Monday, March 19, 2007

So, I had a week off of work... a spring break as it were, and it made me a lethargic blogger as well it seems. Unintentionally or not, I found less time to update my lil blog here since I was officially "vacating"...

I didn't leave town, unless ya count jaunts to Oakland, Hayward & Berkeley as "leaving" and I didn't stop writing. Just not directly at y'all. In fact I was more prolific than usual, or pro-loafic as the case may be. I did end up contributing about 10 or so entries over at my other blog project

Those rants don't always focus on music though, being mainly composed of locally relevant current events in San Francisco, things that my visitors today from Maribo Denmark and Chieri Italy might not care as much about. In fact 13% of my web hits are from the UK, over 24,000 a year. On average I seem to get two visits a day from Finland, and a little less than one hit day is from South Korea.

I don't know what they expect me to share of interest, so I'll just ramble on a bit and hopefully y'all like what ya read, and of course hear.

First Up...

The new remix from Cassetes Won't Listen, for a track from the new Def Jux El-P release called

I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead...

El-P - Flyentology ( featuring Trent Reznor)( Cassettes Won't Listen remix)

Oh and besides thanking Wortis & World's Fair & co in NYC for that track, I also want to Thank to the NY Times for finally saying nicely the sh*t anyone with their head out of their ass knew awhile ago...

They ran an editorial on theMarch 11th that seemed to get the sh*t soup stirring finally...

Even Republican a-hole's have noticed that devious doucehebag Alberto Gonzales does not know the difference from being Bush's personal lawyer and United States of America's Attorney General...

If only there was street justice...

MSTRKRFT - Street Justice

Speaking of street justice, meet Messy Marv, an SF rapper with mucho macho street clout, whose concept to bring peace to the bloody Western Addition includes allowing neighborhood based rappers who represent both the warring "Uptown" and "Downtown" factions some mic time to get their stories out. messy marv is a persuasive businessmanMarv has two CD's coming out soon that will highlight the Fillmoe hood and both use local mostly unkown talents. He isn't shy about making a buck off the battles either, rap or otherwise, but does say that he will be putting some donations from CD proceeds into local gyms & community centers.

Fillmoe Nation Vol. 1 coming this spring will represent Click Clack City's "Uptown", while Fillmoe Nation Vol. 2 to be released a few weeks later is a collection focused on "Downtown" based rappers. Messy recently told hip hop fansite,

"I wanted to give people that had not had their shot, an opportunity to express themselves, I wanted to put them on, give them a chance" He added "I have seen people I grew up with killed in this violence and I want to play my part by trying to help the community," said Messy of the situation. "I decided to make these albums, so I could show not only SF and Fillmoe what is happening in our communities, but also the country -- the violence that happens in our neighborhoods everyday and the need to stop it."

Marv achieved his "baller status" through many guest appearances on other rapper's CD's, plus his solo releases like "Discobayish" & "BANDANNAS, TATTOOS & TONGUE RINGS", that have reportedly sold over 50,000 units total.

Amongst other interests, Marv has also recently affiliated himself as a pitchman for East Bay based beverage "Hunid Racks", a self proclaimed "Energy Drink For Real Hustlers" that's endorsed by plenty pimps & playas alike. His duet with local rapper Yukmouth is one of the beverages theme songs and can be heard on this mp3 below (also featured on the drink's MySpace page)...

Yukmouth & Messy Marv - Sippin' On 100 Racks (mp3)

Marv's last CD "Muzik Fo' Tha Taliban" apparently wasn't as well received in the hyphy nation as previous efforts, with critics citing it's perceived Anti-American title. Last week SF Weekly published a cell phone interview with Marv by writer Sam Chennault, in which Marv defended the album and did some damage control.

"Muzik fo Tha Taliban was in no way to disrespect the United States of America," Messy clarifies. "I've been getting a lot of bad reviews because of the title, but I was just trying to paint a picture of our own war within our own community. I was trying to give the people a soundtrack for this war. It's the same thing as in Iraq. We got a war going on over there [in Iraq], but they missing the war that's going on right here."

Here's another track from Messy Marv, from a documentary soundtrack CD put together by one of the Fillmoe's fave son's JT The Bigga Figga.

Juvenile & JT The Bigga Figga Present: Gotta Get It - Original Documentary Soundtrack

Messy Marv - "Thug Life"
from "Juvenile & JT The Bigga Figga Present: Gotta Get It - Original Documentary Soundtrack"
by Various Artists
Get Low Digital

To hear more Messy Marv, head over and befriend this purported peacemaker on his MySpace page, where almost 12,000 fans already have...

Messy Marv's Fillmoe Nation Vol. 1 compilation is slated for release March 20, Vol 2 follows in April, and both will be released through Marv's Scalen LLC P&D deal via indie imprint SMC Recordings, a label that's actually distributed by Fontana, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group.

Maybe I just doubt the whole thing cuz I'm a fatalist...

Robbers on High St - The Fatalist

But some folks do have the will to live & I mean really live...

Last Thursday March 15th was a special hard rocking benefit concert at The Bottom Of The Hill to benefit 55 year old former Bay Area classic rock radio personality from KOME/KSJO Dennis Erectus who has no medical insurance and is recovering from a heart attack.

countdante comic book adThe gig was organized by Count Dante, a custom kimono wearing, larger than life persona ,known as The Deadliest Man Alive. The Count delivers "THE WORLD'S ONLY KUNG-FU ROCK AND ROLL SUCCESS SEMINAR" that according to his own statistics "has transformed millions of WORTHLESS LOSERS into MARTIAL ARTS MILLIONAIRES!" Now he hopes to transform some of that mayhem into money for a friend in need.

Count Dante, by some accounts a local UPS employee, is also by night a rock n roll super hero of epic proportions, and had been managed by Erectus previously when wrestling in the deadly Rocktogon as part of the great ribald SF based shebang known as Incredibly Strange Wrestling, which regularly packed the Fillmore, and toured the US & Europe.

Here's Dante's reminiscence of Dennis' contribution to the Bay Area's rock n roll radiowaves:

Years before Howard Stern hit the airwaves, Erectus perfected the shock jock formula but did it with a kind of intelligence that made him a uniquely Bay Area phenomenon. He was the nighttime deejay at KOME 98.5 during the station's most envelope-pushing years in

the late 70s and 80s.  Erectus & The PoontanglerWith such raunchy skits as "Celebrity Gang Bang," Erectus' show was the slice of airtime that had

thousands of South Bay 13-year-olds (such as myself) strapping on transistor radio headphone sets because we didn't want our moms to know what we were listening to. Unlike Stern, who would use a similar shtick to make fun of the homeless and mentally disabled, Erectus' targets were always racists and the powerful elites. Televangelists, the Reagans and Maggie Thatcher were often on the receiving end

of those audio gangbangs.

Dennis has been at San Mateo Medical Center since his Thanksgiving Heart Attack, and since he was employed only part time as a rdio station engineer, he had no medical insurance. Hopefully some of the money raised can help an old Bay Area rocker out.


at the Bottom of the Hill1233 17th Street (17th @ Missouri)

San Francisco, CA 94107

featuring COUNT DANTE & the BLACK DRAGON FIGHTING SOCIETY, a dangerous show biz combo formed in the name of spreading Dante's powerful message, and who have two albums on their own label Hofbrau Dojo.

SF Black Metal Legends STONE VENGEANCE

and THE MAKES NICE a new project from Josh of The Fucking Champs.

If you can't make it to the show and would like to contribute, donations are being accepted in Dennis' benevolent account. Checks made out to either Dennis Netto or Dennis Erectus may be sent or brought to account administrator Jona Denz-Hamilton care of :

KBAY Radio 190 Park Center Plaza #200, San Jose, CA 95113

Here's that mp3 I promised you from The Count that has a special Bay Area historical footnote, with Redwood City being lauded for it's role in being the home of AMPEX for many years. Sadly the company killed off their magnetic tape division a couple years ago, but anyone whose ever gotten a "studio tan" could tell you that Ampex 456 was the shiznit...

mp3 download:

Counte Dante & The BDFS - Redwood City, Rock City ( with Dennis Erectus)

more music from The Count at

Oh. did i mention that superstar scratch mixer maestro outta Daly City DJ Q-Bert is heading out to annoint far corners of the planet... This dates could be of interest to those far flung souls in the outer netisphere that I never see...




here's some Q Bert in case you don't know what the hell I'm talking about...

Q Bert - James Brown Mix

Cold Cut w/ Q Bert - Cosmic Rays

Q Bert vs Mix Master Mike - French Battle's one last David Bowie track that never goes out of style,...

David Bowie - Space Oddity

and I'm done for now...

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