Thursday, December 07, 2006

Soul Scissor Xmas Tunes Redux

Last night I attended a holiday shindig featuring one of my all time fave bands Soul Asylum, and the popular "stadium disco" band Scissor Sisters...

It's always good to see Dan & Dave of Soul Asylum, even if audiences only know them for that one song. I happen to be a huge fan, and recall them as one of the best & most passionate live acts ever.

They may have mellowed with age, death, kids, meteoric media rise and inevitable fade from platinum status, but they still have some chops to share...

here's atrack that never made it onto one of their LPs...only a soundtrack thing

Soul Asylum - Losin It

It was a somewhat weird juxtaposistion to see Soul Asylum opening for a an act like Scissor Sisters...

The Scissor Sisters are hugely popular in Europe, recently playing Wembley and on New year's they will perform at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate likely in front of a crowd of almost a hundred thousand...

I was amused they played a small nightclub for a couple hundred folks here in SF, but it was a party organized by a radio station, so go figger...

Some backs were no doubt scrateched to get em in...and here in the states they haven't "crossed over" quite as much...likely due to some homophobic corporate radio paranoia.

The first thing I ever noticed by 'em 4 years back or so was this cover of Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd, after which I expected them to quickly disappear...

Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb

They are an amazing success story overall, even if a lot of the material seems stylistically borrowed, most obviously from the stylings of Elton John, but I heard traces of everyone from Tony Orlando & Dawn to the Bee Gees, Faith No More and Queen...

Here they are jamming with Franz Ferdinand live on a Bowie cover...

Scissor Sisters/ Franz Ferdinand - Suffragette City

here's a mash up featuring their only real US track with any chart traction , Take Your Mama Out Tonight, jammed up with George Michael & The Beatles...

DJ Earworm - No One Takes Your Freedom

However they were quite good onstage, the frontman demands attention and rightfully gets it...

The Scissor Sisters displayed an informal charm often lacking in bands that do the big sheds and whatnot, and playing to a friendly San Francisco crowd likely helped...

They told an amusing tale of a recent holiday themed show with Buena Vista Social Club in Holland in which most of the audience was in garish blackface...

they also mentioned that they had just taped an appearance for the soap opera Passions on NBC airing February 8th and 9th. Along with performing onstage, the band 's resident diva will play some sort of imaginary conjured spirit summoned by a young witch...

ya can't make this stuff up... here is some pics of their time on the set...

and their latest video for their UK number 1 smash hit "I Don't Feel Like Dancing"

oh aand if ya want the hit song alone, sans visuals, click here monkey

This music here was composed for play at the Disney Theme park attraction Haunted Mansion, and based on Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. They were composed in the style of Danny Elfman by other talented Imagineers working within the vast Disney empire ...

This one has the Nightmare theme and was used in 2001 for holiday themed the exhibit... it has since been retired from use, and a new Danny Elfman score is used. Here is John Debney's stretching room theme

John Debney - Nightmare Before Xmas Styretching Room Theme

check 'em all out and read and learn lots more Disney arcana at the really well done behind the scenes tribute site called

John Debney - Haunted Mansion Scary Christmas
John Debney - 13 Days of Christmas

some more random XMAS tracks, some of which I posted previously, but hey get em while ya can folks...

Tom Lehrer -
Christmas Carol

Common Heroes - Burl The Ives With Hecks Of Dolly

Hanley Johnson - Yep Pi Ky Yo Christmas

Crazy Frog - Jingle Bells

Rev Glen Armstrong - Even Squeaky Fromme Loves Christmas

Mr. Hanky - Merry F-Ing Christmas

Burl Ives - Holly Jolly Christmas

Roomful of Blues - White Christmas

Billy Mack - Christmas Is all Around

Vandals - A Gun For Christmas

Easy Roy & The Flux Capacitors - Little Drummer Boy

Dido - Christmas Day

Ryuchi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence ( piano version)

Ventures - We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Exhumed No Presents For Christmas

Third Eye Blind - Fairytale of New York

Run DMC - Christmas In Hollis

Third Eye Blind - Christmas reincarnated

Nat King Cole - Christmas Song

George Shearing Quintet - Ding Dong ! Merrily On High

Coldplay - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Darkness - Christmas Time ( Don't Let The Bells End)

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