Thursday, February 07, 2008

fax-for-free-from-a-cell-phone? and other random revelations

Gotta make this quick tonight, cuz I'm in a hurry to head home to watch Chuck Prophet on the Carson Daly show in a a little bit... more details down below...

While perusing the web tonight, I just discovered a pretty cool free & potentially useful service ...

I was recently looking for a way to fax something via an online service and most all the free services I could find were really weak ad supported crap or some were charging high monthly subscription rates for something I would rarely need...

If only I had known about QiPit... ( pronounced Keep It... get it ? )

cutesy stupid short dot com name but great service for free it seems...

ya can upload a jpg,

or even send a pic directly from your mobile phone,

and they convert it to PDF & will either fax it, or email it for you
(or even insert it into your blog)

hey... why not try it...

it's free kids

Other stunning news updates of the day:

Bay Area Green beats up old ladies

Here's a story about a dude arrested in string of attacks on elderly folks in Berkeley CA

Ladies & Gents meet Jahton Green...

He's not yer Nader type of Green either...

He's just Jahton Green, likes to party & beat up old people...

I mean really old people , linked to at least 8 attacks on elderly folks...

He recently pummeled the shit out of a 93 year old man and stole his money...

But being as clever as he is, he unwisely decided to use the credit cards of his victims, which finally lead the cops to him after months of similar attacks.

Otherwise he'd still be out there beating up grammas...

Way to go Jahton!!!

The City of Oakland is certainly proud of you... at least you did your crimes in Berkeley. We can all appreciate the subtlety of that.

I'm sure the Dellums administration will write a letter in support of you...


promo pic courtesy Berkeley Police Department

music stuff:

------------ American Music Club ----------

They're back...

Hey did Mark Eitzel get hair transplants?

Or is that Vudi holding the big black cock?

Actually I understand that to be the handsome new AMC bassist Sean Hoffman...

and the rest of the dreamy guys appear on the flip of the disc...

Looks kinda like AMC is being repositioned as a boy band...

it's like they stole the Chuck Prophet "You Did" video concept
(as seen below)
and Vudi got the Natalie Wood/Dennis Wilson part

Apparently Danny Pearson & Tim Mooney, now that they are both fathers are out of the touring biz these days...

The revamped band's newest record "The Golden Age", their 9th full length, is out now on Merge in the US & Cooking Vinyl in the rest of the world...

Look for these fellas on tour in Europe right now through late March...

07.02 - Newcastle, UK - The Cluny
08.02 - Glasgow, UK - Oran Mor
09.02 - Nottingham, UK - Rescue Rooms
10.02 - Birmingham, UK - Glee Club
12.02 - Brighton, UK - Concorde 2
13.02 - London, UK - Dingwalls
14.02 - Amsterdam, Holland - Paradiso
15.02 - Brussels, Belgium - Ancienne Belgique
16.02 - Den Bosch, Holland - W 2
17.02 - Groningen, Holland - Vera
18.02 - Koln, Germany - Gebaude 9
20.02 - Gijon, Spain - Acapulco (Casino)
21.02 - Madrid, Spain - Caracol
22.02 - Bilbao, Spain - Kafe Antzokia
23.02 - Barcelona, Spain - Apolo
24.02 - Bielefeld, Germany - Forum
26.02 - Hamburg, Germany - Fabrik
27.02 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega
28.02 - Malmo, Sweden - KB
29.02 - Oslo, Norway - John Dee
01.03 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Sticky Fingers
02.03 - Aarhus, Denmark - Voxhall
04.03 - Berlin, Germany - ColumbiaClub
05.03 - Leipzig, Germany - Nato
06.03 - Frankfurt, Germany - Brotfabrik
07.03 - Weinheim, Germany - Cafe Central
08.03 - St. Gallen, Switzerland - Palace
09.03 - Zürich, Switzerland - El Lokal
11.03 - Turin, Italy - Spazio 211
12.03 - München, Germany - Registratur
13.03 - Wien, Austria - WUK
14.03 - Ebensee, Austria - Kino
15.03 - Geislingen, Germany - Ratschenmuhle
16.03 - Diksmuide, Belgium - 4 AD
18.03 - Paris, France - Divan Du Monde
20.03 - Norwich, UK - Arts Centre

They'll be in the US in April & May. If you want to hear the band live, check out the live set A Toast To You, recorded live at the Rex Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA in 2004.

Link to download AMC live tracks below:

American Music Club

mp3 downloads

Mark & Co usually deliver a passionate set, even if it's done at a tortuously slow drawn out pace. I think that must be part of the appeal for most folks, the sonic equivalent of the pensive hanging chad...with the same disatrous results.

What I'm saying is, The Ramones they are not...

AMC - Live In Pittsburgh

In the meantime, while you await the live show, here's a sample track from their new studio release

American Music Club - I Know That's Not Really You (mp3)

Speaking of live tracks vs studio, not a lot of people know about Chuck Prophet's 2001 live album called Turn The Pigeons Loose, and like rival SF band AMC's latest, it was also released on Cooking Vinyl...

While Chuck churns out effective studio records every couple years, he's also a more than competent live performer...something I'll be affirming this Friday night at Cafe DuNord in SF and again in LA at The Mint on Feb 15th...

I recently dug through my massive & unwieldy live tape collection and unearthed the video from the night he recorded Turn The Pigeons Loose in San Francisco in the summer of 2000.

Here's a video I put together using my footage of the show, and an mp3 of the board recording to augment the shitty sound I normally pick up in the room...

A marriage of brute force multimedia formats ... plus below I included a link so you can download the mp3 tracks from either Amazon or eMusic...

Used copies of these older discs are listed on Amazon for over $100 each, but cost me less than $4 in digital form from eMusic.

I highly recommend the eMusic service as it's got access to wide variety of DRM free mp3 indie music ( 3 million tracks) for a much lower price point than the other legal download sites. With my subscription I get about 40 downloads a month, plus all the various daily freebie downloads they toss in.

Meaning I am getting lotsa music for less than .25 cents a song.

eMusic also has some exclusive tunes, live material etc, like for example Mr. Chuck Prophet has two out of print albums, that as far as I can tell, you can only get in the US through eMusic.

Check out Chuck's live album at eMusic here

Chuck Prophet And The Mission Express

Turn The Pigeons Loose

This album is also available in digital form at Amazon

Chuck Prophet - Turn The Pigeons Loose - MP3

Here's that Chuck Prophet You Did clip I mentioned above that AMC cribbed for their new album cover...

or maybe not

Well enuf lo-fi videos

Are you thinking of checking out U2's new 3D concert movie...

If it was good enough for Hannah Montana, why not Bono?
here's a little look at the technology that went into producing it...

Anyhow, with Presidential pony race fever still engrossing our delegate distracted country, I thought I'd close with this video below.

It's a video from Stanford's Lawrence Lessig who attempts to justify his campaign donation to Barack Obama in this 20 minute video that explores Obama's character differences vs Hilary Clinton.

Kinda interesting, in a liberal elite academia way...

see ya'll

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