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Great Scott - McClellan resigns

And as you likely know by now, Scott McLellan, the embattled & rattled White House mouthpiece, who replaced his bald Bush PR warrior predecessor Ari Fleischer, has finally thrown in the towel. Unlike Fleischer, who was able to ride a post 911 surge in patriotism and a media that basically shut down in the wake of the "Mission Accomplished" Iraq invasion, McClellan had no such free ride. He spent two years and nine months under the glare og an increasingly hostile media. Unable to keep up with the growing scandals and embarassing popularity slide of the administration, McClellan no doubt needs a little time off. Increasingly the butt of jokes by late night TV comics, even celeb mag Vanity Fair magazine recently chided the White House communications director , for "mangled sentences, flat-footed evasions, and genial befuddlement." In his resignation statementstanding alongside his beloved G.W, he said "change can be helpful". He added in a Smithers to Burns like aside to the Prez

"that I have given it my all, sir."

In the aftermath of numerous botched administration moves, McClellan could barely hold back the barrage of media inquiries, dancing through inquiries and hopelessly getting stuck on his talking points. Earlier last week for example, he used the term 'wild speculation' eight times in one brief verbal sparring session with Helen Thomas over Iran. He was simultaneously praising Rumsfeld as doing "a very fine job" while dancing away from inquiries over a recent front page Washington Post article pinpointing White House lies on Iraqi WMD's that he deemed "reckless". Phew... and that's just a tiny few of his week's statements.

His previous accomplishments are no doubt too many to mention here. I'll just list a few of my favorites.

  • Clarified that the Abu Ghraib photos did not represent US policy, and we of course believe in "The Geneva Convention"
  • Continually denied & defended the US policy of torturing of political prisoners.
  • Sang the praises of Bush's handling of Hurricane Katrina
  • Compared decorated war vet Rep Harry Murtha to Michael Moore
  • lauded Harriet Miers for her dubious credibility as a potential Supreme Court justice
  • Blamed Dick Cheney's shooting accident on the 78 year old victim
  • Joked about the same shooting, while he also withholding Whittington's heart attack info from reporters.
One could sense that he was as in the dark & baffled by Cheney's shooting accident as anyone else, but put in the awkward position of restraining himself & somehow defending the VP's handling of the incident. At one point he actually had the balls to contradict Cheney's own story, and blame the elder Harry Whittington whom Cheney shot for the incident.

"...the protocol was not followed by Mr. Whittington, when it came to notifying the others that he was there."

No doubt some deep pocketed right wing corporate interests have offered the pudgy faced loyal boy a job already. Rumor has it the Bush Admin is looking for a possible photogenic Fox commentator & blowhard like Tony Snow to take McClellan's place at the podium...

Bye Bye Scott...

Oh, Scott... we hardly knew ye.

Here's some audio scarfed offa the net from sites like Talk Radio News & Mistakes Were Made with McClellan doublespeaking, and basically excelling in the role of the administrations liar du jour

more classic Scott
"Sometimes people lose faith in their leaders."

"no greater human rights leader than the United States"

"Scott dodging the press in 2005"

that we might forget what the President has sworn to protect and defend.

they just won’t listen.

The President’s new commission is not about shortcomings, it’s about…

Sept 2003, Scott McClellan says that the Bush Admin never claimed that Saddam Hussein was involved in the September 11, 2001, attacks.

Scott McClellan’s February 10 2004 press briefing

McClellan describes how Bush wiretaps balance the protection of civil liberties with the security of the American people.(1/17/06)

McClellan helps keep Cheney's foot condition secret ( Jan 9 2006)

Damfa Remix of McClellan Feb 11th 2004

McClellan describes a "A War of Ideas" - March 17 2006

The distinction between an armed thug and a democratic opposition

McClellan squirms away from confirming when the Administration became aware of a Pentagon report regarding Iraqi mobile trailers.

McClellan hasn't seen any reports

Iran is Not Iraq ( McClellan April 4 2006)

in this audio he states that anyone caught leaking info will "no longer be part of this administration"...

Irregular Times Administration Cheney/McClellan Audio clip from April 7 Podcast

Since McClellan never answered the public demand & released an album, I'm also playng a musical tribute to his passing from the public eye with some tunes by other Scotts or even tunes with a Scotty theme... like this one.

Sadly I could not find Bobby Goldsboro's "Watching Scotty Grow"... which really breaks my heart... these will just have to do...

The Connells- Scotty's Lament

Scott Amendola Band - This Is Sad

Scott Amendola Band
- Last Chance

Scott Walker - Tilt

Scott Andrew - The Big Lie That Solves Everything

Scott Joplin - The Entertainer

Scott Brown - Turn Up The Music

Jill Scott - Slowly Surely (Theo Parrish Mix)

4 Hero w/ Jill Scott - Another Day

Jill Scott - Livin' Golden ( remix)

Scott Weiland -
The Man I Didn't Know

Scotty Campbell - Rose Colured Glasses

anyhow... i shoulda posted this lasterday... but i got busy doing a buncha other shite... and now i'm out the door...

gotta go catch that Me 1st & Gimme Gimmes show I mentioned on Monday...

see ya

a just few more for ya for the road

Shakira - La Tortura

Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Kill Your Television

Gil Scott Heron - Whitey's On The Moon

Scott McClellan vs Wynne Osborne High and Lonesome remix

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This is very entertaining and cathartic in away. Thanks for the refreshing post. I am still smiling ear to ear.

Scott Amendola Band - This Is Sad
Scott Amendola Band - Last Chance