Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fire Away - Set The Mood - First, Best, Last

It's been a weird, not very lazy...but downright hazy summer so far

in particular due to lung busting forest & brush fires ( about 1000 ) going throughout the state...

strange days indeed

i'm not in my groove...

even if I knew what that was

there is a smattering of tracks tucked in this post

look for em

as I'm too busy to point em out for y'all

here's the first one, something I've never listened too, and likely won't, but the title sounds appropo fo yo

Justin Timberlake - Summer Love / Set The Mood Prelude

A week or so back I passed through Pasadena on a hot summer day

In the 100+ degree heat, the streets were filled with music, for the Make Music Pasasdena event. Perfomers were stationed on multiple stages includingNortec Collective members Bostich + Fussible

(Bostich + Fussible are authors of this track called Shake It Up uh, that's an actual mp3 link " )

and more Bostich + Fussible tracks for download at Rhapsody

other bands plying their sonic shlep for free in the streets were
The Raveonettes ,


and the multi cultural melange of
Dengue Fever

Venus on EarthDengue Fever
"Tiger Phone Card" (mp3)
from "Venus on Earth"

bonus Dengue not so oldie

Download 2005's
Were Gonna (mp3)

from "Escape From Dragon House"

Download more Dengue Fever at iTunes Music Store
Stream from Rhapsody
Check Em Out at Amazon

More On The Album

I caught the The Little Ones in some alley

Little Ones - Tallies
Little Ones live in Pasadena

Make Music Pasadena

So while the somewhat verdant but browning rapidly hills of Pasadena were alive with noise...

I had to go get a beer at some brewpub ( seen here in this LA Weekly pic )because the town neglected to offer any refreshments alcoholic or otherwise within sight of the stages I visited...

The one or two "bars" I passed were actually closed on a Saturday afternoon...

I ended up in a swimming pool north of town in short order, headliners be damned...

Hours later I was back up north here in San Francisco, where it was downright cold...which was nice...

But the next day

I was up bright and early dealing with the logistics of helping set up a hippie rock concert featuring Janis Joplin's old backing band...

Big Brother & The Holding Company

Janis was a no show... go figger

(but some chick named Cathy Richardson did an admirable job)

Santana did show up, or I should say a Santana,
it was just the son of Carlos...

Salvador Santana...

This coming week here in SF, with all the hippies safely tucked back into their hacky sacks, I suppose I will look forward to seeing the release of the new album from The Parker Brothers...

First, Best, Last

That's like a heads up for fans of 70's syrupy pop

Lil Mike sez, hey maybe put down yer pet rock, and check it out...

First, Best, LastParker Brothers
"Your California" (mp3)
from "First, Best, Last"
(Middle Slot Records)

More On The album

psst bonus tracks

Parker Brothers - One Bad Apple

( yeah, I was disappointed too when I found out that one above wasn't an Osmonds cover, so here's one more)

Parker Brothers - She Got

I gotta go

Have a Bitchin Hot Summer...

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