Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When Wednesday Comes, Bill's Asleep, Tuesdays Gone

Monday was a day off for a lot of Americans.

Apparently it's because some preacher got shot a long time ago trying to help out some striking sanitation workers.

Just goes to show you better stay out of other people's business, especially if it's garbage business.

My favorite MLK celebrant had to be the white guy smoking in the doorway of the copy shop I went to. All the machines & lights were on there yesterday, he just didn't feel like working I guess. Said he was on holiday. Wouldn't let me in out of the rain to copy a couple sheets of paper.

Dude if yer still at work, then that's not a holiday...

Looks like Bill Clinton could have used a day off Monday...

Apparently Bill's wife might be keeping him a little too busy...

What happened to all the pizza & b.j's?

So By Now, Tuesday Is Almost Gone...

Which was supposed to me some sort of U.S financial market meltdown, but that funky Bernanke cut the interest rate just enough to keep the bleeding in check.

Darn... I really wanted people to jump out windows, and that guy Cramer to blow a gasket or off himself on CNBC.

Remember last year when he aploogized for saying stock manipulation was easy, and that all the hedge funds were doing it?

Oh I guess he didn't "really" mean it...

well neither does anybody anymore...

Except our little Amy,

Despite the US financial markets escaping a serious meltdown, Ms. Winehouse seemed to suffer another PR blow as some skanko friends sold a cellphone video of her to the UK tabloid the Sun.

In the video, she babbles a bit in her thick cockney and pulls a few crack hits off some sort of glass pipe contraption. Nice...

Amy Winehouse, of course, has apparently refused any induction to a rehab.

here she is in another cellphone video, this one from her appearance less than a year ago in SF, opening with the prescient addicted.

And a local DJ's remix of her biggest hit...

Amy Winehouse - Rehab - Party Ben Remix Mash Up

And then as if that wasn't enough drama, some Australian Brokeback Joker dude named after a candy bar turned up dead of an O.D in New York.

Sounds like a good day for a song...


Being that I never paid to much attention to these classic shlock type things, all I know is this is the most mournful song ever composed for the day before hump day.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's Gone

Maybe Tuesday is the name of the chick... or something. The thing does go on and on a bit...

Tuesday's gone with the wind.
Tuesday's gone with the wind.
Tuesday's gone with the wind.
My baby's gone with the wind.
Train, roll on 'cause my baby's gone..
I'm riding my blues away, baby
turn around my blues
ride on, train, ride on, train
ridin' my blues, babe
come back to me, babe
come back to me
oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooh train...

oo-ooo, boo f*ing hoo ya big redneck galoots...

We know the rest of the story...

yer so sad to see yer baby bye bye that within minutes it's all "What's yer name little girl?"

Then there's something about the hassle of "Working for MCA". I know, Wasserman and them cats, they shoved all that blow, needles, spoons and groupies down yer throat.

We didn't exactly see ya reaching for any "Saturday Night Specials", and taking yer own life of misery did I ?

Like ya'll didn't just love it when yer woman was crying, and yer road manager was smacking around shyster club owners, and you were packing arenas, and stadiums and picking on Neil Young and getting in private plane crashes...

and suffering 30 more years of Tuesdays...


I'm a bit busy here...

So we'll leave it like this...

One more Tuesday track:

This one a Jagger/Richards composition from the soundtrack to Children of Men... ( a movie sitting on the DVR at home that I've sorta been meaning to watch, but have never gotten around to for one reason or another.)

Franco Battiato - Ruby Tuesday

And in honor of Wednesday...which is already here in many time zones...

Let's do these:

From a 1983 recording featuring the late Paula Pierce (later of The Pandoras)

Action Now - When Wednesday Comes

The Guthries are a rootsy combo that hail from Nova Scotia, and this was on their 2000 release "Off Windmill".

Off WindmillThe Guthries
"Wednesday Night" (mp3)
from "Off Windmill"
(Hay Sale Records)

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