Monday, June 11, 2007

LA - Paris - Rome - Minneapolis & Holmdel New Jersey

I was in LA this weekend and of course the talk of the town was a certain inmate who'd been freed by a certain sheriff.

Paris Hilton - Stars Are Blind

While that was entertaining on all the tv sets around town, including the sushi bar in Little Tokyo where I grabbed some dinner, other less retarded entertainemnt abounds of course. As I left town my focus was more on the free outdoor street festival on Grand featuring Dengue Fever & Ozomatli, while across town in West Hollywood Joan Jett was tearing it up outdoors at the Pride festival...

here's some sample tracks from those afforementioned musical artists

Ozomatli - April 29th ( sublime cover)

Joan Jett - Hanky Panky

Digi EP

Dengue Fever

"Lost In Laos" (mp3)
from "Digi EP"
by Dengue Fever

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Last month when I rolled through downtown area had a free show from The Black Eyed Peas...

here's a special mix from euro mashtress Eve Massacre, incorporating The Bronx, with the Black Eyed peas for all you audio addicts & disco deviants

Eve Massacre - Black Heart Attack

Folks in Minneapolis have reason to rejoice, or at least Prince the Purple one plans a return for his record release on July 7th, his first show in his hometown since 2004...

Prince - Black Sweat

Prince fan Gwen Stefani's tour has been a bit cursed, first a report of provactive dancing by opening act Akon with young female fans caused controversy, causing Verizon to drop out of it's million dollar sponsorship deal...

Then when Stefani's show hit Holmdel New Jersey, apparently the sh*t was B-A-N-a-N-a-S as fans had a wilder time than anticipated with reports of much underage drinking etc, and suburban police were caught off guard...

Here's some music from that dangerous crowd rousing diva & mom, Gwen Stefani mashed into Miles Davis...

Gwen Stefani - Summatime Girl

and one of her influences

Julie Andrews - The Lonely Goatherd

Meanwhile, speaking of divas Barbara Streisand had to cancel a Rome concert on her first European tour, as Italianns had begun protesting the exhorbitant ticket prices babs and her tour organizers sought. She may wow 'em at Caesar's in las Vegas, but not in Caesar's hometown...

and meanwhile closer to my hometown, a bowling alley has garnered more attention than any big name acts or shows...


Frank Black has a new double disc release coming out via Cooking Vinyl this coming week, it highlights the 10 year period from 1993 - 2003. This look at his post Pixies solo career features tracks from the albums he created with his backing band The Catholics and some live material including a cover of the Jan & Dean song "Dead Man's Curve". It also includes previews of material that will reappear on his next solo album as Francis Black. Here's one of the tracks to be featured...

Frank Black - Robert Onion


Download "Robert Onion" (mp3)
from "93-03"
by Frank Black
Cooking Vinyl

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    that's all for now folks...

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