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This marks the end of 20th century industrial America let's see where were we...

oh yes... I was a good chunk into a thorough expose' and preview on Prince's new 3121 album and his West L.A $70,000 a month rental retreat replete with beauty salon, monogrammed purple carpeting, and "3 Day Eviction Notice" travails ... but my error prone Firefox Browser crashed on the machine I was using before I saved the typically elongated post, so yer gonna be getting very little of that...

for the satisfaction of peaking into the symbolic one's legal battles with the NBA star named Boozer ya just gotta go see Smoking Gun for more info...

This legal newsblast seems suspicously timed to detract from Prince's album release date which came at the exact moment the dropped lawsuit story hit the wires. All of this hubbub definitely overshadowed the impromptu concert Prince gave fans at the Tower Records on Sunset in LA when his new Universal/Motown album dropped on Tuesday night at the landmark store just down the hill from his controversial rental estate...

Wearing a white top hat & coat, Prince performed new tunes & ol' faves like Purple Rain and Let's Go Crazy in front of 500 early bird fans with purple wristbands brought in from the rain. It was a very informal concert, with an audience dance contest onstage, and long-time collaborator Sheila E joining for a few numbers, playing the tunes that have helped him sell over 60 million albums since he started recording in the late 1970's.

I guess, even though i put some up not long ago, i'll post some Princely tunes fo' ya as well, some new, some old, some live, and some just off da beaten Princely path...and then we'll all move on...

first up is Prince track that explains proper breast feeding methods, expresses his love for the Animals, and how he uh, as a devout Jehovah's Witness, he eats no blue cheese... (btw this is a particularly rare one from one of those bonus CDs that only could be obtained off his Crystal Ball 4 CD set which I've never bothered to rip this and the Pillow song are uploaded as a direct courtesy of the Antinoman blog )

Prince - Animal Kingdom

Prince - The Other Side Of The Pillow

Prince - Te Amo Corazon (edit)

Prince - Life Of The Party

Prince - Black Sweat ( live 2004)

Prince - Endorphin Machine

Prince - D.M.S.R ( live sound board 88)

Prince - Lady Cab Driver

Prince - Dance Music Sex Romance

Prince & Madonna - Love Song

Foo Fighters - Darling Nikki

Bush - The Cross (live)

Prince of Thieves Purple Funk Medley Mix

Prince vs Depeche Mode - Esotic Master and 1999 Servants Mix

Arty Fufkin - Prince vs Janes vs Beasties - Been Caught Stealing Your Rump

Prince vs Laibach - The Artist formerly known as Laibach

DJ Matt Hite vs Prince vs Rick Springfield - When Jessie Cries

East 17 feat. Phil Collins - Little Red Corvette

and in the interest of uh, moving on...

Well that's all good... so, uh, now...I'll try to fill ya in on some other things going on ...though...hmmm...

oh here's sumpin...

Sirius satellite radio, who say they are up to 4 million subscribers, are now offering a new $330 device that allows users to store up to a gigabyte of content. The service has inked a deal with Warner Music, Universal Music , and Sony BMG Music Entertainment to resolve a dispute over the new S50 portable receiver, which can store up to 50 hours of music, and "disaggregate" tracks for playback later. The terms of the deal, which leaves out EMI, are undisclosed, but Sirius is reportedly paying a fee for each device manufactured to the labels, and supposedly will limit production. XM has announced a similar toy from Samsung called the Helix that will hit streets in April.

Do the perils of electronic voting flaws & election fraud still interest anyone anymore? I know the media generally avoids the subject like the plague, with few reporters willing to touch the subject with a ten foot google or whatever lame gear "MSM" reporters use these days.

Last week I was stunned watching a televised public forum where Washington Post editors and writers all but glazed over, and wereseeming suspiciously silent when prodded by generally appreciative audience members stopped lauding the paper & called on them to research, investigate and print more info on e-voting issues. The Diebold security flaws and possible computerized tampering with election results is a story that the press seem way uninterested in. You could just tell that these tastemakers considered it a dead, if not ridicuously far fetched fringe conspiracy story and unworthy of investigation as far they were concerned. I'm sure Watergate looked similar before Woodward & Bernstein were given high level tips from a deeply throated fella now known as Mark Feld.

Credit to the LA City Beat, a small independent weekly competing with The Village Voice/New Times owned LA Weekly paper for getting someone to bring more light to the story. This week there's a short piece about a Florida election supervisor who found serious security flaws in not only Debold but other systems that he wanted corrected before they were used. Instead of being praised for his diligence, and winning his fifth four-year term in office, he appears to have been blacklisted by other state officials & the companies involved. In fact Leon County's Ion Sancho may lose his job if he doesn't certify an electronic voting system by May, even if none meet his criteria to properly protect the electorate from fraud.

Walden O'Dell, chief executive of Diebold Inc, is from Columbus Oho and held Republican fundraisers at his mansion, and attended meetings at Bush's ranch in Crawford in 2003 where he pledged to deliver 2004 electoral votes from the state of Ohio to the Bush campaign...

Security flawed Diebold voting machines were later sold to the state & used in the tight & contentious Ohio election in 2004, where exit poll data did not seem to match vote counts...

and internet rumors and suspicion have called those results into question since the day after the tally. Other elections that may have had Diebold related problems include a Georgia governor's race in 2002. Diebold's controversial CEO mysteriously resigned in late 2005, after allegations surfaced of imminent securities fraud litigation surrounding charges of insider trading and mismanagement at the company.

In other Ohio related news, UAW workers at the bankrupt Delphi auto parts division have been offered a buyout plan from GM. Delphi's 13,000 workers are faced with prospects of calling a senseless strike, taking a potential harsh 60% reduction in pay, or the tough choice of accepting payouts of between $35,000 up to $140,000, depending on experience. One auto industry analyst called it: `This marks the end of 20th century industrial America,"

Delphi currently pays its union workers with total wages and value of benefits that keep its anachronistic employees among the best paid industrial workers in America. Around 113,000 GM workers will eventually be eligible for early-retirement incentives and buyouts that will cost the automaker an estimated 2 billion as they close 12 facilities in the next two years.

Cheesy nu metal pseudo punker MTV lifestyle band Hawthorne Heights have inked a deal with some new text messaging dotcom service in which they promise to mention the brand's service from the stage each night before the last song of their 50 show tour with equally cheesy acts Fallout Boy and All American Rejects. Singer JT Woodruff will prod concert goers to use the service before playing "Ohio is for Lovers"

said the corporate drones in charge..."Young people are some of the most tech-savvy and active mobile users" ... and the relationship with Hawthorne Heights "will raise awareness of our innovative mobile lifestyle service among the important youth audience,"

here, if you must, have a free Hawthorne Heights MP3... no user data required...

Hawthorne Heights - Ohio Is For Lovers

Regionally relevant indie rockers without a text messaging deal, and going by the nom de plume Defiance Ohio, have a new album oozing out this week on indie label No Idea records ... here's a preview track

Defiance, Ohio - "Oh Susquehanna!"

Now for something completely different:

kudos as usual to Columbus Ohio based mixmaster monsieur DJ Pantshead of the The Evolution-Control Committee who gets it eerily right as usual via his Weapons of Ass Destruction mix...

DJ Pantshead vs Styx - Machines Dehumanize

here's a track from an obscure LA based indie act that i know very little about, although the dude posts recipes at his blog...

Sir Cuss - Election

and here's a couple less than obscure folks, the you might've heard of em already duo known as Willie Nelson & Sinead O'Connor... doing what was originally a Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush tune in 1993.

Willie Nelson & Sinead - Don't Give Up

as a bonus here's a live version of the Staples Singers classic "I'll Take You There" with Mavis Staples leading it off joined by Sinead O' Connor, as well as Umphrey's McGee with Huey Lewis. Go Figger... gathering recorded in April 2005 at Madison Square Garden for the Jammy Awards.

Mavis Staples, Sinead, Umphrey's McGee, Huey etc - I'll Take You There

and uh

here's somethings that makes sense to me as the sun comes up... Metallica fans eat your hearts out...

Simon Dupree & The Big Sound: For Whom The Bell Tolls

a b-side of an old 1967 UK top ten single

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