Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I will never give them any money again...

I just got an email from an EMT who spent one hectic week working at the New Orleans airport, a major staging area for immediate post Katrina medical treatment ...

What she reports is indicative of all the horrific media stories we now know... among her comments:

"If there is a major terrorist attack, we will not be able to cope, if Katrina is any example of how the Department of Homeland Security works."

"We rapidly ran out of everything, meds, supplies and water. We really only had water for ourselves. I'm told FEMA begged the Red Cross to come bring food for the shelter people as well as our patients, but they didn't show up until Sunday, truly a (few) days late and a (lot of) dollars short. I will never give them any money again."

" It would have been even a greater catastrophe but somehow the Air Force sent a team to see what we needed and really stepped up to the plate. They said tell us what you need in supplies and meds and they had stuff to us within hours, where FEMA hadn't been able to resupply us in 4 days! "

if you are seeking ways outside the usual Red Cross donation to help out the with the aftermath of Katrina please see my post of last week that highlights several unique non profits, charities and relief options.

Many Rivers To Cross, Many Ways To Help...

I have read other condemnatiuons of official handling of events ranging from recent comments by Al Gore to on the scene New Orleans activist Malik Rahim. Louisiana Gov Blanco and ex- Black Panther Rahim, while seperated by ideologies and background seem to agree about slow removal of bodies from the septic waters in the city... "In death, as in life, our people deserve more respect than they have received," she said while lashing out at FEMA shortcomings from her HQ in Baton Rouge.

Today finally, after his poll numbers hit bottom, amidstmounting evidence, and caustic critiques of rare bipartisan & international nature, the President had to concede to accepting something he has shirked for years, "responsibility".

Remember this president has not been to a single funeral for one of the almost 2000 American soldiers who have died in his war on Iraq, a country no U.S president had ever been to until 8 months after our second invasion of it.

in related Katrina news:

Charges have been filed over 34 deaths at a Louisiana nursing home in St. Bernard's parish where operators neglected to evacuuate the patients before Katrina hit...
Louisiana charges negligent homicide in 34 nursing home deaths

Meanwhile , at America's gulag :Over 100 on Mass Hunger Strike at Guantanamo

With Bush finally taking some sort of contrite responsibility for the failures of the Katrina evacuations and rescue, one of the web's shining hotspots dujour has to be Backwards Bush, which counts backwards the remaining days of our beloved president's term... as of my posting time today: just about another 1223 days...

they also will ship you, for a paypal donation of $10 , a credit card sized keychain that counts right along with you:

hmmm should we continue?

Well, I'm locked out of my office area momentarily, ( left my keys inside when I had to attend to an errand, and my co-worker split fora meeting) so I thought I'd use this time to scan the web on a pooter set up in the hallway... and it certainly looks like it's a good day for people who love bad news once again:

here's a soundtrack from a Northwest band to set up yer scrolling action:

Modest Mouse - Float On (from Good News For People Who Love Bad News)

Hey, speaking of the northwest, looks like Jimi Hendrix birthplace has been bumped around Seattle, but his childhood home has found a home in a trailer park in Renton, across from his gravesite. go figger...

A worker helped on Saturday to move the graffiti coated childhood home of the rock legend Jimi Hendrix for its 2nd move across Seattle to nearby Renton, Wash.
photo: Kevin Casey NY Times

Jimi Hendrix - Experienced

in other Seattle news:

Dr. Richard Klausner, the director of The Gates Foundation is leaving his post, and says it is not linked to a Government Accountability Office investigation of his activities when he worked at Harvard.

And Seattle PD have released a controversial video of a serious beating in Pioneer Sq of two Iraq war vets getting the sh*t kicked out of them...Video clip of the beating .

In music news: Tom Waits, Dave Matthews, Trey Anastasio, John Mayer Trio, Joss Stone and the Meters have signed on for a Sept. 20 benefit concert for Hurricane Katrina victims at New York's Radio City Music Hall. The event will be held simultaneously with a previously announced benefit at the city's Madison Square Garden featuring a host of top acts.

CBGB's lost their lease, but Blondie's Debbie Harry & PE both got their old crews together to perform one last benefit for the club in Tompkins Square Park organized by part time Soprano, Boss guitarist and radio DJ Miami Steve Van Zant. Blondie played a couple oldies for the press & fans and then took off for a tour of New Zealand.

Here's a link to a Blondie remix that was originally rejected by Sony, it's Blondie circa 2003 getting the whack job from DJ 2 Tall & his pal Mr. Trick :

Blondie - Good Boys ( waxdroidz remix)

Here's a link to the black & white silent movie style video clip of the original mix of Good Boys from The Curse of Blondie album.

Here's a couple tracks off a new record that's getting a bit o buzz... not that I'd care. For thjose who wanna be in the know, here's Cabbagetown, GA native Chris Lopez getting all hella moody on ya...

Tenement Halls - Plenty Is Never Enough

Tenement Halls : When The Swifts Come Home

But can ya bounce to it?

Let's get a lil more frisky why don't we?

here's that UK dj cat 2Tall and his remix of Roots Manuva

Roots Manuva - witness

hey... i know it's a little thin ain't it?

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