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Haunted Celebrity Glitter Guilty Party

Bad News Outta Gary...

Police in Gary Indiana are reporting that Johnny Jackson, aged 54, a former drummer for the Jackson 5, was found stabbed to death Wednesday night. A witness heard a disturbance coming from Jackson's apartment and a female acquaintance. The witness went downstairs to see what was going on and found Jackson lying dead in the first-floor living room area before calling 911.

No one was in custody yet and detectives were conducting a homicide investigation. Police believe Johnny Jackson was a first cousin of Michael Jackson, but that is as yet unconfirmed rumor spead by the Motown PR machine. Johnny was likely just a neighbor with the same last name, who played drums starting in 1962, when they recorded for the tiny Steeltown label ( pictured on drums at far right). Some bios say he was ousted early on, but others say he played drums during live shows until the band left Motown in 1975. His last live appearance with the brothers may have been on a mid 1970's TV special called "The Jackson 5: Going Back To Indiana". Johnny played in Chicago and Gary Indinana based reggae & soul bands like "White Dove" and "Triple Dose".
Michael Jackson could not be reached for comment in Bahrain, but apparently looks good in a burqua, or abaya or whatever ya cal the proper black mourning beekeepers outfit he is sportin'...

-----------oh, and speaking of bad news from Gary ------

Gary Glitter was sentenced to a three year stint in Vietnamese Military Prison due to his conviction of sexually touching , fondling and kissing some very young girls (reportedly aged 11 & 12 ) who were pimped out by their relatives to satisfy the desires of the retired English rocker.

Glitter aka as Paul Gadd, left the UK after a 1999 conviction of possesion of child porn, that resulted from sending his computer in for repair. He then moved first to Cuba before travelling to south-east Asia. He was expelled from Cambodia in 2002 over allegations of child sex abuse, but was never formally charged, and the 61 year old arrived in Vung Tau, a seaside resort in Vietnam in the middle of last year. It was in a seaside villa that his alleged abuse of the children occured. The children testified as did the government prosecution's witnesses: an 18 year old prostitute who lived with Glitter, his maid, and the children's aunt who brought the girls to the home for sex, have all testified to Glitter's guilt. The Gov't's Chief investigator Colonel Nguyen Duc Trinh said he had also recovered 2,231 images of child porn from Glitter's computer

Glitter's lawyer has reportedly paid both girls' families about £1,200 in compensation, after which they wrote to authorities seeking to drop the case, but then said they wanted more money. Glitter could be out as soon as early next year though if his parole or appeals go through.

some audio appetizers & soundtrack starter selections

The Guilty Party - 1000x Yes

The Runarounds - Glitter Pussy

Gary Glitter - Rock n Roll pt 1

Gary Glitter - Rock n Roll pt 2

Jackson 5 - I Want You Back

Jackson 5 - Rockin Robin

Van Halen - Where Have All The Good Times Gone

Rolling Stones - She Said Yeah

Unknown Crank - Buttplug

------- and the butt ugliness just goes on & on don't it? -----

Jack Wild, the English lad who played the endearing Oliver Twist onscreen as a child actor in the 1960's and later starred in the bizarre Sid & Marty Kroft creation H.R Pufenstuf has died at age 53. Wild battled drug and alcohol addictions for years, and was just one in a long line of troubled ex-child stars.


In other sad English news, Tony Blair, perhaps realizng his legacy on earth is forever tainted has now claimed only God can juge him on his decision to ignore reason & invade Iraq. Blair: 'God will be my judge on Iraq'

Longtime humorous newspaper columnist Art Buchwald is in a hospice, suffering from kidney failure, and reportedly has had to have a leg amputated. I loved Art's columns in the Washington Post and read many of his books written in the 70s & 80s growing up. He is a truly funny guy, a Pulitzer Prize winning author of at least 30 books, and hopefully his life and work has not gone unappreciated...

here's an interview done very recently for WAMU radio from the hospice. Diane Rehm interviewer (24 February 2006) RealAudio, Windows Media

Looks like raving lunatic Christian hate monger & political assasination fan, Pat Robertson has lost his bid for re-election to the National Religious Broadcasters’ board of directors. God must have other plans for the aging acolyte...

---- other stuff -----------

Disturbing Scientific factoids to ponder this weekend... two new papers refute the claims against the existence of global warming that the fossil fuels industry continues to peddle.

first: Antartica is melting... & quickly. Data shows that the ice is melting at a rate that dwarfs the previous estimates, 5,200 square miles of West Antartica's ice has melted in the past three years, that mass lost each year is 36 times the amount of freshwater used by Los Angeles annually. `We can now see Antarctica melting,'' said lead researcher Isabella Velicogna who used satellite data, and is a member of the University of Colorado at Boulder's Cooperative Institute for Research Environmental Sciences.

Slush - Icebergs Melt

Mariah Crey - Melt Away

Fuck Boyz - I Melt With You

2nd : An article in the journal Science show evidence that Africa is literally drying up...and the chaos and horror are not far behind... The African continent may lose up to 25 percent of it's surface water by 2100, said researchers Maarten de Wit and Jacek Stankiewicz of the University of Cape Town in Rondebosch, South Africa.

"Water is essential to human survival," they wrote, "and changes in its supply can potentially have devastating implications, particularly in Africa, where much of the population relies on local rivers for water."

News You Might Have Missed is a great info resource that I've mentioned before...and the water wars stories from Africa they are highlighting hi month are particularly intresting, if not outrageously galling ...

"Somalis clash over scarce water"
BBC (U.K.), February 17, 2006

Rival Somali tribes in Ethiopia are killing each other over access
to water during the worst drought in over 40 years.

"Killer drought threatens to end way of life for nomadic African tribes"
As Kenya's cattle die of drought, children there resolve to better
their lives through education rather than herding.
Scotsman, February 15, 2006

As Kenya's cattle die of drought, children there resolve to better
their lives through education rather than herding.

One other they found on is an article on how the bottled water industry has become one the world's leading emitters of CO2 emissions.

Ludicra - Let Thirst The Soil

Sim Redmond Band - Water Is Life

Roger McGuinn - Wade In The Water

T.Waters - Tears In My Eyes ( Inst)

Big Tone - The Drought Mix Tape ( 22 min)

The News Dissector discovered a link to a story in the Times Of India I at least found amusing

For Bush's Indian visit , 65 US security "officials " staying at a prestigious hotel in New Delhi are actually dogs...

”NEW DELHI: A five-star hotel in the Indian capital is playing host to a special team that is part of US President George Bush's security entourage - some 65 dogs that are referred to as "officials".

“The specially trained dogs were flown in as part of the multi-layer security for Bush and have been put up in deluxe rooms at the Le Meridien Hotel in central Delhi.

“... hotel authorities initially refused to accommodate the four-legged "officials", saying they did not have provisions for accommodating animals.

"But the US officials apparently insisted that they were not dogs, but skilled security 'officials' and no one should call them dogs," an Indian politician told reporters at Parliament House.

"These dogs cannot be called animals. They can be addressed either by their ranks such as sergeant, major, etc. And the hotel staff had to accept it," he said.

Bow Wow w/ Snoop - Where My Dogs At

Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out

Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out (Ext Remix)

Gogol Bordello - Dogs Were Barking

The The - Dogs Of Lust

Stan Ridgway/Tori Amos - Dogs

Hasil Adkins - No More Hot Dogs

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