Saturday, December 15, 2007

Recycled X Mess

This weekend I'm sharing with y'all a rarely seen video clip I edited that helped get a band dropped by their major label.

Just one of the many things I've done for people...

Hey, X Mess is almost upon us, and I've sort of really been slacking this year on delivering up the Yuletide goods to my blog trollers.

So I'll also recycle some X-mas hits from years gone by... so y'all can stuff yer digital stocking before it's too late.

There's a few classic holiday music tracks I've had laying about that I should share with my devoted clickers out there...

so scroll down to get 'em...

In the meantime...

all you info hounds might want to peruse the latest random holiday season news you can lose...

In a situation that further polarizes the sides negotiating aspects of greenhouse gas reduction, the United State's flat refusals to negotiate in Bali are a major setback in fusing global cooperation.

Tell Burger King They Can't Have It Their Way Anymore...

Workers who labor in the field's picking the produce we eat in our "fast food" make a pittance compared to other industries. In fact their pay is among the lowest in the US, rivaling 3rd world salaries. A farmworker must harvest 2 tons of tomatoes to earn just $50 a day.

Recently a campaign by OxFam has negotiated better conditions and pay and assurances from big chains like McDonald's that they will support a code of labor conduct.

Burger King has refused to join the other large scale fast food chains including Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. Apparently, despite ads that long claimed you can have it your way, they must mean everyone but their workers.

Visit the link provided below if you would like to support the efforts & get Burger King committed to increasing wages and enforcing better working conditions & raise the rates they'll pay the workers who pick their produce.

Tell Burger King to improve
farmworker wages.

In the entertainment sector:

Al Gore must be mighty proud that his invention the "internet" will be used to deliver Jackass 2.5 directly to an avid user base...for free.

That's right folks: MTV's Jackass franchise set free!

Michael Jackson reported to be booking a stint of gigs for next year in London England.

Bomb - Hate Fed Love back for more

This band's major label debut just showed up on iTunes after 15 years in the "out of print" category.

So in honor of this event, here is a long lost video I edited with Charles Cohen & the band's singer Michael Dean to introduce them to their new overseers at Reprise.

I'll let their former manager who posted it tell the story:

"In 1992 BOMB tricked Warner Bros into giving them an advance without having the band sign a record contract. BOMB hired Bill Laswell to produce their album "Hate Fed Love". The album was released but... Warner Bros didn't have a clue what to do with the band. Hence, BOMB produced this video to orient the corporation to their unusual world. The band was promptly dropped."

Oh ... here's those killer Christmasy cuts I promised y'all:

The groove meister out of Oakland lays down some subtle seasonal cheer here:

Jimmy McGriff - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

HillBilly Xmas

Yes, this is a popular cut from an out of print collection no trailer should be without:
Commander Cody - Daddy's Drinking Up Our Christmas

Ans while we're going that way, why not bring in the Rev...

Reverend Horton Heat - We Three Kings

One of my fave New Orleans treatments of a Christmas classic from
New Birth Brass Band

New Birth Brass Band - Jingle Bells

And when in doubt, why not turn to a nice dead jewish boy like Marc Bolan who can always bring in some Christmas cheer..

T Rex - Christmas Bop

Legacy: The Music Of Marc Bolan & T. Rex

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