Tuesday, May 09, 2006

It's been over a week since I posted... gosh, have I neglected ye?

Nobody missed me as I disappeared into the blogospheric vacuum?

Heck, despite my lack of activity, over 4000 folks scrolled by... and no one seemed too concerned that the content was drifting towards the consistency of stale, week old bread...

Here's a rundown on what we might have missed had I actually dutifully reported to ye all...

I could've posted a bit on Stephen Colbert's hilarious combination right & left knock out punch delivered at the chummy back spalling that is the White House Correspondent's gathering in DC a week or so ago... Not only did he do a ballsy rip into Bush, he turned on the so called " liberal elite" media and gave them some food for thought they weren't interested in digesting.

What was even funnier than the speech, was the "MSM" response, as various right wing pundits tried desperately to simultaneously ignore it & then draw the wagons and defensively spin it as a completely unfunny non-incident ...According to the Washington Post, the "consensus" was that the routine "fell flat", The LA Times opined on Colbert's "hodgepodge of hit or miss gags" and New York Daily News columnist Lloyd Grove wrote that Colbert "bombed badly," . My fave t.v NWA ( nitwit with attitude ) Tucker Carlson ( new improved! now sans bowtie!) dedicated a sour grapes show on how lame and uninteresting Colbert was... huh?

I can just hear the Oh I just love it when you spin it with your fresh cleavage you neo con nerdboy!

For something as uninteresting and boring as it's been described, overnight it became the most talked about comedy bit in decades, and backlogged bandwidth on the web almost as fast as Michael Jackson's sister's titty.

Maybe the professional punditry saw it as a dull event through their red white & blue goggles, but the speech pulled in almost 3 million views via You Tube in 48 hours before it was yanked. Even obscure sites like freevideoblogs.net registered 700,000 views of the clip, and the quickly created tribute site ThankYouStephenColbert.com pulled in the highest form of internet flattery with a spam ad url site appearing within hours at the misspelled ThankYouStevenColbert.com.

If you haven't seen it, an excerpt of the audio is below, and for video ya can check out the speech here, or on Google Video & C-Span's website for a look at the tight tuxedos and aghast crowd shots of the dealio...Watching a not amused Bush gritting his teeth towards the end is definitely worth the bandwidth.

Stephen Colbert - Full Washington Correspondent's Dinner Speech 24 megs

90 second excerpt
Stephen Colbert - On The Media

Another thing I could've ranted about was maybe on how I was down in LA during the big half million plus immigrant rights march on May 1st... Plenty of material there eh?

But no... I was busy , and not diddling on a keyboard...

If I had, I surely would've commented on Porter Goss' hasty resignation from the CIA, which comes in the wake of Duke Cunningham's downfall and an apparent FBI investigation into Duke's defense contractor buddies sponsoring poker parties replete with hookers in DC hotel suites. Apparently, staff at the infamous Watergate hotel, have been delivered subpoenas. Attendees to the shindigs reportedly included elected lawmakers and what The Nation called a " person who now holds a powerful intelligence post.”

uh, not any more eh?

If I was really following the story, I could relay info on the broke limo company that reportedly scored hookers for favored DC V.I.Ps & then won a $25 million contract from the Dept. of Homeland Security. The handsome fella on the right is "Dusty" Foggo, who likes playing cards in hotel suites, and also quickly resigned around the same time as Porter Goss. Check out the TPM Muckraker site for additional info on this developing scandal stuff if ya care...

If I was on my game, I might've yakked about Bolivia's radical indigenous rights activist and now "el presidente" Evo Morales who not only is upping coca production, proposing agrarian reform, but has aligned himself with Chavez's Venezuela & Castro's Cuba and nationalized the country's energy resources. I suppose multinational corporations and their coup hungry brethern in the Bush admin are not pleased with the Socialist leader.

Or how about Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who in a Colbert-esque moment scolds Bush & questions his Christianity. The Iranian prez continues, declaring Western Democracy a failure, and says in a letter that the use of secret prisons in Europe and aspects of the war in Iraq can not be reconciled with Mr. Bush's so-called Christian values.

But I ain't going out like that...

hell no ...

If I was truly cool I'd put up some pix and vidz from the Hip Hop In The Park show I went to on Saturday in Berkeley featuring Mistah F.A.B and Pep Love from The Hieroglyphics... but I ain't cool like that and I don't have the time...

F.A.B whose star is truly on the rise, actually apologized to the crowd for dumbing down his material just to get his radio play. So he insisted on laying down some old school acapellas, and tributes to Hip Hop of yesteryear to teach the young crowd where he came from.

I think the Bay forgives the "Son Of A Pimp" we all understand how the game works ?

Sometimes ya gottta do what ya gotta do to get your chedda eh?

but here's some of FAB's silly thizzlin' hits that made the crowd go wild

Mistah F.A.B & Yukmouth - Go Damn Dumb

Mistah F.A.B & Scweez - Stupid, Dumb, Hyphy

and here's an oldie from Del The Funky Homosapien of The Hiero crew featuring Pep Love & Q-Tip. Incidentally Pep's hitting the road promoting the solo CD "Ascension" which has been out awhile, and he says he has a new album dropping soon...

Q - Tip, Del & Pep Love - Undisputed Champs


if I had anything to add, I would... but I don't have time to add it...

I'll just throw up a few more tunes for you and then I really gotta get back to work...

Go Team ! - Lady Flash

Bright Eyes w/ Emmylou Harris - We Are Nowhere & it's Now

Portishead - Sour Times

Test Icicles - What's Your Damage (digitalism remix)

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