Friday, May 12, 2006

yo weekend players...


it's seconds til 6 on Friday

which means I am about to split from work, but i thought i'd toss in a few files for yer weekend sampling approval

and i'm already late for band practice, so ya get what ya get... no heavy critical descriptions, and hopefully no whiners

Camper Van Beethoven - White Riot ( live in Trenton NJ)

Bowling For Soup - Hit Me Baby One More Time

Black Eyed Peas - Weekend (Square Bear's Donk Mix)

Mystif - Black Friday featuring Ken Nordine

Weekend Players - Into The Sun

Badly Drawn Boy -
The Shining Avalanches Good_Word_For_The_Weekend Mix

Earth Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland 2006 Remix

pssst...follow the links externally to download these extra fine upstanding files

System Of A Down - This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song

Kinks - I Go To Sleep ( demo )

Franz Ferdinand - What You Waiting For ( Gwen Stefani cover demo from Q mag)

Bachman Turner Overdrive -
Stayed Awake All Night

Toiling Midgets w/ Mark Eitzel -
Golden Frog

Oh & here's one more for ya

The Rolling Scabs

here's a link to a Pay Pal .99 paid mp3 download from likely the greatest retards vs the lil kids band ever... I know cuz I was in it ...

I was one of the retards...

The lil kids were 12 year old Giuliano & his neighborhood pal Jacob.

Eventually these nutty kids conned their way into history by crank calling the late Tim Yohannon and barraged their way onto late 80's bills with Mr. T Experience, MDC, Steelpole Bathtub, Naked Raygun, The Yeastie Girlz and my old band The Bedlam Rovers.

2/3 rds of the band Bomb, plus a retarded escaped mental patient eventually joined the lineup on guitar... but the center would not hold...

They only played a half dozen or so shows, but no one who saw em ever forget em. ...

Their stellar career dreams were cut short by truancy issues, parental groundings, the transistory nature of modern life and finally an unfortunate accident all cut the lifespan of the project down...

It's now been well over 15 years since mini genius punk Giuliano Bourbon died in a tragic elevator surfing accident ... and I miss his rapscallion wit all the time, and really wish he was stil here with us, even though he was arranging to steal my girlfriend for his deflowering anyday after his 16th birthday.

He barely made his 15th as i recall...

So if ya have a buck lying around... It'll be worth your while... the download is 99 cents...just like Apple dooes it... except this ain't to make anyone rich, just to hopefully garner some funds to eventually reissue more material on CD...

Pay Pal keeps 35% of the dough anyway, and his makeshift memorial archive fund gets the remaining .60 cents. If we can save up , someday eventually we'll reissue this classic indie punk 7" on CD ... with bonus tracks and an interview if I can find the original tapes...

if ya'd like a copy of the rare gold vinyl 7" single w/ 3 other songs... get in touch below.

The Rolling Scabs -
My Mom Smokes Pot

( automated download link code will be emailed to you after processing)

for $10 via paypal you'll get a rare Rolling Scabs 4 song gold vinyl 7" single ...via fast shipping through USPS Priority Mail or Global Priority Mail if yer in one of "those" countries... )


Zen said...

Any chance of reposting the Franz track? It seems to have expired.

QuarBy said...

golden frog is genius

Anonymous said...

Lil' Mike: It's Betsey, Giuliano's mom. E-mail me at or call (928)556-2255)

Beth said...

That donk remix of black eyed peas is pretty sweet.

You should take a look at this - it's pretty funny!