephone Sex

Steve Wynn - The Preacher & The Prostitute ( live 1993 )

The Clientele - (I Can't Seem To) Make You Mine

Rita Chao & The Quests- Hanky Panky

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