Friday, September 28, 2007

Soul, Blues, Maggots, Milk & Chocolate Wars

I'll be at the 35th anniversary bash of the SF Blues Festival this weekend...

In addition to getting my third chance to see the great Allen Toussaint...

The harmonica man himself, Charlie Musselwhite is going to be playing that same day.

The Harmonica According To Charlie MusselwhiteCharlie Musselwhite
"Harpin' On A Riff" (mp3)
from "The Harmonica According To Charlie Musselwhite"
(Blind Pig Records)

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Charlie was raised in the south, hit Chicago in 1962 where he sat in on late jams with masters like Muddy Waters, and by the late 60's, after being booked by Bill Graham to open for Cream, he's stayed in the West Coast ever since...

Currently Charlie lives up in Sonoma County...but rumor has it he purchased a hardware store in Clarksdale Mississippi and may be moving back there to his home state...

Hence the title of his downhome flava filled 2006 release "Delta Hardware"

Charlie Musselwhite - Clarksdale Boogie


SF Blues Fest bonus track: Charlie cut from his early South Side of Chicago sound captured on Vanguard Records period in the mid 60's.

Charlie Musselwhite - Cha Cha The Blues

Speaking of damn good music...

Just saw Soul Asylum's new 3 disc "box set" package "Welcome To the Minority: The A+M Years 1988-1991" but haven't grabbed a copy yet. The price was just a wee bit high for two albums I basically already have. The real trigger for me would be to get my hands on the third disc, the live stuff recorded in 1990. There's decently recorded live versions of unheralded classics like Marionette & Cartoon as well as covers like To Sir With Love, Tracks of My Tears etc.

Here's a track Dan Murphy sang on Hang Time, their first record after Twin Tone sold their contract to A&M in a deal that also included the Mekons in 1987.

Soul Asylum - Cartoon

I might wait for it to turn up used, but the problem is...only 5000 are pressed and if I wait too long...who knows when that'll happen.

Consumer Dilemmas eh?'s another track from Soul Asylum's ill fated A&M era, one that apparently isn't included in the new three disc collection. It was on a promo version of their 2nd A&M album "And The Horse They Rode In On"...of which the first part of the title was supposed to be "F*ck Soul Asylum...", apparently that's the sentiment they felt around the A&M HQ when the record was being tracked at the old Chaplin Soundstage in Hollywood.

Soul Asylum - Little House On The Edge

Onto other bizness...

the bizness of Chocolate

Chocolate Elvis Dubs (Continuous Mix)Tosca
"Chocolate Elvis (Boozoo Bajou Soul Sufferer Version)" (mp3)
from "Chocolate Elvis Dubs (Continuous Mix)"
(G-Stone Recordings)

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Who says China is filthy?

Why this pisser is darn pretty..and it comes with Chocolates!

and since that tasty toilet has chocolate...just beware it's not the kind the the DEA is chasing down here in Oakland today...

Mission: OneCrown City Rockers
"Chocolate Milk & Apricots" (mp3)
from "Mission: One"
(Insiduous Urban Records, Inc.)

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bonus milk feed:

Rufus Wainwright - Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk

Anyhow...the savages are circling...

they want their Chocolate books banned

and uh, I'm outta here

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