Friday, August 31, 2007

Weekend Update

Saturday Night Live used to have a hit bit called Weekend Update, beginning in 1974, Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner etc all made memorable appearances lampooning current events way before the internet was there to beat 'em to it.

Well now the news seems to lampoon itself... what else could one say about guys like Senator Craig of Idaho and his gay guilty plea predicaments and now resignation...

Sadly, it's rather ironic that the Republican Party would condemn it's own member for some "gay" activity and force him out of committee roles, yet a full on FBI raid of say Senator Ted Stevens, home warranted nary a critical peep, or Tom DeLay's exploits from the party faithful.


anyhow, it's well over a hundred degrees farhenheit here in LA, and my beer is getting warm... so i'll be brief...

This weekend in San Francisco the aging hippie mafia look to celebrate their accomplishments of some 40 years back... namely living through the sex & drugs & rock n roll to become an aging hippie mafia.

Can't make it to the Speedway Meadow in Golden Gate Park?... tune in to the webcast starting at 10am Pacific time on Sunday Sept 2nd!

It's believed Carlos Santana may make an appearance...

although this cut is a live on from 1971 I found floating on the net, it'll have to do...

Carlos Santana - Samba Para Ti

The show is presented by the same crew that put together the Maritime Hall a few years back in competiton with the uber corporate Clear Channel / BGP cabal. These folks brought SF so many stellar shows in the late 90's through early 2000's, ranging from Wyclef to Miriam Makeba, to Motorhead, Long Beach Dub All Stars and even Willie Nelson and perrenial hippier group It's a Beautiful Day.

It's A Beautiful DayIt's A Beautiful Day
"Girl With No Eyes" (mp3)
from "It's A Beautiful Day"

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For those still paying attention...or not, here's some more stories that ferment just off the mainstream media radar.

Holland is apparently rethinking it's longtime liberal drug policy...

Honeycut - Dark Days, White Lines

Director Brian DePalma, the director of normally fictional fare like Scarface has offered up a film that critiques and confronts the US handling the Iraq war, based on tragic, real life events.

"Redacted" premiered at the The 64th Annual Venice Film Festival and has the critics abuzz with it's dramatic re-enactment of the actual 2006 rape & execution of a 14 year old Iraqi schoolgirl by renegade US troops.

Bob Marley's heirs have protested the exclusive ringtone deal of the reggae star's songs set up by Universal Music Group with Verizon, claiming the deal is set up like an endorsement, and not in compliance with existing contracts.

Bob Marley - Is This Love ?

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