Friday, February 29, 2008

White House Aide Goeglein now in Google'd hall of shame

After being outed by a blogger, a Senior White House aide has admitted to plagiarism in a series of columns he wrote for an Indiana newspaper. Apparently Timothy Goeglein, 44, who'd been working in the Bush administration since 2001 pumping up conservative religious factionalism didn't know that even with God on your side, a simple Google search can unravel a retarded ruse...

What's interesting, the now notorious columns that have disgraced the good Goeglein family name he purportedly wrote weren't even paid gigs...

Congrats to blogger Nancy Nall who nailed the nerdy nincompoop after reading one too many arcane references in his banal blather in her local Fort Wayne newspaper...

In a column on the purposes of education, a reference to an obscure Dartmouth professor lead Nall to simply google the name "Eugene Rosenstock-Hussey".

Nall's simple search offered up verbatim chunks of Goeglein's text, but written by someone else in the Dartmouth Review a decade earlier. After Nall's post caught fire on the web today, within minutes other folks ran several of Goeglein's other columns through the plagiarism detectors and uncovered numerous other meretricious instances of tawdry word theft.

Leave it to the annoying Bush White House to have a special assistant "deputy director of the Office of Public Liaison" whose only intellectual capacity appears to be borrowing other peoples ideas and presenting them as his own.

The Washington Post reports the official White House comment:

"His behavior is not acceptable and we are disappointed in Tim's actions," White House spokeswoman Emily Lawrimore said. "He is offering no excuses and he agrees it was wrong."

Asked if he would keep his job, she said, "At this point we have nothing more for you on that."

But within a few more hours, Goeglein had fallen on the sword and his resignation was accepted post haste.

Ironically, or not, Nancy Nall herself was a former writer for the same newspaper Goeglein was a contributor too. Perhaps this piqued her curiosity into the pompous tone of this Rovian lapdog's agenda. The paper itself is now trying to distance themselves from the situation, saying they apparently just ran whatever unsolicited columns Goeglein submitted to The Fort Wayne News-Sentinel and never actually paid for them.

Oh I guess that makes it all like, o.k then...

Are they implying Republicans are cheap?

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