Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hey Man ... You A Voter?

I spent some time going to school and even in jail down in "real" Virginny.

I know the type of "Rural White Male Voter" that the Republicans & Democrats are trying to woo...

So at some point somebody suggested they get Ol' Ralph Stanley as an endorser of that elite dude named Barack Obama...

Ralph had previously backed Warner in his gubernatorial bid.

Now I don't know that the down state dag nabbit Joe Six Packs around Roanoke or most any Blue Ridge or North Carolina border areas are really that influenced by, or even familiar with Dr Ralph Stanley... but Barack Obama and his folks are happy to receive the good bluegrass doc's endorsement anyhow

Here's Ralph's radio ad for the Obama campaign...

Ralph Stanley - Obama Radio Ad

I saw Ralph play a few weekend's back, he was picking and grinning up a storm, playing alongside Laurie Lewis and letting his grandson handle most of the main vocal duties...

Here's a couple more tracks by him...

Ralph Stanley - Oh Death

Ralph Stanley - No School Bus In Heaven

In other election related musical moments, my pal and down right earnest musician Tom Heyman, a "real" musician if ya will...really wanted to get this politically relevent track out before all the "real" votes were left uncounted...

I suppose it could be subtitled "Iraq War Contractor's Beltway Blues"... but does lay out a sinister tale of modern malfeasance quite well... more atune to the Virgina that I know better... the unreal one in Fairfax County, or the hallowed halls of Falls Church.

Tom Heyman - Selling Sand

Consider this musical donation a an appetizer while we await Heyman's followup to his Deliver Me album, one that came out on the tiny imprint run by Nick Tangborn...

Here's a couple tracks from that excellent, if somewhat overlooked release from 2006.

Tom Heyman - Fool For You

Deliver MeTom Heyman
"Deliver me" (mp3)
from "Deliver Me"
(Jackpine Social Club)

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Obama Mix by Dj Z-Trip