Thursday, January 31, 2008

Super Random Friday Five Track Free For All Freak Out

Greetings from the tail of what was my Hectic Hump Day...and man, if Friday isn't banging on the door already...

I'm currently in the midst of simultaneously monitoring the taping of 3 different classrooms with a total of six cameras...and using the ol' sneaker net to monitor a "Digital Media Law Seminar on IP Rights As Corporate Assets" moderated by the lead counsel for a company y'all know, even if yer not using their software anymore.

So let's further complicate matters by attempting to distract myself and get a "blog" post up for y'all...

and then I'm outta here, no last call, no b.s

So how about a Five Track Free For All Freak Out...

Whoops I noticed that in my haste, I didn't bring my "stash"...

Y'know the deep digital repository from which I oft draw my inspiration from...

I am referring to the fact that I thought I left the house today with my extra "hard drive", the one with the 250 Gigabytes of mp3z to supplement my meager "blogging" skills...

Turns out where gonna have to wing it with my wits alone & the mere 80 gigs of tuneage I have on hand...

Well I guess i'll get by, and somehow distribute some of those corporate assets around & increase the sonic peace...


Not only is it Super Sunday this weekend...

But considering we've just had a super state of the union, and we're heading into another round of "Dupe the Nation" coming up on Super Duper Tuesday, I imagine everyone's feeling pretty super?


here's some super news stories for y'all , each with a little super duper freakiness quotient for ya

Anyhow in honor of all this wintry freakiness in the air:

Here's a Brazilian hit track called Freak Cat by the band known as Jumbo Elektro, from São Paulo ...

Tratore Basics 2: New Brazilian RockJumbo Elektro
"Freak cat" (mp3)
from their album "Freak to meet you!The very best of Jumbo Elektro"
and also featured on
"Tratore Basics 2: New Brazilian Rock"
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More On This Album

I recently was digging in the digital crates and pulled this nugget of classic jazz funk flim flam out of the detritus, and I think it's a story that's worthy of sharing with ya...

It's got some serious street cred, unlike most of the candidates for office you see running about these days.

Eddie Jefferson was one bad mutha, a tap dancer and an O.G vocalist whose "vocalese" style influenced not only King Pleasure, Lambert Hendricks & Ross, and the Manhattan Transfer, all of whom worked with him. Also I swear indirectly lots of jazzy funk, especially the Sugarhill era rap, and quite possibly the less fluid crap you still hear these days. Eddie would kick back in his jammies with his Victrola, and used to come up with lyrics to great jazz instrumentals. He'd play these composistions after hours for pals, and one got out to the wider world.

His biggest hit being "Moody's Mood for Love", was based on a song that was a 1949 instrumental hit for Jack Moody. Eddie composed lyrics that got picked up by the curious ear of touring musician King Pleasure when he was visiting Cincinatti.

King Pleasure recorded Jefferson's version, but when asked to duplicate the style again for a new tune, the King fessed up that it wasn't his idea. He told people about some dancin' fool on the midwest black vaudeville circuit. Eventually by 1952 Jack Moody the alto saxman went looking for Eddie and found him in Cleveland. Moody reportedly needed the now quasi-legendary Eddie Jefferson to tour & deliver the lyrics to appease the audience demand, and everywhere they played was packed.

Eddie Jefferson created lyrics to a Lester Young solo on 'Its Only A Paper Moon' and renamed it 'Lester's Trip To The Moon', which was a big track for Dexter Gordon.

Eddie Jefferson had a long & winding career path, and was tragically shot and killed by a bullet fired from a black Lincoln Continental as he was leaving a famous Detroit club called Baker's Keyboard Lounge on May 8th 1979. Apparently the shooter, a fellow dancer had some bad blood with Jefferson, but the corrupt Detroit cops never came up with enough evidence to convict the purported killer.

Interestingly, just two nights before his death, a crew filmed his show with Richie Cole in Chicago. It's out on DVD under the title, Eddie Jefferson: LIVE FROM THE JAZZ SHOWCASE

Here's Eddie from 1968's Body & Soul, his comeback LP where he gets down while revamping a Horace Silver tune by giving it some serious "vocalese" swagger.

Eddie Jefferson - Filthy McNasty

I noticed that supposedly importing Absynthe is now legal here in the states...

In fact the first distiller in the US is operating just a few miles away on the little island hamlet of Alameda.

I haven't been in a big hurry to pound any, afterall, I've seen the holes this liquid chews in marble in all the old Absinthe houses in New Orleans...and god knows what it does to the soul. It contains "wormwood" extract, and that can't be very good for ya can it?

Although, my deranged distant relative Edgar Allen Poe swore by it, it appears he also seemed to be into syphilis as well...

Anyhow, I do enjoy this song that goes by the same name as that weird green elixr

In fact I have a video of the track I shot some years back at SF's Covered Wagon Saloon posted below the mp3 here...

Ladies & Gentlemen, hopefully they need no introduction, here's The Gits, from their Seafish Louisville live release recorded in their hometown of Seattle by Doug Pray's crew during the making of Hype...

The Gits - Absynthe ( live )

It's getting late and I gotta get out of here so I can get back by 8am

So here's the last two tracks of this friday Freakout Mix:

First Up

One Am Radio in a collaboration mix with Lymbyc System...

One AM Radio - Mercury ( Lymbyc System Mix)

Incidentally Lymbyc System, dialed in the remix above, not only are being repped by my pal Todd Cote's Leafy Green Booking empire, but have their own remix EP coming out in which other acts muss up & mangle their tunes from their "Love Your Abuser" CD...details here

Here's the track from the upcoming release where One AM Radio returns the favor of the flavor to the Lymbyc System

Lymbyc System - Astrology Days ( The One AM Radio Mix)


gotta go folks...

If ya missed my last post on Willie Dixon, be sure to check that out here

I have 2 songs from some rare live video shot in 1981, and some classic cuts in mp3 form for ya as well

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