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Never On Sunday Greedy Sundae

The Chordettes - Never On Sunday

Not U2 - Sunday Greedy Sunday

Last night I had one of the most absurd Ice Cream experiences of my life at this joint called Fenton's in Oakland. I ordered two scoops and was given twice as much Ice Cream as a typical pint of Ben & Jerry's contains...

they make the ice cream & topping onsite & the damn place was busy as hell...we needed to hold onto an electronic pager while we browsed a local bookstore just to get a table to then wait for another twenty minutes for the ice cream. But when these dishes came , hey were ridiculously huge, comically overkilling it on the chocolate sauce & so decadently wasteful, with cream dripping everywhere. It was a vegan nightmare, a diabetic blood sugar overload & damn good...

pic is what was left over after i ate most, & packed half of my 2 scoops in a to go container...

So in Illinois, the state legislature just passed a bill that will make Ice Cream truck drivers undergoe criminal background checks as a way to weed out potential terrorists, rapists and murderers from plying neighborhood streets with frosty treats...

but what about protection for Ice Cream men? because it's getting ugly for the cream wirlders... in Miami, one was shot in a late February truck robbery, and out here in California one was robbed by a man in a gorilla mask in the SF suburb of San Bruno & even in Steinbeck's central valley, a 74 year old Salinas ice cream man had his wallet lifted by two merciless latino teens described as having a "gang appearance,'' ...

Ken Nordine - Emperor Of Ice Cream
Pharell - The Ice Cream Man
Van Halen -
Ice Cream Man
Satanicide - Pussy & Ice Cream
Smokescreen - Buttermilk Sundae
Quix O Tic - Ice Cream Sundae
Trout -
Ice Cream Man From Hell
Stephen Lynch - Vanilla Ice Cream
Mac Dre - Ice Cream II

Pity the poor Geography teacher, Jay Bennish, who is through the looking glass and suspended from teaching due to comments he made after an excerpt of one of his classes was played on a knuckle dragging conservative talk show in Denver... caught not on tape, but on mp3 player, brought by a student who comes from a family that disagrees with Bennish's worldview.

Sadly, I just listened to the "outrageous" comments, and I was not in disagreement with any so far... Bennish is not espousing anything that is patently untrue, and could have lifted his lecture out of noted historian Howard Zinn's "Peoples History Of The United States".

here listen to Bennish yourself & you decide how horrible & completely "off base" his comments really are

Geography Teacher Jay Bennish - Post State Of The Union Current Events Class

Unfortunately, Bennish lives in a very conservative state, where teenagers are more known for wantonly shooting their classmates and seducing lonely basketball stars, and we all know they are not supposed to have info & think for themselves. Colorado, where their Amendment 2 law prohibiting homosexual behavior was thrown out 6-3 by the US Supreme Court in 1996.

It was in Colorado where Prof. Ward Churchill was admonished & instituitionally ostracized by the administration of the University where he teaches for expressing "far left" points of view in a post 9-11 essay called “Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens.” Churchill basically said that the attacks could be viewed as a anatural response to yaers of US backed violence & meddling in the middle east, and that the victim's in the WTC whom he referred to as " little Eichmann's" were complicit via their participation in the military & economic system that oppresses the middle east.
Said Churchill later in his defense, "
Eichmann himself in his own context symbolized those nameless bureaucratic functionaries who performed in an absolutely conscienceless and immoral fashion. In knowledge that their functions created carnage, they did their jobs..."

Colorado's Gov. Bill Owens called for Churchill to be fired, and the campus began a formal investigation/witchhunt of charges of "research misconduct" including whether Churchhill engaged in plagiarism and fabrication or misrepresented his heritage as a Native American.

I feel one must remind Coloradan's who live high & mighty in a cold world , where the air is thin, of the words of Voltaire, who famously said:
"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Heck, even their heroic & stoic Republican war maker pal Colin Powell once said
"Free speech is intended to protect the controversial and even outrageous word; and not just comforting platitudes too mundane to need protection."

To their credit, the students at Bennish's highschool rejected that they were damaged by Bennish and turned out by the hundreds to protest Bennish's suspension. Then over 100 teachers walked off campus in protest. Meanwhile a handful of what looked like to be classic white male "jocks" and "bully types" hung by their muscle cars yelling insults to to the "liberals"...

I got a chance to look at Bennish's syllabus and these are news sources & websites he tells students they may use ( but are not limited too ) to research extra credit papers ...

· NPR (National Public Radio) · The New York Times· The Wall Street Journal· The News Hour (PBS) · The BBC News · · · · · · · · ·

Looks "Fair & Balanced" enough to me, but too bad that mountain folk in charge aren't capable of thinking clearly.

Ironic that the world's newest "democracy", a happy place called Iraq, and provider of so much of our oil, now not only has long lines & gas shortages, but a newly imposed ban on private daytime vehicular travel. Keeps people from moving freely , using up "our" Oil, and stirring up trouble I suppose...

Benny Carter - Sunday
The Cutters -
Clutch Cargo - Freedom of Choice
Margaret Explosion -
Beautiful Iraq

That's Merka's greatest export, "free dumb" at work...

Hey, Not only that, but I read in the paper that Herr Rumsfeld, one of the grand architect's of "free dumb", has recently said that putting more U.S troops on the ground to stabilize the country we destabilized would be imprudent because it "runs the risk of making the US look like an occupying force".

I guess that's something that we just would never want anyone to think... hopefully no one in the press noticed us being there, or saw any photos doing our highly sophisticated nude dogpile interrogation techniques at Abu Ghraib of us in the last few years...phew!

That's what good stealth intelligence & undercover work looks like... and just remember, you didn't see it... cause nothing we do ever fails...

Madonna - Nothing Fails

Plus: in a new era of open "free dumb"... we finally get a peek at the Guantanamo Camp X-Ray guest list... an exclusive gathering that rivals the attendee list at any Oscar party. There's no C-list Islamic extremists here...these are the best and brightest disreputable characters we could buy from disgruntled relatives and snitch's in the world's back alley deals. The Pentagon's decision to release 6000 pages of documents about the detainees came late Friday to meet a deadline set by Judge Jed S. Rakoff of the U.S. District Court in New York, who has rejected the Gov't argument that releasing the detainees' identities would violate their privacy and endanger their families.

Capitol Steps - Guantanamo

The court order came as part of a lawsuit filed by The Associated Press, against the Pentagon under the Freedom of Information Act to release the detainees' names. Ironically despite assurances from US officials & top party planners he would be invited, the name Osama Bin Laden is not on the Guantanamo guest list...sparking rumors he may be hiding with Angelina Jolie...

Daughters - Boner X-Ray
Screeching Weasal -
Guest List
The Network -
X- Ray Hamburger
FAIR CounterSpin w/ Slate's Dahlia Lithwick -
Rocket From The Crypt , Live From Camp X-Ray -
I'm Not Invisible

We somehow all know what happened during Katrina, but now we have Freedm Of Information Act backroom briefing videos to clarify, enliven the dispute and then as shift the blame from FEMA to Bush back to Louisiana officials and then back to FEMA and Bush still ain't nothin happening but blame shifting... yay!

Public Enemy - Hell No! We Ain't Allright !
Secret Machines- It's A Bad Wind That Don't Blow Somebody Good

Lethal Incompetence / Flak Magazine - Katrina Editorial

Not U2 - Sunday Greedy Sunday

Away from the grim debacles of Guantanamo & the Katrina botch job rehash we find Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post who has a hilarious column on the Gmail experience, where your e-mail is not shared with US gov't snoops but will gladly peer into "your innermost thoughts and harvest them for marketing opportunities..."

Paranoid bully & right wingnut Bill O'Reilly , whose previous on air threats include inviting his diehard listeners to the homes of the callers he dislikes, has sunk to a new low. Not content to hang up on them, apparently "Fox Security" are now contacting those O'Reilly show callers he dislikes and investigating them for harassment for saying the things the "popular" talk show host disagrees with...

O'Reilly - On Air Threat To Mob Homes of Unwanted Callers
O'Reilly -
On Air "Fox Security" Warning To Caller

we'll squeeze in some Billie Holiday in honor of the dark clouds & chill in the air

Billie Holiday - Gloomy Sunday

and here's one more from the Cutters

The Cutters - Sunday! Sunday! Sunday !

now enjoy the rest of this post's generically danked hedonist hip hop audio exploration situation...

DJ Tom La Roc's Slowed & Throwed Remix of E-40 & Keak Da Sneak - Tell Me When To Go

Chris Brown feat. Jay Z -
Yo ( Evil Genius Remix)

Run DMC - My Adidas -
Chopped & Screwed Mix



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