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Happy B Day Uh-Merikkka


Headed out to participate in some of the usual the hoopla surrounding our country's annual July 4th birthday bash...

In honor of this empirical achievement I thought I'd post some tunes that are uniquely, uh, uh, I guess... Uh-Merican.

here's a crowd pleaser you may be familiar with... I hear it went down well with a few hundred thousand folks gathered at Max Yasgur's farm outside Saugerties New York one August morning in 1969 anyway...

Not sure it's what Francis Scott Key had in mind originally...but it'll do.

Jimi Hendrix - Star Spangled Banner

Here's a true American hero of that era in my opinion, Mr. Abbie Hoffman.

Like Hendrix, he also appeared onstage at Woodstock that same weekend, although he was beaten over the head by Pete Townsend with a guitar when he felt Abbie's blabbering was detracting from the music & cutting into the Who's set time...

Here's Abbie singing God Bless America from his album Wake Up America...

Abbie Hoffman - God Bless America

here's one featuring the ranting of one New Yorker by the name of John S Hall, who brought you the unlikely 90's MTV hit Detachable Penis...

I was surprised to find that this Cd is still available... and ya can buy it for less than $11 right at this link

King Missile III - America Kicks Ass

Here's a song that came along later & sorta expands on that theme, albeit in an even more heroic & metallic manner...

Here's from the uber powerful theme from the animated action adventure flick Team America : World Police...

Team America: World Police - America F*ck Yeah!


McDonalds, F*CK YEAH!
Wal-Mart, F*CK YEAH!
The Gap, F*CK YEAH!
Baseball, F*CK YEAH!
Rock and roll, F*CK YEAH!
The Internet, F*CK YEAH!
Slavery, F*CK YEAH!


Starbucks, F*CK YEAH!
Disney world, F*CK YEAH!
Porno, F*CK YEAH!
Valium, F*CK YEAH!
Reeboks, F*CK YEAH!
Fake Tits, F*CK YEAH!
Sushi, F*CK YEAH!
Taco Bell, F*CK YEAH!
Rodeos, F*CK YEAH!
Bed bath and beyond (F*ck yeah, F*ck yeah)

Liberty, F*CK YEAH!
White Slips, F*CK YEAH!
The Alamo, F*CK YEAH!
Band-aids, F*CK YEAH!
Las Vegas, F*CK YEAH!
Christmas, F*CK YEAH!
Immigrants, F*CK YEAH!
Popeye, F*CK YEAH!
Democrats, F*CK YEAH!
Republicans (republicans)
(f*ck yeah, f*ck yeah)

Buy It Here:
Team America

That's some patriotic plus poetry there & I doubt any of these other tunes will compare... but since i ain't done yet... like any good Uh-merican...I'll keep going at a Sizzler buffet...

Here's a few more contemporary numbers so I don't seem like such a tri-cornered hat wearing old fogey...

First Up in the continuing saga of a random look at the current century's songwriting contributions to the patriotic pantheon...

It's Mr. Zigaboo Modeliste... He's the original drummer from New Orleans' legendary instrumental combo The Meters... Zig is now a current Oakland CA resident and he knows a thing a or too about second line style funky music...

i've enjoyed numerous evenings singing along & sweating my ass off while in awe of his prowess behind a drum kit...

He's amongst my fave musicians I've ever had the good fortune to see and here Zig is joined on this celebratory track of what he enjoys about the American Way by old Meters collaborator Ivan Neville...

from Zig's most recent album "On The Right Track" ( also on sale at I Tunes here
Zigaboo Modeliste

Zigaboo Modeliste w/ Ivan Neville - The American Way

I suggest you bone up on the Zigaboo in your collection, since chances are you likely have some alreay, perhaps without even knowing it. He's played on hit records backing Paul McCartney, Robert Palmer, Keith Richard, Dr. John, Lee Dorsey, Harry Connick Jr, etc in addition to being one of the most sampled drummers of all time. For example his breaks turn up on Amerie's 1 Thing, and numerous hip hop sides including cuts from Cypress Hill, EPMD, Public Enemy, Queen Latifah, Run DMC, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, NWA, Salt n' Pepa, Naughty by Nature, A Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys and others.

I'll see ya'll at

I don't know exactly where this next track originates from, other than they are definitely riding a Grand Funk sample of We're An American I guess it's all right with me...

I had the gatefold LP version of the original, released in 1973, one of the first 100,000 pressed on virgin gold vinyl. I have no idea were that copy is today, the one with the band nude sitting on a haybale on the inside...

bet it's worth a few bucks...

It was my first known exposure to pre-bicentennial era beefcake...

Which brings us here to the track by Crazy Girl...

This is apparently a British group, on Punk Elvis records no less...but I'll give em honorary Uh-merican status today...sorta like Tony Blair.

Crazy Girl - Kick Yo Booty w/ Grand Funk

On the International political front I will turn to one of the more under rated pundits...

That being the tri state area's own Vic Ruggerio of The Slackers

The Slackers last album Peculiar recorded in a unique cross continental fashion featured this appropo commentary called International War Criminal

The Slackers - International War Criminal

That album was preceded in 2004 by the hard to find International War Criminal EP which lead off with this even more pointed & vigorously raw track....

The Slackers - Propaganda

that above mentioned EP is available at I Tunes here
The Slackers
or on a real CD for around $13 at this link

One of my fave hip hop figures to emerge out of the East Bay ghettos is Mr. T Kash, who put out this album last year on Guerilla Funk...

In part due to the danger here on the streets of the hoods here in the Bay Area, he's since moved his family towards Sacramento but he's still a voice to be reckoned with.

That's a topic addressed in this next track which happens to lead off the CD known as "Turf War Syndrome". It's a problem that continues, sadly, unabated...with the streets of Oakland and San Francisco both providing ample space for blood shed over the past weekend...

The Bay Area, has erupted into a veritable bloodbath this weekend, beyond the usual coroner's schedule at least. In fact there's been so many reports of stupid shootings, sick stabbings, turf wars and moronic mayhem it's hard to keep the chronology & chaos differentiated.

Some of the San Francisco incidents:

Two kids aged 15 & 16 are found dead by the side of the street at Fitch Street and Innes Avenue in HP.

A 19 year old stabbed to death at Washington Sq Park in North Beach.

A 32 year old resident of Stockton was found dead at 16th & 7th Street.

A dispute in a barbershop at Fulton & Divisidero erupts into gunfire, and a stray bullet hits a man in his car, who is believed to be ok at this point, the suspect dispersed into a nearby apartment complex on Grove.

In San Francisco, the SFPD apparently aware of a street situation last night somehow attempted to clear the street, but left, and after failing to fully disperse a crowd gathered at Third Street and Silver Avenue, a woman was soon dead in a hail of drive by gunfire.

and I don't know how far we wanna go back in time, but way back on Thursday night, a 19 year old suspected local drug dealer was shot in the leg late on the 1900 block of Grove.

Read on to keep up with the East Bay's own weekend bloodbath:

While San Francisco certainly had it's own problems, there were two shootings on Saturday within hours on the same stretch of Fairfax Ave in Oakland that left two men in their 20's dead.

Oakland continued it's spate of violence, with a fatality at 77th Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard, and another man at Friday in the 9400 block of Plymouth Street.

In Richmond a 24 year old man was pronounced dead at Ninth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. and a 21-year-old man who was shot in the back was in stable condition at a local hospital.

T - K.A.S.H - American Nightmare

Turf War Syndrome

Download "American Nightmare" (mp3)
from "Turf War Syndrome"
by T-K.A.S.H.
Guerrilla Funk Recordings

More On This Album

here's something from some other the local terrorists...deep in the belly of a place known as the Yay Area...

In keeping with his urban uber guerilla image, Messy Marv recently released his opus "Music for tha Taliban"...then I hear went to jail for awhile...

here's an older effort...

Messy Marv (Bullys Wit Fullys) - So Hood w/ Clyde Carson + EA-Ski

and that concludes our American offerings for now...

now go out & buy some music, and be careful with those fireworks...and guns too!

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