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News Du Jour : Big Aussie Surf & Canada's Killer Hits etc

On Friday night I was lucky enough to catch most of the Jeffrey Lee Pierce / Gun Club tribute happening down at the recently rechristened 5th & Folsom nightclub spot now known as Annie's Social Club in San Francisco. I say lucky enough to catch most of it, because even though I got their early by 9ish, in time to see Lil Tuffy autographing fresh silkscreened posters, but later I was so busy galavanting around the room all night and catching up with folks, occcasionally a I'd miss a quick cameo onstage or two.

One in and out notable was Eric Drew Feldman who I came around the corner to spot for a minute playing some keys with a pickup group featuring Chuck Prophet and some other Rock & Roll renegades. Back in the day as they say, Chuck had been to Jeffrey Lee's mom's pad off Sunset in LA to jam on the couch & was actually asked to join the Gun Club at one point.

Marcus Shelby Jazz Ensemble gave a unique & "horny" reading of a tune off The Las Vegas Story, and Rykarda Parasol & Colleen Brown did their eerie version of "She's Like Heroin To Me" before heading over to the photobooth. Corey Porter & The Subletters were in fine form, and Tom Heyman's band did "Jack On Fire" after Tom told a tale of meeting Jeffrey Lee Pierce backstage at The Peppermint Lounge in the early 80's. Douglas Arthur Hilsinger of Waycross/Bomb etc even showed up to play some impromptu covers of "Promise Me" & "Bad America" after finding out about the event only 24 hours earlier from an email I'd sent him. Don't know why Dougie didn't start up a jam with Pat McDonald from Timbuk 3 who was conspicuously lurking around & enjoying the show from the side of the stage.

There were just so many folks, and lotsa other special guests doing their fave Gun Club tunes all night until The Dwarves took the stage around 1 am and put the whole thing to bed with a blistering mini set including "Sex Beat", "For The Love Of Ivy" & a fiery version of "She's Like Heroin To Me" while He Who Cannot Be Named celebrated his 46th B-day...naked in a wrestling mask & rolling on the beer covered floor...

Congrats to Eric Moffat for playing, organizing & stage wrangling the whole thing... Indeed.
well done


it was good & loud & last call...

and onward we go...

Two cab rides later, I headed to a late night party with plenty booze, some wacky lighting, smoke machines, DJ's and good conversation on mobile phone interfaces with a GUI expert I dubbed Mobile Mike...

Then I realized I had to be at work by 8 am, and slpit to get home to shower & shave shortly after 5 am...

It was then, stationed behind the monitor, but with a global perspective available, I found some stuff on the interwebs today...

notes du jour:
With avian flu found on the isle, Britain's lifting it's requirement that organic chickens be free range.

Speaking of British birds , apparently Prince Harry, Charles & Di's wayward son turned up to oogle some at a Spearmint Rhino strip club enjoying lapdances & lager's with Army pals recently. The Scandal of it all ! Oh My !

Australia is apparently experiencing some of the biggest surf in 30 years... Some fishermen are feared lost at sea, and only the most experienced riders at Bondi Beach can brave these monster waves.

So that means ... Australian music moment

first up Australia's own Colin Hay , John Butler Trio, the legendary INXs, and a pub band called The Giants

Colin Hay (Men At Work)- Land Down Under ( live on Nashville's WRLT in 2004)

John Butler Trio - Ocean (live Aug 05 in Carson CA)

The Giants - Lone Rider

Inxs - Disappear ( Morales 12" Mix)

Now for a surf break...

Jon & The Nightriders - Storm Dancer

Torpedoes - Sea Legs

The Brimstones - Abandon All Hope Ye Who Surf Here

The Supertones - I Surf In Black

The Beach Boys - Feel Flows

The Lively Ones - Surf Rider

and it just gets weirder and whatnot in these waves...

Punch Drunk - Surf Devil

Rev Horton Heat - I Can't Surf

Nico - Surf Rap

Saw that Canada's new conservative government has added the Tamil Tigers to it's official list of terrorist organizations, and now any of Canada's 250,000 Sri Lankans who may donate to the rebel group could face legal penalties, up to a 10 year prison sentence. The Tamil Tigers, or LTTE, who hold the northeastern portion of Sri Lanka are especially known for suicide martyrs & bombing attacks, including one that took out female Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi in 1989. The U.S and Britain have already had the LTTE on their "sh*t" list for some time, but Canada has the largest population of of the Sri Lankans diaspora in the world.

Some Sri Lankan background, after almost 500 years of Colonial rule at the hands of the Portuguese, Dutch and British, the Buddhist Singhalese people took political & economic control of the island. The Sinhala people are the largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka, with the Hindu Tamils a minority who have been struggling for self determination. The largely impoverished North Eastern based Tamil Hindu's & Muslims who believe in reincarnation and martyrdom. They are challenging the military airstrikes & incidents of genocidal rage directed against their people, fighting a "war, that eventually could lead to their own state of Tamil Eelam.

Meanwhile in Ontario, the government can't even get a grip on the organized crime that seems responsible for a strange multiple murder scene in rural Ontario's rhubarb capital. The creepy crime scene has captivated the press, causing ( "Where Perspectives Connect") to refresh us all in numerical order of victims, the names of the glorious culprits, of the all time worst murders in recent Canadian history....Oh, Boy! Let's go down memory lane....

-Fourteen women killed by anti-feminist Marc Lepine at Montreal's Ecole Polytechnique engineering school in December 1989. Lepine wounded another nine women and four men and fatally shot himself.

-Thirteen people died after being herded into a storage room in Montreal's Gargantua nightclub in 1975. Some were shot but most suffocated when the building was set on fire in what was believed to be an underworld contract hit.

-Nine people gunned down by Mark Chahal, a spurned son-in-law in Vernon, B.C., who killed his estranged wife, her bride-to-be-sister and seven other relatives before killing himself in April 1996.

-Nine people slain in 1967 in Shell Lake, Sask., by Robert Hoffman, who was later sent to an Ontario mental institution.

-Nine miners killed by deliberately set blast in Yellowknife's Giant Mine in September 1992. Roger Warren, a striking miner, sentenced to life in prison for setting the bomb during a bitter strike-lockout.

-Seven people, including six children, murdered in 1965 by Leonard Hogue, a former Vancouver police constable, who then killed himself.

-Bodies of six campers found in burned-out car in Wells Gray Provincial Park north of Kamloops, B.C., in 1982. David Shearing of Clearwater, B.C., confesses.

-Bodies of four adults and a baby associated with the doomsday cult Order of the Solar Temple found in the burned-out remains of a chalet in Morin Heights, Que., in 1994. The couple believed responsible fled to Switzerland where they were among 53 cultists who were killed or committed suicide.

-Five people found dead on a farm in Abbotsford, B.C., in September 1996. Police believed the killings were related to the drug trade.

-Four employees killed at OC Transpo transit garage in Ottawa by co-worker Pierre Lebrun in April 1999. Lebrun, who had complained of ongoing harassment in the workplace, then killed himself.

-Four members of engineering faculty at Concordia University in Montreal gunned down in 1992 by Valery Fabricant, a disgruntled colleague sentenced to life in prison with no parole for 25 years.

-Three people killed by wild machine-gun fire in 1984 when Canadian Forces Cpl. Denis Lortie invades Quebec legislature. Lortie freed on day parole in 1995.

-Three people killed and a fourth injured after a botched robbery at a McDonald's restaurant in Sydney River, N.S. in 1992. Three men handed life sentences for the triple-slaying.

-Three shot to death in 1992 at Ontario Glove, a plant in Waterloo, Ont., by co-worker Patrick Dombroskie. He then drove to nearby Cambridge and surrendered to police.
© The Canadian Press 2006

it just makes me say ... Oh ! Thanx for the memories !

here's an Icelandic/Canadian vegan musician moment from Mr. Thorir...

Þórir - Canada oh Canada (version II)

He's also in a thrash band called Fighting Sh*t who recorded the lovely tune "Girls Kick A$$".

Fighting Sh*t - Girls Kick Ass

Meanwhile I decided out of general boredom to toss in a few more random tunes for y'all ,

Ben Light & His Surf Club Boys - When You Gotta Go

Ben Light & His Surf Club Boys - Give It To Me Daddy

The Dwarves - Massacre

Pat McDonald - Strangelove

and now I gots to get back to work...

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