Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Xmess Crunchdown Y'all


looks like the final Xmess crunch truly upon us all now...

I just got a call from a frantic & forlorn father friend o mine looking for a Dora Explorer Kitchen Set at a sold out Toys R Us...

The shopping is indeed brisk, the end of the year holiday parties are coming hard & fast...

and the cookies and eggnog and winter blues are making ya heavy around the waist...

I'm like officially outta money and even time to grab extra gifts for others it seems...

after helping out at a fashion show & concert blast off with Late Night Dates & Space Vacuum tomorrow at 111 Minna, I'm then leaving town...

stop by if ya wanna see some rad rags & stay for the aural excitement...

DEL GERONIMO and The Star Project Design Present :

HEAVEN 11 / a Fashion Show + Trunk Sale and a Concert Event

1030pm CONCERT / w/ Late Night Dates + Space Vacuum

Music By:
DJ NoMe Edonna

Ellina Talian

Video Projection:
Lil Mike + EventMagic


Paul Yem
James Wyatt
Desi Arnaz Hyter
Colin Hussey


K Skin Designs
Jasmin Zorlu
Studio Kristiana & Silver Trailer
Lindsay Daunell
Antuan Designs
Detox Designs
Rae Palmieri
Fluidance Jewelry
Tavi Adinasi
Miranda Caroligne

Produced by: DEL GERONIMO

Sponsored in part by: JUXTAPOZ

After I put away the projection gear, I'm headed outta town southward towards LA ...

this room or a reasonable facsimile will be my home this weekend.

I look forward to FREE Deluxe Continental Breakfast

as well as

Free Newspaper
Heated Pool
AM-FM Alarm Clock
Continental Breakfast
Copy Service
Free Local Telephone Calls
Ice Machine
Modem Line in Room
Turndown Service
TV With Cable
TV Remote Control

So anyhow, I hope ya all get a chance to check out my gift to y'all... my New Year's Eve show list...

here's a link to the world's most comprehensive breakdown of concerts going down on 12-31-2006

as we roll into the holidays it's nice to see all the celebrating going on around the globe

and in the interest of whatevahz, i want everyone to know what everyone else is doing...

here's a few more xmas tracks for yer last minute x-mess mixes...

from NYC Dipset rap thug Jim Jones "N" word filled take on the holidays to some sappy white trashy country Christmas classics and others I had laying around on the ol' H drive...

Lillian Briggs - Rock n Roll-y Poly Santa Clause

Lillian had a career peak from the mid 50's to early 60's selling well over a million singles for the Epic label. This was an Epic Christmas single circa 1961. She also later released tunes via Paramount, Coral, Sunbeam and Phillips and later after showbiz, invested in some resort property in South Florida. In fact it was her yacht "Monkey Business" that was lent out for a trip that included Senator Gary Hart and jeans model Donna Rice as fateful passengers. Lillian eventually died of lung cancer in 1998.

Anton Barbeau - Xmas Song

Sacramento based popsmith Anton Barbeau has risen from the paisley bubblegum stew and collaborated with neo-psychedelic tribe members like Bevis Frond, and Kimberley Rew of the Soft Boys. He's playing on New Year's Eve in his hometown as well...

Another up & coming indie rocker outfit with Xmas audio offerings is The Layaways from Chicago. They've put forth a few tracks for free online at their website including this version of O Christmas Tree...

The Layaways - O Christmas Tree

Rev Horton Heat - We Three Kings

The mighty Rev should need no introduction, but just in case you are not prepared for his twisted holiday surfabilly... hit google and what you find in reverance to him should clear it all up for ya...

Jim Jones - Ballin for Xmas

Rapper Jim Jones is affiliated with The Dipset posse in NYC and on his latest Christmas EP and thows the N* word around a lot more than that Kramer dude... almost like Santa and his Ho Ho Ho's...

now one talented Holly Jolly mofo you don't want to miss, nor mess with is Bootsy...

He earned his chops playing bass with James Brown back in the day... and went onto much glory with Parliament Funkadelic and has been a solo cat and producer for many moons... dig his new Xmess vibes he's laying on ya...

Bootsy Collins - Sleigh Ryde for sumpin' completely different...

Alabama - Christmas In Dixie

Down in Dixie, when Ma & Pa trailer trash sit by the warm glow of the space heater, they put the Alabama on the boombox...and make goo goo eyes at each other...

Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - I Believe In Santa Claus

When the Alabama cassette gets chewed up, they reach for Kenny & Dolly, cuz when the going gets inbred... ya gotta go pro...

Louis Prima - Shake Hands With Santa Claus

Debonair with the slick back hair, New Orleans' own son Louis Prima knew everybody way back when, and Santa was no exception...

Jimmy McGriff - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Jimmy McGriff ranks right up there with Jimmy Smith amongst the great jazzy Hammond B-3 organ players, and this relaxed take on a xmas standard is easy on the ears... cheers!

The Dwarves - Drinking Up Christmas

what more can I say?

oh well how about a Hannukah cut written by the one and only Woody Guthrie fer y'all as well eh?

Klezmatics - Hanukah Tree

Woody Guthrie's Happy Joyous Hanukkah

"Hanukah Tree" (mp3)
from "Woody Guthrie's Happy Joyous Hanukkah"
by The Klezmatics

Jewish Music Group

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