Thursday, September 15, 2005

Cinnamon Girls & Some Special Stuff Por Vous

This Saturday Night in SF is the annniversary party of The Eagle Tavern, an instituition of sordid sorts in the South of Market district. So today I first offer up an mp3 of a band that was conceived on my front porch across from Mission Dolores several years back, somewhere around 1990 to be exact...

If yer in San Francisco and looking to blast yer eardrums a bit, I'd say it's more than a worthwhile stop , especially if yer a Neil Young fan...

Performing in drag will be members of Waycross, Posies, Camper Van Beethoven and Dirty Power... etc

Cinnamon Girls - Mr. Soul .mp3

for more info, videos of these dragsters in previous action and even a preview of the setlist see:

Looks like the world's slowest moving Hurricane is still choogling along & up the Carolina Coast ... seems to be slowly dissapating, and hopefully leaves most folks out there alone...

here's a live Ryan Adam's tune recorded in San Francisco awhile back that seemed appropo :

Ryan Adams - My Sweet Carolina


"We found it absolutely incredible that the authorities had
no way to get there for four or five days, that they didn't go in and
help these people, and we made it in a two-wheel-drive Hyundai."

-- Duke University student Hans Buder who drove to New Orleans from North Carolina with two
friends to evacuate stranded residents

"3 Duke students tell of 'disgraceful' scene"
The Herald-Sun (NC), September 4, 2005

this above quote and link, plus other stories today I am listing up top was highlighted for me by the good folks at and their series known as "News You Might Have Missed"...

it's a worthy project that has folks digging up the dirt all over the net that might slip through yer normal media cracks...


The Army Corps of Engineers received millions for projects that
bolstered New Orleans' economy, rather than protect the city.

"Money flowed to questionable projects"
Washington Post, September 8, 2005

The Army Corps of Engineers received millions for projects that
bolstered New Orleans' economy, rather than protect the city.

Former ESPN & FoxSports commentator Keith Olbermann has gone "hard news" and recently made comments on how a slip of the tongue by FEMA's Michael Chertoff defined the government's ineptitude in the Katrina crisis.

"Keith Olbermann: 'Louisiana is not a city'"
MSNBC's Countdown, September 6, 2005

If you see a story that needs more attention from commercial media,
contact them via :


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now for some slightly less important matters across the country, but warranted press releases none the less :

Viacom's MTV division is gonna start a Hi Def channel called MHD of it's typically lame programming in January

Gillette plans to launch a 5 bladed razor next year, "the Future of Shaving" which is 4 blades more than the razors of yesteryear!

anyhow, leaving the corporate blather dept., a couple more events here, and for the patient...mp3 rewards...

also on Sat in the SF area is the Mission Art Walk
from 3-9pm on Saturday
Sept 17th:

This weekend in downtown San Jose CA at Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (MACLA), a Hip Hop Film Festival will screen films including :

``Bomb the System'' -- an award-winning film about the New York graffiti scene, 8 p.m. Friday

``Mixtress X'' -- a female break-dancing biopic, 2 p.m. Saturday

``Hip-Hop Homos'' -- a documentary about the gay hip-hop scene, playing with ``Ecology of Love,'' starring Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes, and ``Spin the Bottle,'' starring Peaches Christ; 4 p.m. Saturday

``Ghetto Fabulous,'' about an Oakland crew that transforms vintage Ford Falcons into art, 7 p.m. Saturday

In addition to the films, there will be a live graffiti art exhibit. And in between the film showings, a DJ will spin some beats in front of a screen showing classic hip-hop films such as ``Beat Street'' and ``Wild Style.''


Where: MACLA Castellano Playhouse, 510 S. First St., San Jose

When: Friday and Saturday

Tickets: $6 single screening; $7 Friday night ``Bomb the System'' screening; $20 all access; (408) 938-3594,

well, yer still here eh?


how about some ska to pick it up now:

I'll throw in some classic tracks by 2 Tone UK ska meisters The Specials
The Specials (1979)
The Specials (1979)

The Specials - Enjoy Yourself

The Specials - A Message To You Rudy

The Specials - Monkeyman

The Specials - Nite Klub (live in Chicago 1980)

plus a Special a remix of the eerie Ghostown

The Specials - Ghostown

not enough, o.k then just a couple more bonus tracks for y'all:

and from the folks that brought you the notorious website: Destroy All Celebrities and stuff like this great pic here:

here's a message from pornstar: KURT LOCKWOOD .MP3

and since they've already got the candy & ghosts out in all those store displays, we'll finish up with some Cleveland area hip hoppers and their 6 min ode to a Funky Halloween

T-N-T - Funky Halloween

have a good weekend y'all... don't forget to write

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